Online Examination System Purpose Scope Objectives

PURPOSE OF Online Examination System

Today have the problem for going to far away exams centers. Students have to wait for their results and manipulating students record is difficult for the examiner. Mostly, paper is sent out before

the time to many peoples, leaking of the paper before the examination. This type of problems can not occur in the Online Examination System. The main purpose of this project is to develop a software by using which students’ teachers an administration can easily interact with each other and exams can be conducted online easily.

  • Online Examination system provides quick and easy way of examination.
  • By using this system students’ teachers and administration can easily interact and it can minimize the time and
  • This system can prepare the result report and saves time and efforts and less manpower can handle examination by using this s

SCOPE OF Online Examination System

The scope of our project is vast. This system conducts exams effortlessly. It Reduces exams anxiety amongst test takers. Online examination software promotes social interaction between the test taker and experts. It Prevents cheatings. It provides Safe and secures data.

The scope of the online examination system is that it reduces administrative burden. The main advantages of the online examination system are given below as,

  • Online Examination System is a computerized system which gives instant results and also saves
  • It fully automates the previous manual process of taking written
  • It is implemented by web based online examination software or through Intranet

It decreases the need of supervision during the exam is being examine or taken using web based Online Examination System gives a high level of clarity as opposite of traditional method. Most of Online Examination System gives the result and instantly

  • In high school, Online Examination
  • System is able to reduce the workload of teachers by using automated test paper exams and marking
  • Students can study independently for example at home.
  • The amount of time given at a particular question gives you the ability of “Quick Learning Quick-thinking “.
  • The data in Online Examination System is regenerated repeatedly so that students have access to new data.

OBJECTIVES OF Online Examination System

  1. The objective of the project “On Line Examination” is to make evaluation and conduction of examination massive but simple, cost effective and
  2. To provide an interface through which student can appear for examination online for objective as well as subjective type
  3. To provide registration for students done by themselves.
  4. To not provide facility of copy and paste while attempting the Subjective questions on the web
  5. When the student starts the exam, the timer will start automatically and show the student how much time is
  6. The questions will be display randomly from question
  7. Objective answers will be checked automatically by the system from the database
  8. To provided user name and password facility and credentials should be checked properly at the time of login for student, expert, controller and Exam Dept.

More Material of Online Examination System

  1. Functional Requirements Of Online Examination System
  2. NON Functional Requirements of Online Examination System 
  3. Purpose, Scope, and Objectives of Online Examination System 
  4. Use Case Descriptions of Online Examination System
  5. Entity Relationship Diagram of Online Examination System
  6. Activity Diagram of Online Examination System
  7. Sequence Diagram of Online Examination System
  8. Code of Online Examination System
  9. Testing of Online Examination System
  10. PPT Presentation of Online Examination System

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