Functional Requirements of HOSTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Project

Functional Requirements of HOSTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Project (FYP)

1  :  user generate account number.

2 :  user allow the hostel staff members or guardians to scan’s the student’s id and access its profile.

3 : user have permission of renewing the student’s registration every year.

4 :  user shall generate the users profile containing the following information  users account no, full name ,address, phone no & room no.

5 : user will  change dues status in database according to dues paid or not.

6 : user will allocate rooms to students according to the session or class.

7 : user must  have the details of a mess of a student and stored in a database.

8 : user must allow the warden to add new users to the system’s database.

9 : user must allow to put hold on a room if any  room is not available at the moment.

10 :   user must allow the guardian to cancel the registration from the system’s database who will leave room.

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