Functional and Non functional requirements for ONLINE JOB PORTAL AND RECRUITMENT SYSTEM

Product Description

The “Online Job Portal and recruitment system” is a package to be used by agencies to improve the efficiency of the business. The “Online Job Portal and recruitment system” to be developed benefits greatly the members. The system provides a jobs catalog and information to members and helps them decide on the jobs to apply for. The admin can keep the jobs catalog updated all the time so that the members (Job seekers and the agencies) get the updated information all the time. The main users are users: Admin, Members who are the Job seekers, and the agencies.

Software Interfaces

  • Front End Client
  • HTML ,CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • Web Server
  • Gunicorn Server
  • Data Base Server
  • Postgres SQL Server
  • Back End
  • Python, Django

Product Functions

This “Online Job Portal and recruitment system” provides online real-time information about the jobs available in the agencies and the user information. The member should be provided with the updated information about the jobs catalog provisions for the members to apply for the job they want if all the other required rules hold good. The member is given a provision to check his account information.

  • Any time in the given validity period.
  • The members are provided with the jobs available roster and allowed to apply job, which they want.
  • The admin can get the information about the members who have advertised jobs.

User Characteristics

The users of the system are members and the admin who maintain the system. The members are assumed to have basic knowledge of computers and Internet browsing.


The users access the “Online Job Portal and recruitment system” website from any computer that has Internet browsing capabilities and an Internet connection.

Problem Statements

There is no such web application that is capable to provide the companies with the best employee they are looking for.

  • Part A- the ideal:

The most significant of this application is that there is a lot of unemployed population in our country. Millions go through the internet searching for their dream future.

  • Part B – the reality:

Searching on the web for a specific result is not quite easy. Very unrelated stuff is populated on the web.

Especially ads from different companies will drag users away from their desired destination. This results in a lot of time and effort lost finding a real forum or a place where they can find their desired results.

  • Part C- the consequences:

We are developing a web-based application for creating an interactive job vacancy for candidates.


To provide an online job search and apply on the portal.


Non-Functional Requirements

Efficiency Requirement

When an “Online Job Portal and recruitment system” is implemented job seekers and employers can view and upload job vacancies respectively from their homes easily without any difficulty.

Usability Requirement

The “Online Job Portal and recruitment system” is designed for a user-friendly environment and ease of use.

 Reliability Requirement

The system should provide a reliable environment for both employers and job seekers. All jobs should be reaching the admin without any errors and should be shown to the viewers.

Implementation Requirement

Implementation of the system using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap in the front end with Python, and Django as the back end and it will be used for database connectivity. And the database part is developed by PostgreSQL. Responsive web designing is used for making the portal compatible for any type of screen.

Delivery Requirement

The whole system is expected to be delivered in four months of time with weekly evaluation by the project guide.

Database Security

An unauthorized person cannot access the panel and database, and do not read and write the information.


This “Online Job Portal and recruitment system” will be available online 24/7 a week.

Functional Requirements

It is the primary requirement that is fulfilled by our job portal. It’s allowing the users, and employers to use our portal at the level ease. The purpose of our portal is to provide the full information that is required of the user. Here is the following requirement that is fulfilled by our system.


  • User Login

This feature is used by the user/admin to login into the system. A user/admin must log in with his user name and password to the system after registration. If they are invalid, the user is not allowed to enter the system.

  • Username and password will be provided after user registration is confirmed.
  • Password should be hidden from others while typing it in the field.
  • Register New User

A new user will have to register in the system by providing essential details in order to apply in the job. The admin must accept a new user.

  • The system must be able to verify and validate the information.
  • The system must encrypt the password of the user to provide security.
  • Search Jobs

The user can search for the desired jobs. He can view different jobs. After confirming the login in the search user can select it and apply by providing the necessary details.

  • Upload Resume

The job seekers can upload their resumes and provide the necessary details if they are interested in jobs.


  • Manage Users and Employers
  • The administrator can add users, delete users, and view users.
  • Manage jobs
  • The administrator can add jobs, delete jobs, hide jobs, and view jobs.
  • Manage details
  • The system must identify the login of the admin.
  • Admin account should be secured so that only the owner of the portal can access that account.


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