AUTO vehicles REPAIR Project for Computer science students

Abstract of AUTO vehicles REPAIR Project

Automobile repair is a very specialized field. A lot of people are interested in it and want to learn about it. But there is no one who can teach them how to do it. This project aims to solve this problem by providing a digital assistant that can help students with their auto repair projects and provide them with the knowledge they need to complete their projects successfully.

Autonomous vehicles are becoming more and more popular these days. There are many companies that have invested in developing autonomous vehicles, like Google, Tesla, BMW etc., but they still face many challenges while developing autonomous vehicles. One of the most important challenges is driverless cars which will be able to drive autonomously without any human intervention, but also without any human control or supervision at all times (this is called “self-driving”). Another challenge is that people might not be comfortable with the idea of not being able to tell a car what it should do next or when it should do so (called “self-driving”). Auto Repair Shops business is also increasing time to time.

Functional requirements of AUTO vehicles REPAIR Project

  1. Admin can login the system.

  2. Admin can delete any user.

  3. Admin can view any user.

  4. Admin can add any user.

  5. Admin can update any user.

  6. Admin can ad vehicles.

  7. Admin can delete a specific vehicle.

  8. Admin can view a specific vehicle.

  9. Admin can add a specific vehicle.

  10. Admin can update a specific vehicle.

  11.  Customer can create account.

  12.  Customer can create account.

  13.  Customer can delete account.

  14.  Customer can update account.

  15.  Customer can view account.

  16. Customer can order the mechanic for repairing.

  17. Customer can pay the money online

  18. Customer can refund the money

  19. Customer can cancel the order

A few years ago, the Automotive Repair Industry was a very important source of jobs. Today, it has become a declining industry. The reason for this is mainly due to the high cost of repairing vehicles and the lack of demand for it. This has led to an increase in unemployment rates and a decrease in production capacity in this sector.

In order to address these issues, many companies have been developing new technologies that solve these problems. One such technology is Autonomous Vehicle Repair (AVR) which will be used by car manufacturers to repair cars on their own. This technology will be able to perform many functions that are currently done by human technicians such as diagnosing faults on vehicles and repairing them without any human intervention or supervision; however, it will still require some human input during the repair process since they need to provide feedback on what they are doing and providing instructions when needed.

Non functional requirements Must ensure


Security is a non functional requirement for any software product. It is essential for the safety and health of the users of a software product.

The security assurance team should be able to define what security means and how it can be ensured. They need to understand different types of security assurance including:


PORTABILITY is an important requirement for any software product. It is defined as “the ability of a system to perform its intended function without modification”.

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