Abstract of Group Trip Android Application

Abstract of Group Trip Android Application final year project

Auto vehicles have a lot of  IOT sensors embedded in them. Auto vehicles produce huge amounts of data. This data may provide significant insights into the actions of the Auto vehicles and the driver.

This information is very useful for insurance firms, suppliers, and Vehicle drivers. Manufacturers are concerned about the performance of their products, and the maintenance department is interested in wearing and tearing individual parts which reside in a vehicle. The vehicle drivers are in a pattern of driving.

Insurance firms want to know the vehicle drivers ‘use trends according to which they can prepare

their clients’ customized premiums. For every car owner driving, the Driving events identified by the driving pattern algorithm are saved. Every trip is graded as a violent or safe trip based on certain driving events.

The user score is the Car owner’s average for each ride. The algorithm is implemented with functions from the firebase cloud. The javascript library is used for implementing dynamic time-warping. The raw data is given to the DTW( ) function of the library, and the driving events are detected. To enforce this functionality, the firebase cloud functions are used, and this solution runs asynchronously with the cloud web application in the background.

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