Final years Projects ideas on Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, Machine Learning

Final years Projects ideas on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning.

  1. Automated System Application for Tracking Media Resources
  2. Document Level Sentiment Analysis
  3. Smart Voice Assistant
  4. Layout Code Generator by using AI techniques
  5. Automated Vehicle Security System
  6. Personality Prediction and Semantic Analysis using Tweets
  7. Retinopathy based Diabetes Analyzer (RDA)
  8. Social Media News Authentication through Deep Learning and Semantic Matching
  9. Prediction of Heart Disease using a hybrid technique in data mining classification
  10. Live Road Accidents Prediction
  11. NUML Customized Chatbot
  12. Image Classification using Deep Learning
  13. Future Jobs Prediction using Data Mining
  14. Demand Forecasting of Medicine in a medical store
  15. Text File Hiding using Audio Stenography
  16. Smart Resume Builder
  17. SEO Analyzer and Keyword Research Tool
  18. Smart Farming System
  19. Speech Emotion Detection using Neural Network
  20. Motion Transfer between Videos using AI
  21. Cloth Recommendation System
  22. Community Prediction in Social Networking
  23. Organ donation campaign management, analysis tool and registration application

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