Examples of functional requirements for a project

Examples of functional requirements for a project        

 How to write Functional Requirements?

Functional requirements of CRIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM project

  1. This system is design to keep the records in the form of table of prisoner and about crime, (record includes as prisoner name , age , address , his crime and his punishment). This record will be added by the prison officers when they login the system.
  2. Prison officer must should be an registered user (registered to the system first).
  3. Prison officer will be able to add the information (message of few lines in word form ) of guards ( a person who is registered as a guard ) that are on duty.
  4. Prison officer will be able to change the duty shifts (morning or evening) of guards ( a person who is registered as a guard ) and their working hours 24/7.
  5. FIR number , date of FIR , time or any additional information (a message in word form) if added by prison officer will be shown in the form of table to registered users of a system.
  6. A unique id will be assign to prisoners and his FIR by the systems registered user ( the prison officer).
  7. One more user of this system will be the admin ( the admin can add the user( the prison officer) and delete the user( the prison officer) just all the other tasks(about record of prison , postmortem reports , checking cases lists) will be performed by the prison officers.
  8. Admin and the registered users can never see the reports(data) or cases saved by the prison officers privately.
  9. The registered prison officers should be able to update the prisoners record(includes as prisoner name , age , address , his crime and his punishment) or add the new form.
  10. The system must have an ability to maintain infinite numbers of record of cases or prisoners.
  11. The system must have a backup through which the added information (about prisoners, their records) by the prison officer will never lost and it keeps on updating if any change is made by the prison officers.
  12. The registered prison officers will be able to add postmortem report (in image form) online with case if dead body found by them.
  13. The system will gives no option to any registered user to delete the prisoner records when registered users

Functional requirements of Traffic control management system

• Normal signal based on historical date and time of the day.
• Peak time traffic control based on sensors/satellite information to get data on flow of traffic and dynamically change timings.
• Emergency and VIP traffic clearance for vehicles such as ambulance.
• Coordination with neighboring traffic control points.
• Provisions of traffic diersion.
• Switching to guided manual control.
• Aleart system for signal violation.
• Timer control.

Functional Requirements for Online Gas Booking System

  1. The system should support the costumers booking and allow him to modify it.
  2. Costumer can search based on different areas and different qualities of LPG.
  • When a costumer searches for gas it should show the rates and other charges according to delivery points.
  1. Costumer should be able to cancel their order from their account.
  2. Staff being able to change the database of costumer and booking information.
  3. Costumer can book online and pay via debit or credit card.
  • The system must send conformation message after successful payment.
  • Costumer can share reviews about the company and also rate it.
  1. Costumers able to check delivery or booking status from their account.

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