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Latest and New Embedded Systems Research Topics Areas and Ideas for writing the research paper.

  1. Motion-core assistive tools using pervasive embedded intelligence
  2. Exact bounds for robust stability of output feedback controlled fractional-order systems with single parameter perturbations
  3. Electrically controlled 1× 2 tunable switch using a phase change material embedded silicon microring
  4. Development of Galaxy Image Classification Based on Hand-crafted Features and Machine Learning
  5. Smarter Pills: Low-Cost Embedded Device to Elders
  6. Data and model-based triple V product development framework and methodology
  7. Deformation model and experimental evaluation of a contractable and bendable wire-pulling mechanism with embedded soft tubes for a robotic tongue
  8. A Human-Cyber-Physical System toward Intelligent Wind Turbine Operation and Maintenance
  9. Multifunctional Electrocatalyst of NiCo-NiCoP Nanoparticles Embedded into P-doped Carbon Nanotubes for Energy-Saving Hydrogen Production and Upgraded …
  10. Plant-Wide Troubleshooting and Diagnosis Using Dynamic Embedded Latent Feature Analysis
  11. Toward Timing and Memory Analysis for UAS Flight Code
  12. Computational exploration of Sarin and simulants adsorption on a series of transition metal embedded graphene
  13. Challenges in Firmware Re-Hosting, Emulation, and Analysis
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  15. It Started with Templates: The Future of Profiling in Side-Channel Analysis
  16. Addressing Malware Attacks on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: Recent Techniques and Challenges
  17. Insights into spectroscopic aspects of Er3+ doped sulfophosphate glass embedded with titania nanoparticles
  18. Internet of Things Information Analysis using Fusion based Learning with Deep Neural Network
  19. A Dynamic Reconfiguration Scheme for Embedded System Based on Multi-core DSP
  20. Multistage implementation framework for smart supply chain management under industry 4.0
  21. Design and Implementation of an Esp32-Based Smart Embedded Industrial Poultry Farm
  22. Development of X-in-the-Loop testing system for electric vehicles
  23. Implementing a Symmetric Lightweight Cryptosystem in Highly Constrained IoT Devices by Using a Chaotic S-Box
  24. An Investigation on Inherent Robustness of Posit Data Representation
  25. Chromatin mechanics dictates subdiffusion and coarsening dynamics of embedded condensates
  26. Indoor condensation prediction based on a surface temperature estimation
  27. A Frequency Transformation for Co-Designed Multi-Passband/Multi-Embedded-Notch RF Filters
  28. Exsolution of Embedded Nanoparticles in Defect Engineered Perovskite Layers
  29. Development of DAYSAM: An Educational Smart Phone Game for Preschoolers to Increase Awareness of Renewable Energy
  30. [PS][PS] Scheduling Power-Aware Real-Time Tasks Graphs
  31. Electrically actuated varifocal lens based on liquid-crystal-embedded dielectric metasurfaces
  32. A Real-Time Scheduling Approach to Mitigation of Li-Ion Battery Aging in Low Earth Orbit Satellite Systems. Electronics 2021, 10, 86
  33. Transition-metal single atoms embedded into defective BC3 as efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution and reduction reactions
  34. Accelerated High-Level Synthesis Feature Detection for FPGAs Using HiFlipVX
  35. Automation Taxonomy for Industry 4.0 based on human features
  36. 3D Flower-like Ag/Bi5O7I Embedded on an Acrylate Fluoroboron Polymer as a Multifunctional Assembly Film for Ultrastable Plasmon-enhanced Photocatalysis and …
  37. Simulation of coupled multiphase flow and geomechanics in porous media with embedded discrete fractures
  38. New Concept for Solar Efficiency Improvement
  39. A 1-µA-quiescent-current Capacitor-less LDO Regulator with Adaptive Embedded Slew-Rate Enhancement Circuit
  40. Model-assisted ultrasonic calibration using intentionally embedded defects for in-process weld inspection
  41. Enhancing peer learning for sustainable agriculture. On-farm demonstrations as spaces for embedded, embodied and transformative learning.
  42. Educational Mechatronics and Internet of Things: A Case Study on Dynamic Systems Using MEIoT Weather Station
  43. Code Controller Embedded with 2-D Plotter for Garment Embroidery Machine
  44. Post-plant: A Series of Non-humanoid Robots with Embedded Physical Non-verbal Interaction: The Development of Non-Verbal Human-Robot Interaction Framework …
  45. A ubiquitous wheelchair fall detection system using low-cost embedded inertial sensors and unsupervised one-class SVM
  46. Performance Evaluation of VLSI Implemented WSN Algorithms
  47. Detection and Prevention of Vampire Attack for MANET
  48. Compiler Toolchains for Deep Learning Workloads on Embedded Platforms
  49. Single Nb or W Atom-Embedded BP Monolayers as Highly Selective and Stable Electrocatalysts for Nitrogen Fixation with Low-Onset Potentials
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  51. Rain Sensing Automatic Car Wiper Using AT89C51 Microcontroller
  52. Exploring reliable edge-cloud computing for service latency optimization in sustainable cyber-physical systems
  53. Plasmonic silver nanoparticles embedded in flexible three-dimensional carbonized melamine foam with enhanced solar-driven water evaporation
  54. Controlling Supervised Industry 4.0 Processes through Logic Rules and Tensor Deformation Functions
  56. Software fault location technology under terminal embedded component
  57. Embedded connectivity of ternary n-cubes
  58. Robust Design of Smart Lawn Cutter for Gardening Companion
  59. Porous Composites Embedded With Cu and Co Nanoparticles for Efficient Catalytic Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol
  60. Design of High-Speed Binary Counter Architecture for Low-Power Applications
  61. Production and planned in-orbit qualification of a function-integrated, additive manufactured satellite sandwich structure with embedded automotive …
  62. Levy Flight Opposition Embedded BAT Algorithm for Model Order Reduction
  63. Optimum Sizing and Siting of an Embedded Solar Photovoltaic Generation: A Case Study of 33 kv Sub-Transmission Network at Tarkwa, Ghana
  64. Embedded System Prototype to Fight Covid-19 Pandemic Contamination with Less Cost
  65. Design and Application of Mixed Natural Gas Monitoring System Using Artificial Neural Networks
  66. Polyethylene glycol phase change material embedded in a hierarchical porous carbon with superior thermal storage capacity and excellent stability
  67. A High Linearity Driver with Embedded Interleaved Track-and-Hold Array for High-Speed ADC
  68. Efficient Watermarking in Color Video Using DWT-DFT and SVD Technique
  69. Computing Charging and Polarization Energies of Small Organic Molecules Embedded into Amorphous Materials with Quantum Accuracy
  70. Mechanisms for engaging social systems in freshwater science research
  71. A survey of Intel SGX and its applications
  72. Formal Verification of a Merge Sort Algorithm in SPARK
  73. Energy-E?icient Machine Learning on FPGA for Edge Devices: a Case Study
  74. Kinetic motion sensors based on flexible and lead-free hybrid piezoelectric composite energy harvesters with nanowires-embedded electrodes for detecting …
  75. TMN4 complex embedded graphene as bifunctional electrocatalysts for high efficiency OER/ORR
  76. The Role of VBA in Financial Models
  77. ISPH Analysis of Thermosolutal Convection from an Embedded I-Shaped inside an Inclined Infinite-Shaped Enclosure suspended by NEPCM
  78. 3-D printed soft magnetic helical coil actuators of iron oxide embedded polydimethylsiloxane
  79. Automated Agave Detection and Counting Using a Convolutional Neural Network and Unmanned Aerial Systems
  80. Reducing the Radiation Dose by a Factor of 4 Thanks to Real-Time Processing on the Tulipp Platform
  81. Space Use-Case: Onboard Satellite Image Classification
  82. River flow forecasting using stochastic and neuro-fuzzy-embedded technique: a comprehensive preprocessing-based assessment
  83. Fault severity detection of a worm gearbox based on several feature extraction methods through a developed condition monitoring system
  84. Optical density inferences in aqueous solution with embedded micro/nano bubbles: A reminder for the emerging green bubble cleantech
  85. A theoretical framework representing seminal fire detection system design using shape memory polymer embedded with carbon nanotubes sponge
  86. Textile Antenna for Bio-Radar Embedded in a Car Seat
  87. Parametric Analysis of Microfluidic Cooling Systems for 3D-Stacked Silicon Microelectronics by Inferential Statistic Approaches
  88. Dangers of Bias in Data-Intensive Information Systems
  89. ForSyDe-Atom: Taming Complexity in Cyber Physical System Design with Layers
  90. Prediction of The New Coronavirus Spread and Infected People Numbers Based on Embedded Wearable Devices and Seir Models
  91. Chemoselective hydrogenation of a, ß-unsaturated carbonyl compounds using a recyclable Ru catalyst embedded on a bisphosphine based POP
  92. Time-bin entangled photon pairs from quantum dots embedded in a self-aligned cavity
  93. Design of Protocol for Handwriting Recognition Using FPGA
  94. PROLISEAN: A New Security Protocol for Programmable Matter
  95. Opportunities and challenges for the building monitoring systems in the age-pandemic of COVID-19: Review and prospects
  96. Plasmon-exciton coupling in dielectric-metal hybrid nanocavities with an embedded two-dimensional material
  97. Rapid detection of fuel adulteration using microfabricated gas chromatography
  98. [PS][PS] Modeling of Avionics Applications and Performance Evaluation Techniques using the Synchronous Language SIGNAL
  99. Evolution of Micron-Spaced Patterns within Precipitating Patterns of In Situ Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles in a Nanodot-Embedded PVA/PVP Film
  100. An Android and Arduino Based Low-Cost Educational Robot with Applied Intelligent Control and Machine Learning
  101. A Review of Techniques for Implementing Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication on Hardware
  102. Voltage Differential Protection for Series Arc Fault Detection in Low-Voltage DC Systems
  103. A Methodology for Improving Efficiency in Data Transmission in Healthcare Systems
  104. Mutual Impact between Clock Gating and High Level Synthesis in Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerators
  105. Embedded YARA rules: strengthening YARA rules utilising fuzzy hashing and fuzzy rules for malware analysis
  106. Numerical Study on Solidification of Phase Change Materials Embedded with Metal Foam
  107. Power Delivery Networks for Embedded Mobile SoCs: Architectural Advancements and Design Challenges
  108. Fast and Accurate Edge Computing Energy Modeling and DVFS Implementation in GEM5 Using System Call Emulation Mode
  109. Compact curved-edge displacement sensor-embedded spindle system for machining process monitoring
  110. Mechanistic Insights into Catalytic Reduction of N2O by CO over Cu-Embedded Graphene: A Density Functional Theory Perspective
  111. Facile preparation of nanocellulose embedded polypyrrole for dye removal: unary and binary process optimization and seed toxicity
  112. Embedded Propagation Graph Model for Reflection and Scattering and Its Millimeter-Wave Measurement-Based Evaluation
  113. Attention based pruning for shift networks
  114. [PS][PS] Using Machine Learning to Investigate Control of Advanced Life Support Systems
  115. Novelty detection in continuously changing environments
  116. The Design and FPGA-Based Implementation of a Stream Cipher Based on a Secure Chaotic Generator
  117. Research for the Detecting Method of Concrete Structure Internal Defects with Spherical Embedded Ultrasonic Transducer
  118. Antibacterial and Catalytic Performance of Green Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles Embedded in Crosslinked PVA Sheet
  119. Access Control of Door and Home Security System
  120. Re-Consolidating First-Order Masking Schemes
  121. Beyond the Sun: Embedded Solarities and Agricultural Practice
  122. Mutual Impact between Clock Gating and High Level Synthesis in Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerators. Electronics 2021, 10, 73
  123. Recent advances in image processing techniques for automated leaf pest and disease recognition–A review
  124. A low area VLSI implementation of extended tiny encryption algorithm using Lorenz chaotic system
  125. Development of U-Health Care Systems Using Big Data
  126. Photon absorption and scattering of Ge nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 prepared by co-sputtering
  127. Use of an optofluidic microreactor and Cu nanoparticles synthesized in ionic liquid and embedded in TiO2 for an efficient photoreduction of CO2 to methanol
  128. Magnetization effect of Mn-embedded in C2N on hydrogen adsorption and gas-sensing properties: Ab-initio analysis
  129. Certain Investigation On Monitoring The Load Of Short Distance Orienteering Sports On Campus Based On Embedded System Acceleration Sensor
  130. Waveform Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Interconnects Connected to Various Driver/Load Circuits
  131. Tunable absorber embedded with GST mediums and trilayer graphene strip microheaters
  132. Smart Meter Using Raspberry Pi for Efficient Energy Utilization
  133. A Full-Process Optimization-Based Background Subtraction for Moving Object Detection on General-Purpose Embedded Devices
  134. An adaptive packets hopping mechanism for transmission line monitoring systems with a long chain topology
  135. An Open-Source RISC-V Evaluation Platform
  136. Adaptive bit Modulation equalizer
  137. Empirical Results for High-definition Video and Augmented Reality Content Delivery in Hyper-connected Cars
  138. Recent Challenges in Recommender Systems: A Survey
  139. Maestro: The INTO-CPS co-simulation framework, Simulation Modelling
  140. The Impact of Ambient Sensing on the Recognition of Electrical Appliances
  141. Metal–organic frameworks embedded in a liposome facilitate overall photocatalytic water splitting
  142. Blockchain-enhanced data sharing with traceable and direct revocation in IIoT
  143. Design of embedded system of volleyball training a…
  144. Expanding Explainability: Towards Social Transparency in AI systems
  145. Coupled thermal-hydraulic-mechanical simulation for enhanced geothermal system based on embedded discrete fracture model
  146. Managing the Smart Grid in Free Market
  147. Textile Antenna for Bio-Radar Embedded in a Car Seat. Materials 2021, 14, 213
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  149. Fast method for computer simulation of luminescence characteristics of multilayer biological tissues with embedded luminescent nanoparticles
  150. Vehicle Accident Emergency Alert System
  151. Applying a Relationally and Socially Embedded Decision Framework to Solar Photovoltaic Adoption: A Conceptual Exploration
  152. A Novel Approach to Communicate with Video Game Character using Cascade Classifiers
  153. Unraveling the hidden organisation of urban systems and their mobility flows
  154. An energy-related products compliant eco-design method with durability-embedded economic and environmental assessments
  155. … ferromagnetic ? ‘ – Ga y Fe 4 – y N nanocrystals embedded …
  156. Dual Intramolecular Electron Transfer for In Situ Coreactant-Embedded Electrochemiluminescence Microimaging of Membrane Protein
  157. Real-Time 3D Visualization of Queues with Embedded ML-Based Prediction of Item Processing for a Product Information Management System
  158. Robotics Use Case Scenarios
  159. Control communication co-design for wide area cyber-physical systems
  160. User Placement and Optimal Cooling Energy for Co-working Building Spaces
  161. Exploring the relation between co-changes and architectural smells
  162. Vacancy and phonon dispersion properties of Be, Co, Hf, Mg, and Re by modified embedded atom method potentials
  163. The influence of external temperature and convective heat exchange with an environment on heat transfer inside phase change material embedded brick
  164. Synthetic 3D Recording of a Shipwreck Embedded in Seafloor Sediments: Distinguishing Internal Details
  165. An embedded system based digital onboard hardware calibration for low-cost functional diffuse optical tomography system
  166. HVDC in the Future Power Systems
  167. Implementation of the Randomized Embedded Multifactorial Adaptive Platform for COVID-19 (REMAP-COVID) trial in a US health system—lessons learned …
  168. Onclarity Performance in Human Papillomavirus DNA Detection in Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Cervical Samples
  169. An Electrochemical Sensor for H2O2 Based on Au Nanoparticles Embedded in UiO-66 Metal–Organic Framework Films
  170. Shape memory polymer composite unit with embedded heater
  171. Model-driven environment for configuration control and deployment of on-board satellite software
  172. Designing Supertough and Ultrastretchable Liquid Metal-Embedded Natural Rubber Composites for Soft-Matter Engineering
  173. Administrative Committee Experience [President’s Column]
  174. … properties and wound healing application of a novel scaffold based on lignin–agarose hydrogel and silk fibroin embedded zinc chromite nanoparticles
  175. Forward Dynamics of the Double-Wishbone Suspension Mechanism Using the Embedded Lagrangian Formulation
  176. Fabrication and characterization of a nano-convex-embedded Si MOSFET for nano-scale electrical discrimination
  177. ASTM F3269-An Industry Standard on Run Time Assurance for Aircraft Systems
  178. Construction of hospital IoT embedded system and drug analgesia after bone and joint replacement
  179. Design and Fabrication of Yttrium Ferrite Garnet-Embedded Graphitic Carbon Nitride: A Sensitive Electrocatalyst for Smartphone-Enabled Point-of-Care Pesticide …
  180. Cloud Computing based Intelligent Bank Locker System
  181. An embedded system to measure ground-based solar irradiance signal
  182. Home Energy Management System Embedded with a Multi-Objective Demand Response Optimization Model to Benefit Customers and Operators
  183. An intelligent based healthcare security monitoring schemes for detection of node replication attack in wireless sensor networks
  184. Multifunctional Metal–Oxide Nanocomposite Thin Film with Plasmonic Au Nanopillars Embedded in Magnetic La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 Matrix
  185. An integrated numerical model for coupled poro-hydro-mechanics and fracture propagation using embedded meshes
  186. Routing in Multi-Technologies Wireless Sensor Networks
  187. Vibration of cylindrical shells with embedded annular acoustic black holes using the Rayleigh-Ritz method with Gaussian basis functions
  188. A Real-Time Scheduling Approach to Mitigation of Li-Ion Battery Aging in Low Earth Orbit Satellite Systems
  189. Multiple Fixed Pole Based Rational Approximation for Fractional Order Systems
  190. On the use of generalized entropy formulas in detection of denial-of-service attacks
  191. Embedded Microprocessor Systems Basics
  192. Low Powered Self-Testable ALU
  193. Embedded Dense Camera Trajectories in Multi-Video Image Mosaics by Geodesic Interpolation-Based Reintegration
  194. Performance Comparison of MQTT and CoAP Protocols in Different Simulation Environments
  195. Politics of complexity: Conceptualizing agency, power and powering in the transitional dynamics of complex adaptive systems
  196. Facilitating external sorting on SMR-based large-scale storage systems
  197. Hardware-Based Authentication Applications
  198. Synthesis and Properties of the Doubly Oxonium-Embedded Picenes as Electron-Deficient Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  199. Electro-induced shape memory effect of 4D printed auxetic composite using PLA/TPU/CNT filament embedded synergistically with continuous carbon fiber: A …
  200. Ultra-High Capacity FSK Transmission Using Silicon Microring Embedded Gold Grating Circuits
  201. An Improved Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme for IoT-Based Data Outsourcing Services in Clouds
  202. Estimation of body fat percentage using hybrid machine learning algorithms
  203. Estimation on Water Content in Soil Using Antenna Embedded in Ground for Landslides Prediction System
  204. Airborne Targets Detection by UAV-Embedded Passive Radar
  205. Catalog and Illustrative Examples of Lightweight Cryptographic Primitives
  206. Digital Implementation of Sigmoid Function in Artificial Neural Network Using VHDL
  207. Elektrikli Araç Sarj Ünitesi için OCCP ile Yazilim Uygulamasi
  208. Assuring Learning-Enabled Components in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  209. Bandgap properties in metamaterial sandwich plate with periodically embedded plate-type resonators
  210. Pd-doped C3N monolayer: A promising low-temperature and high-activity single-atom catalyst for CO oxidation
  211. Commercial Viability Assessment and Planning of Safety-Critical Embedded SW of Electrified Road Vehicles
  212. Design and Fabrication of a Dual Rotor-Embedded Wing Vertical Take-Off and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  213. Dynamic 3D image simulation of basketball movement based on embedded system and computer vision
  214. Electrospun fibers with highly polarized second harmonic light from 2-amino-4-nitroaniline and 3-nitroaniline nanocrystals embedded in poly-L-lactic acid polymer
  215. Cobalt Single Atoms Embedded in Nitrogen-Doped Graphene for Selective Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol by Activated Peroxymonosulfate
  216. Facile and Scalable Synthesis of Si@ void@ C Embedded in Interconnected 3D Porous Carbon Architecture for High Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries
  217. Automation of Demand Planning for IT Specialists Based on Ontological Modelling
  218. Performance Efficient Floating-Point Multiplication Using Unified Adder–Subtractor-Based Karatsuba Algorithm
  219. [PS][PS] Feedback Scheduling of Power-Aware Real-Time Tasks
  220. Innovations in an institutionalised higher education system: the role of embedded agency
  221. Improving the Accuracy of the Fast Inverse Square Root by Modifying Newton–Raphson Corrections
  222. TCP Acknowledgment Optimization in Low Power and Embedded Devices. Electronics 2021, 10, 639
  223. Performance and mechanism of a novel woodchip embedded biofilm electrochemical reactor (WBER) for nitrate-contaminated wastewater treatment
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