Research Projects Ideas 3D Modeling

3D Modeling Research Projects Ideas, Topics, and Areas

Latest and New 3D Modeling Research Topics Areas and Ideas for writing the research paper.

  1. Design of 3D Additively Manufactured Hybrid Structures for Cranioplasty
  2. Three-dimensional virtual VR technology in environmental art design
  3. Effect of 3D Printing on SCM
  4. Statistical modeling and mechanistic pathway for methylene blue dye removal by high surface area and mesoporous grass-based activated carbon using K2CO3 …
  5. 3D printing of high-strength, porous, elastomeric structures to promote tissue integration of implants
  6. Modeling cardiac muscle fibers in ventricular and atrial electrophysiology simulations
  7. Multidrug Antimicrobial Resistance and Molecular Detection of mcr-1 Gene in Salmonella species Isolated from Chicken
  8. Hierarchical multi-view context modelling for 3D object classification and retrieval
  9. Creation of realistic virtual aggregate avatars
  10. Use of Virtual Reality to Assess the Ergonomic Risk of Industrialized Construction Tasks
  11. Studying the Binding Modes of Novel 2-Aminopyridine Derivatives as Effective and Selective c-Met Kinase Type 1 Inhibitors Using Molecular Modeling Approaches
  12. Channel measurement and ray-tracing-statistical hybrid modeling for low-terahertz indoor communications
  13. A multivariate modeling and experimental realization of photocatalytic system of engineered S–C3N4/ZnO hybrid for ciprofloxacin removal: Influencing factors and …
  14. Visual localization and servoing for drone use in indoor remote laboratory environment
  15. A Non-Matching Nodes Interface Model with Radial Interpolation Function for Simulating 2D Soil–Structure Interface Behaviors
  16. A high-fidelity body-force modeling approach for plasma-based flow control simulations
  17. Modeling SARS-CoV-2 infection in individuals with opioid use disorder with brain organoids
  18. Geometric Accuracy Prediction and Improvement for Additive Manufacturing Using Triangular Mesh Shape Data
  19. Numerical Modelling Assisted Design of a Compact Ultrafiltration (UF) Flat Sheet Membrane Module
  20. Insights into structure and dynamics of extracellular domain of Toll-like receptor 5 in Cirrhinus mrigala (mrigala): A molecular dynamics simulation approach
  21. Predicting soil properties in 3D: Should depth be a covariate?
  22. Database Development and Topology Optimization for 3D Printed Microstructures
  23. Optimization of the Feed Rate of Six-DOFs Robot in a Parametric Domain Based on Kinematics Modeling
  24. The application of statistical shape modeling for lung morphology in aerosol inhalation dosimetry
  25. Modeling and Experimental Verification of Induction Heating of Thin Molybdenum Sheets
  26. Structural mechanics modeling reveals stress-adaptive features of cutaneous scars
  27. Deep learning based multimodal progression modeling for Alzheimer’s Disease
  28. … by E. Faccioli and A. Quateroni on\The Spectral Element Method: An E cient Tool to Simulate the Seismic Response of 2D and 3D Geological Structures” by D …
  29. Modeling the Thermal Conductivity of Polymer-Inorganic Nanocomposites
  30. Effect of Crack Angle on Stress Shielding in Bone and Orthopedic Fixing Plate Implant: Design and Simulation
  31. Structure based pharmacophore modeling, virtual screening, molecular docking and ADMET approaches for identification of natural anti-cancer agents …
  32. Hydrodynamic Modeling and Design of Robotic Fish using Slender Body Theory
  33. Parameterized modeling and optimization of reusable launch vehicles based on reverse design approach
  34. Regional Control and Optimization of Heat Input during CMT by Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing: Modeling and Microstructure Effects
  35. Effect of fin length and shape of stemless humeral components in a reverse shoulder implant system: a FEA study
  36. Maintainability Approach: Hydraulic Pump with External Gears Explored with Design for Disassembly and Augmented Reality
  37. {\sc mirkwood:} Fast and Accurate SED Modeling Using Machine Learning
  38. Particle size distribution modeling and kinetic study for coagulation treatment of tannery industry wastewater at response surface optimized condition
  39. Design and Analysis of Swing Arm Using Carbon Fiber Composite by Using Creo 2.0 and ANSYS
  40. Constitutive modeling of visco-hyperelastic behavior of double-network hydrogels using long-term memory theory
  41. Physics Based Modeling and Simulation of Robot Arms
  42. 3D scanning of a carburetor body using COMET 3D scanner supported by COLIN 3D software: Issues and solutions
  43. Critical Review on Stress-Sensitivity and Other Behavioral Aspects of Arch Dams
  44. Modeling the precipitation processes and the formation of hierarchical microstructures in a single crystal high entropy superalloy
  45. A novel integrated system using patient-derived glioma cerebral organoids and xenografts for disease modeling and drug screening
  46. Analytical modeling for redox flow battery design
  47. Effect of fused deposition modeling process parameters on the mechanical properties of recycled polyethylene terephthalate parts
  48. Modeling an intelligent controller for predictive caching in AR/VR-enabled home scenarios
  49. Sparse and Low-Overlapping Point Cloud Registration Network for Indoor Building Environments
  50. The life-cycle development and cause analysis of large diameter shield tunnel convergence in soft soil area
  51. 3D Printing Technology in the Environment
  52. 3D Voronoi Tessellation for the Study of Mechanical Behavior of Rocks at Different Scales
  53. Active Control of Submerged Systems by Moving Mass
  54. Deep geothermal energy in northern England: Insights from 3D finite difference temperature modelling
  55. Numerical modeling of soil liquefaction and lateral spreading using the SANISAND-Sf model in the LEAP experiments
  56. Quantification of three-dimensional morphology of craniofacial mineralized tissue defects in Tgfbr2/Osx-Cre mice
  57. Design and modeling of the 2D auxetic metamaterials with hyperelastic properties using topology optimization approach
  58. A Singular Perturbation Solution of Power Law Fluid Flow in Open Channel Tube by Using Quadratic B-spline Collocation Method
  59. A Bidirectional Knudsen Pump with a 3D-Printed Thermal Management Platform. Micromachines 2021, 12, 58
  60. Generation of Self-Assembled 3D Network in TPU by Insertion of Al2O3/h-BN Hybrid for Thermal Conductivity Enhancement
  61. Cellular automaton modeling of dynamic recrystallization in Al-Mg alloy coating fabricated using the friction surfacing process
  62. Multistage Depressed Collector with Azimuthal Magnetic Field for the DEMO Prototype Gyrotron
  63. Modeling transfer of vaginal microbiota from mother to infant in early life
  64. Implementation of a Single Hardening Constitutive Model for 3D Analysis of Earth Dams
  65. Parametric Datamodel for Collaborative Preliminary Aircraft Engine Design
  66. Environmental and economic assessment on 3D printed buildings with recycled concrete
  67. Using Integrative Modeling Platform to compute, validate, and archive a model of a protein complex structure
  68. Modeling of buoyancy-driven thermal convection in immersed granular beds
  69. Numerical modeling of anode-bleeding PEM fuel cells: Effects of operating conditions and flow field design
  70. Statistical analysis of mesoscopic concrete with random elastic modulus
  71. Spatial mechanistic modeling for prediction of the growth of asymptomatic meningiomas
  72. LSM-DFN Modeling for Seismic Responses in Complex Fractured Media: Comparison of Static and Dynamic Elastic Moduli
  73. Low-cycle fatigue behavior of flexible 3D printed thermoplastic polyurethane blends for thermal energy storage/release applications
  74. An energy-efficient approach for 3D printing with a Linear Delta Robot equipped with optimal springs
  75. Porcupine Quill: Buckling Resistance Analysis and Design for 3D Printing
  76. An in silico deep learning approach to multi-epitope vaccine design: a SARS-CoV-2 case study
  77. Toward Cloud Tomography from Space using MISR and MODIS: Locating the “Veiled Core” in Opaque Convective Clouds
  78. Inferring pore radius and density from ultrasonic attenuation using physics-based modeling
  79. Mathematical Modeling Challenges Associated with Waste Anaerobic Biodegradability
  81. Numerical Modeling of Honeycombed Geocell Reinforced Soil
  82. Laboratory and numerical analysis of geogrid encased stone columns
  83. Non-linear Transfer Functions for Accurately Estimating 3D Particle Size, Distribution, and Expected Error from 2D Cross Sections of a Lognormal Distribution of …
  84. Alkaloids with Anti-Onchocercal Activity from Voacanga africana Stapf (Apocynaceae): Identification and Molecular Modeling
  85. Subgrid Surface Connectivity for Storm Surge Modeling
  86. Architectural Geometry and Graphics Education Some Retrospective Reflections from Italy Across Three Generations
  87. Multi-tissue layering and path planning of in situ bioprinting for complex skin and soft tissue defects
  88. Understanding quality of analytics trade-offs in an end-to-end machine learning-based classification system for building information modeling
  89. Learning pose-invariant 3D object reconstruction from single-view images
  90. Thermo-Mechanical Numerical Modeling of the South American Subduction Zone: A Multi-Parametric Investigation
  91. A discrete approach for modeling degraded elastic fibers in aortic dissection
  92. SDSS-IV MaNGA: Modeling the Spectral Line-spread Function to Subpercent Accuracy
  93. Differentiated ML-based Modeling of Structured Grids for Gradient-based Optimization
  94. Comparison and analysis of multiple signal processing methods in steel wire rope defect detection by hall sensor
  95. Causal Factors for Engineering Design Defects and Their Impacts
  96. Rapid High-Resolution 3D Printing and Surface Functionalization via Type I Photoinitiated RAFT Polymerization
  97. Fluid Meniscus Algorithms for Dynamic Pore-Network Modeling of Immiscible Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media
  98. A Pilot of Student-Guided Virtual Reality Tours
  99. TeCo 3D-A tool for 3D-based telecooperation
  100. Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiac Cells: Application in Disease Modeling, Cell Therapy, and Drug Discovery
  101. Numerical investigation for improved heat transfer characteristics in micro-fin tubes
  102. Analysis and Modeling of Liquid Holdup in Low Liquid Loading Two-Phase Flow Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Experimental Data
  103. Modeling of CO2 capture ability of [Bmim][BF4] ionic liquid using connectionist smart paradigms
  104. Discovery of anti-MERS-CoV small covalent inhibitors through pharmacophore modeling, covalent docking and molecular dynamics simulation
  105. Comparative investigations of multi-fidelity modeling on performance of electrostatically-actuated cracked micro-beams
  106. Numerical investigations on hydrogen-enhanced combustion in ultra-lean gasoline spark-ignition engines
  107. Mathematical Modeling of Solar Energy based Thermal Energy Storage for House Heating in Winter
  108. … of pharmaceutical pollutants using a novel Iron (III) oxyhydroxide nanostructure prepared via plasma technology: Experimental, modeling and DFT studies
  109. Depth Estimation Using Convolutional Neural Network with Transfer Learning
  110. Simulation study of a pulsed DBD with an electrode containing charge injector parts
  111. Multiphysical modeling and optimal control of material properties for photopolymerization processes
  112. Design of 3D Additively Manufactured Hybrid Structures for Cranioplasty. Materials 2021, 14, 181
  113. Magnesium-zinc ferrites as magnetic adsorbents for Cr (VI) and Ni (II) ions removal: cation distribution and antistructure modeling
  114. Effects of Doxorubicin Delivery by Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Quantum Dots on Cancer Cell Growth: Experimental Study and Mathematical Modeling
  115. Multi-objective Optimization in the Build Orientation of a 3D CAD Model
  116. Numerical Modeling of Stress Concentration Around Failed Fibers in Unidirectional Composites
  117. Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of a Nanorobot Using Nano-hive Tool for Medical Applications
  118. … activity of 3-acetyl-2H-benzo [g] chromen-2-one against mutant Y537S estrogen receptor alpha via E-Pharmacophore modeling, molecular docking, molecular …
  119. VersatileGait: A Large-Scale Synthetic Gait Dataset with Fine-GrainedAttributes and Complicated Scenarios
  120. Evaluating the Euler-Euler approach for predicting a strongly 3D bubble-induced recirculatory flow with OpenFOAM
  121. Predicting stability constants of transition metals; Y3+, La3+, and UO2 2+ with organic ligands using the 3D-QSPR methodology
  122. Improved protein structure prediction by deep learning irrespective of co-evolution information
  123. Design and Modeling of High-Efficiency -Nanowire Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Solar Cells beyond the Shockley-Queisser Limit: An NEGF Approach
  124. Ethanol exposure drives colon location specific cell composition changes in a normal colon crypt 3D organoid model
  125. Comparative study on 3D printing of polyamide 12 by selective laser sintering and multi jet fusion
  126. Predictive modeling of brain tumor: A Deep learning approach
  127. Semi-analytical solution for gable roofs under uplift wind loads
  128. Spatio-temporal dynamics of the Río de la Plata turbidity front; combining remote sensing with in-situ measurements and numerical modeling
  129. Machine learning-based modeling to predict inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase
  130. Seismic Retrofit Assessment of a School Building through Operational Modal Analysis and fe Modeling
  131. Supervoxel Attention Graphs for Long-Range Video Modeling
  132. Fracture Behavior of Heavily Cross-Linked Epoxy: Testing, Fractography, and Numerical Modeling
  133. Layerwise theories of laminated composite structures and their applications: A review
  134. Defining the role of a caffeic acid 3-O-methyltransferase from Azadirachta indica fruits in the biosynthesis of ferulic acid through heterologous over-expression in …
  135. Oligarchic growth in a fully interacting system
  136. Scalable Mesh Partitioning for Large-Scale 3D Finite Element-Multibody Structures
  137. … of Methylene Blue Dye from Textile-Industry Wastewater onto Sugarcane Bagasse: Response Surface Modeling, Isotherms, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Modeling
  138. Utilizing CityGML for AR-Labeling and Occlusion in Urban Spaces
  139. Deterioration of the Mechanical Properties of FFF 3D-Printed PLA Structures
  141. 3D Printing of Open-Source Respirators (Including N95 Respirators), Surgical Masks, and Community Mask Designs to Address COVID-19 Shortages
  142. Numerical modeling of non-stationary heat problems in a two-phase medium
  143. Parametric Performance Investigation on Membraneless Microfluidic Paper Fuel Cell with Graphite Composed Pencil Stoke Electrodes
  144. Modeling of a Soft-Rigid Gripper Actuated by a Linear-Extension Soft Pneumatic Actuator
  145. 3D forensic facial approximation: Implementation protocol in a forensic activity
  146. Modeling the release and spreading of permanganate from aerated slow-release oxidants in a laboratory flow tank
  147. Phase-field modeling of non-solvent induced phase separation (NIPS) for PES/NMP/Water with comparison to experiments
  148. Microstructural modeling of anisotropic plasticity in large scale additively manufactured 316L stainless steel
  149. Organizational Factors That Drive to BIM Effectiveness: Technological Learning, Collaborative Culture, and Senior Management Support
  150. Origins of high ductility exhibited by an extruded magnesium alloy Mg-1.8 Zn-0.2 Ca: Experiments and crystal plasticity modeling
  151. Seismic analysis of a masonry arch bridge using multiple methodologies
  152. Computational Fluid Dynamics Combustion Modeling for Rotating Detonation Engines
  153. Interpretation of Japanese Wood Building Damage Based on Soil–Foundation Connection Modeling
  154. Electrochemical aptasensor of bisphenol A constructed based on 3D mesoporous structural SBA-15-Met with a thin layer of gold nanoparticles
  155. Morphogenetic systems for resource bounded computation and modeling
  156. Developments in Three-Dimensional Scanning Techniques and Scanners
  157. MR-EYE: High-Resolution MRI of the Human Eye and Orbit at Ultrahigh Field (7T)
  158. Structural investigation of the collapse of the 16-story Plasco building due to fire
  159. Modeling an environment-friendly and antiearthquake dam by probabilistic-FEM approach
  160. Accurate modeling of FeSe with screened Fock exchange and Hund’s metal correlations
  161. Environmental Multimedia Modeling System (EMMS) for Health Risk Assessment: Key Influencing Factors and Uncertainties Researches
  162. Evaluation of the Azure Kinect and Its Comparison to Kinect V1 and Kinect V2
  163. EFSUMB History of Ultrasound
  164. Bioactive 3D structures of naturally occurring peptides and their application in drug design
  165. Improving the quality of FDM 3D printing of UAV and aircraft parts and assemblies by parametric software changes
  167. Comparing cost and print time estimates for six commercially-available 3D printers obtained through slicing software for clinically relevant anatomical models
  168. Mammalian cell adhesion on different 3D printed polymers with varying sterilization methods and acidic treatment
  169. Building ontologies for solving compute-intensive problems
  170. Artificial neural network based hybrid modeling approach for flood inundation modeling
  171. Investigating electrode calendering and its impact on electrochemical performance by means of a new discrete element method model: Towards a digital twin …
  172. Mechanical and Dielectric Properties of Aligned Electrospun Fibers
  173. Tailoring Atomoxetine Release Rate from DLP 3D-Printed Tablets Using Artificial Neural Networks: Influence of Tablet Thickness and Drug Loading
  174. Thermal modeling in metal additive manufacturing using graph theory–Application to laser powder bed fusion of a large volume impeller
  175. An overview of filtration efficiency through the masks: Mechanisms of the aerosols penetration
  176. Research on the study of the dimensional precision of the parts obtained by Additive Manufacturing
  177. Numerical simulations of the failure process of anaclinal slope physical model and control mechanism of negative Poisson’s ratio cable
  178. Highly filled poly(l-lactic acid)/hydroxyapatite composite for 3D printing of personalized bone tissue engineering scaffolds
  179. Large Bay Skin Buckling of Composite Aircraft Structure: Method Development and Validation
  180. Modeling the developmental origins of pediatric cancer to improve patient outcomes
  181. A Parameterized Linear 3D Magnetic Equivalent Circuit for Analysis and Design of Radial Flux Magnetic GearsPart I: Implementation
  182. IZOD impact properties of full-density fused deposition modeling polymer materials with respect to raster angle and print orientation
  183. 3D packaging architectures and assembly process design
  184. Effect of endwall suction on aerodynamic performance of compressor cascade with tip clearance at a large incidence angle
  185. Analysis and Optimization of Two Film-Coated Tablet Production Processes by Computer Simulation: A Case Study
  186. On the modeling of an eco-epidemiological model using a new fractional operator
  187. Generation of Self-Assembled 3D Network in TPU by Insertion of Al2O3/h-BN Hybrid for Thermal Conductivity Enhancement. Materials 2021, 14, 238
  188. Numerical simulation of the Mexico wind turbine using the actuator disk model along with the 3D correction of aerodynamic coefficients in OpenFOAM
  189. Improving fault surface construction with inversion-based methods
  190. Advanced 3D Cell Culture Techniques in Micro-Bioreactors, Part II: Systems and Applications
  191. 3-D virtual design and microstructural modeling of asphalt mixture based on a digital aggregate library
  192. Modeling the Swelling of Hydrogels with Application to Storage of Stormwater
  193. Analytical modeling and optimization of new Ku-band tunable square waveguide iris-post polarizer
  194. Intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM) modeling of diffusion MRI during chemoradiation predicts therapeutic response in IDH wildtype glioblastoma
  195. Quantitative structure–activity relationships analysis, homology modeling, docking and molecular dynamics studies of triterpenoid saponins as Kirsten rat sarcoma …
  196. Modeling of wear parameters and multi-criteria optimization by box-behnken design of AlCrN thin film against gamma-irradiated Ti6Al4V Counterbody
  197. A smart and transparent district heating mode based on industrial Internet of things
  198. Investigation of a three-dimensional printed dynamic cervical spine model for anatomy and physiology education
  199. Combined electrochemical/surface investigations and computer modeling of the aquatic Artichoke extract molecules corrosion inhibition properties on the mild steel …
  200. Modeling complex contact conditions and their effect on blade dynamics
  201. Pozzolan Based 3D Printing Composites: From the Formulation Till the Final Application in the Precision Irrigation Field
  202. Effect of Volatile Organic Compounds Adsorption on 3D-Printed PEGDA: PEDOT for Long-Term Monitoring Devices
  203. Recent Developments of Ablative Thermal Protection Systems for Atmospheric Entry
  204. 3-Dimensional Analysis of Fixed-Headed Single Pile and 2× 2 Pile Group in Multilayered Soil
  205. Computational fluid dynamics modeling of cough transport in an aircraft cabin
  206. Machine Learning-Based Implementation of Image Corner Detection Using SVM Algorithm for Biomedical Applications
  207. 3DIV update for 2021: a comprehensive resource of 3D genome and 3D cancer genome
  208. Multiscale modeling of mechanical behaviors of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites subjected to hygrothermal aging
  209. A review on the various processing parameters in FDM
  210. A surrogate model for plaque modeling in carotids based on Robin conditions calibrated by cine MRI data
  211. Modeling Large Spatial Deflections of Slender Beams of Rectangular Cross Sections in Compliant Mechanisms
  212. An efficient model for laminated composite thin-walled beams of open or closed cross-section and with or without in-filled materials
  213. The effect of 3D structure design on fire behavior of polyethylene terephthalate glycol containing aluminum hypophosphite and melamine cyanurate
  214. CLT Shear Walls Anchored with Shear-Tension Angle Brackets: Experimental Tests and Finite-Element Modeling
  215. Revalorization of Coffee Husk: Modeling and Optimizing the Green Sustainable Extraction of Phenolic Compounds
  216. Modeling human embryo development with embryonic and extra-embryonic stem cells
  217. Modeling and analysis of the effects of barrier height on automobiles emission dispersion
  218. Lucas–washburn equation-based modeling of capillary-driven flow in porous systems
  219. Modeling, analysis, and optimization of dimensional accuracy of FDM-fabricated parts using definitive screening design and deep learning feedforward …
  220. Formation Mechanism of Arcuate Tectonic Structures around Northeast Tibetan Plateau: Insight from 3-D Numerical Modeling
  221. Robust 3D Reconstruction Through Noise Reduction of Ultra-Fast Images
  222. Dynamic Modeling of Fouling in Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  223. Effect of Volatile Organic Compounds Adsorption on 3D-Printed PEGDA: PEDOT for Long-Term Monitoring Devices. Nanomaterials 2021, 11, 94
  224. Predicting the Permeability of Tight Sandstone Utilizing Experimental and Mathematical Modeling Approaches
  225. A Comprehensive Experimental and Computational Study on LVI induced Damage of Laminated Composites
  226. Continuing Advances and Challenges of Structural Heart Imaging
  227. MR elasticity reconstruction using statistical physical modeling and explicit data-driven denoising regularizer
  228. Enhancement of 3D-Printable Materials by Dual-Curing Procedures
  229. Regional seismic responses of shallow basins incorporating site-city interaction analyses on high-rise building clusters
  230. Semi-analytical modeling of the flow redistribution upstream from the mixing grids in a context of nuclear fuel assembly bow
  231. Assessment of asymmetrical rheological behavior of cementitious material for 3D printing application
  232. Photocatalytic-persulfate-oxidation for diclofenac removal from aqueous solutions: Modeling, optimization and biotoxicity test assessment
  233. A Surrogate Model for Fast Land Subsidence Prediction and Uncertainty Quantification
  234. Numerical Investigation on the Influence of Surface Flow Direction on the Heat Transfer Characteristics in a Granite Single Fracture
  235. icepack: a new glacier flow modeling package in Python, version 1.0
  236. Determining the Stress-Settlement Distribution of a Gravity Dam Foundation Considering Different Water Levels Using Finite Element Method
  237. Die and Package Level Thermal and Thermal/Moisture Stresses in 3-D Packaging: Modeling and Characterization
  238. An integrated modeling of the curing process and transverse tensile damage of unidirectional CFRP composites
  239. Modeling the volatility changes in Lake Urmia water level time series
  240. A practical microfluidic pump enabled by acoustofluidics and 3D printing
  241. Equivalent Circuit Modeling of a Dual-Gate Graphene FET
  242. One-dimensional turbulence modeling of a freely propagating turbulent flame with comparison to DNS
  243. Modeling of PV Module and DC/DC Converter Assembly for the Analysis of Induced Transient Response Due to Nearby Lightning Strike
  245. Multiscale modeling of coupling mechanisms in electrically assisted deformation of ultrathin sheets: An example on a nickel-based superalloy
  246. Study of the Mechanical Behavior of Subcellular Organelles Using a 3D Finite Element Model of the Tensegrity Structure
  247. Numerical Investigations on the Shape Optimization of Stainless-Steel Ring Joint with Machine Learning
  248. Modeling of Dynamic Processes in Dilute and Dense Gas Suspensions
  249. A new method to determine the causes of deviation in cylinder pressure curves of motored reciprocating piston engines
  250. Human Action Recognition Using STIP Evaluation Techniques
  251. Object-Level Semantic Map Construction for Dynamic Scenes
  252. Three-dimensional finite element modeling of corrugated metal pipes
  253. Field measurements on alluvial watercourses in light of numerical modeling: case studies on the Danube River
  254. Stability of continuous welded rails: A state-of-the-art review of structural modeling and nondestructive evaluation
  255. Vibration control of a smart shell reinforced by graphene nanoplatelets under external load: Semi-numerical and finite element modeling
  256. New concept of carbon fiber reinforced composite 3D auxetic lattice structures based on stretching-dominated cells
  257. Microstructures and Properties of High-Entropy Materials: Modeling, Simulation, and Experiments
  258. CFD modeling of the perovskite hollow fiber membrane modules for oxygen separation
  259. Fused deposition modeling of poly (ether ether ketone) scaffolds
  260. Modeling cyclic volatile methylsiloxanes removal efficiency from wastewater by ZnO-coated aluminum anode using artificial neural networks
  261. Eigenrays in 3D heterogeneous anisotropic media, Part II: Dynamics
  262. Spatial validation of submerged fluvial topographic models by mesohabitat units
  263. Cost Modeling and Evaluation of Direct Metal Laser Sintering with Integrated Dynamic Process Planning
  264. Biocompatible heterogeneous bone incorporated with polymeric biocomposites for human bone repair by 3D printing technology
  265. Luteolin and abyssinone II as potential inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2: An in silico molecular modeling approach in battling the COVID-19 outbreak
  266. Investigation of the mechanical and forming behaviour of 3D warp interlock carbon woven fabrics for complex shape of composite material
  267. Multiscale plant modeling: from genome to phenome and beyond
  268. Machine learning-based prognostic modeling using clinical data and quantitative radiomic features from chest CT images in COVID-19 patients
  269. In silico analysis of epitope-based vaccine candidate against tuberculosis using reverse vaccinology
  270. Angular Momentum About the Total Body Center of Mass Computed at Different Speeds
  271. Closure to “Modeling Approaches for Determining Appropriate Depth of Subsurface Drip Irrigation Tubing in Alfalfa” by Rocio Guadalupe Reyes-Esteves and Donald …
  272. Copper Micro and Nano Particles Mixture for 3D Interconnection Application
  273. Discussion of “Modeling Approaches for Determining Appropriate Depth of Subsurface Drip Irrigation Tubing in Alfalfa” by Rocio Guadalupe Reyes-Esteves …
  274. An integrated manufacturing strategy to fabricate delivery system using gelatin/alginate hybrid hydrogels: 3D printing and freeze-drying
  275. Modeling and machining of integral impeller based on NURBS curve
  276. Additive Manufacturing of Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) for Space Applications: A Nanosat Polymeric Structure
  277. Three-dimensional modeling and loss-of-coolant accident analysis of high temperature gas cooled reactor
  278. Modeling of downlink interference in massive MIMO 5G macro-cell
  279. Effect of Tinkercad on Students’ Computational Thinking Skills and Perceptions: A Case of Ankara Province
  280. Analysis of the effects of finite element type within a 3D biomechanical model of a human optic nerve head and posterior pole
  281. Predictive Analysis of Wettability of Al–Si Based Multiphase Alloys and Aluminum Matrix Composites by Machine Learning and Physical Modeling
  282. Parameter fitting of variogram based on hybrid algorithm of particle swarm and artificial fish swarm
  283. Modeling and numerical simulation of an industrial scale metal hydride reactor based on CFD-Taguchi combined method
  284. Ultrahigh yet convergent thermal conductivity of carbon nanotubes from comprehensive atomistic modeling
  285. Impact of Additive Manufacturing in Value Creation, Methods, Applications and Challenges
  286. Multiscale Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling for Personalized Liver Cancer Radioembolization Dosimetry
  287. Modeling the self-propagation reaction in heterogeneous and dense media: Application to Al/CuO thermite
  288. Dark and bright soliton solutions and computational modeling of nonlinear regularized long wave model
  289. Using search-constrained inverse distance weight modeling for near real-time riverine flood modeling: Harris County, Texas, USA before, during, and after Hurricane …
  290. Meshing Contact Impact Properties of Circular Arc Tooth Trace Cylindrical Gear Based on Rotating Knife Dish Milling Process
  291. Facial Attractiveness of Sisters of Thai Gay Men and Sao Praphet Song
  292. Effectiveness of VR crane training with head-mounted display: Double mediation of presence and perceived usefulness
  293. Hierarchical human semantic parsing with comprehensive part-relation modeling
  294. Vertex Feature Encoding and Hierarchical Temporal Modeling in a Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Action Recognition
  295. Manufacturing, modeling, and optimization of nickel-coated carbon fabric for highly efficient EMI shielding
  296. An Experience on Short Course of Computational Geometric Modeling in Engineering Design for High School Students
  297. Modeling and optimization of resistance spot welded aluminum to Al-Si coated boron steel using response surface methodology and genetic algorithm
  298. Wilczy nski, D.; Górecki, J.; Walesa, K. Determining the Power Consumption of the Automatic Device for Belt Perforation Based on the Dynamic Model. Energies 2021 …
  299. Efficient 3D Point Cloud Feature Learning for Large-Scale Place Recognition
  300. Cyber security threat modeling in the AEC industry: An example for the commissioning of the built environment
  301. Advances in the Study of Micromechanical Behaviour for Granular Materials Using Micro-CT Scanner and 3D Printing
  302. Symmetries and configurations of hydraulic fracturing electromagnetic monitoring: a 2D anisotropic approach
  303. The potential for aqueous fluid-rock and silicate melt-rock interactions to re-equilibrate hydrogen in peridotite nominally 2 anhydrous minerals 3
  304. Modeling of brittle fracture in thick plates subjected to transient dynamic loads using a hybrid phase field model
  305. Experimental and numerical failure analysis of horizontal axis water turbine carbon fiber-reinforced composite blade
  306. A 3D hybrid-shot spiral sequence for hyperpolarized imaging
  307. Color/aroma changes of 3D-Printed buckwheat dough with yellow flesh peach as triggered by microwave heating of gelatin-gum Arabic complex coacervates
  308. Targeting Penicillium expansum GMC Oxidoreductase with High Affinity Small Molecules for Reducing Patulin Production
  309. Numerical modeling of post-flood water flow in pavement structures
  310. Granulometry of Two Marine Calcareous Sands
  311. Modeling actuation and sensing in ionic polymer metal composites by electrochemo-poromechanics
  312. Fluctuation and Frequency of the Oscillators with Exponential Spring Using Accurate Approximate Analytical Solutions
  313. Receptor-Based Pharmacophore Modeling in the Search for Natural Products for COVID-19 Mpro
  314. A review of the FE 2 method for composites
  315. Mesoscale Modeling of a Masonry Building Subjected to Earthquake Loading
  316. Spatio-Temporal Change Monitoring of Outside Manure Piles Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images
  317. Advances in Osteoporotic Bone Tissue Engineering
  318. Mechanical Performance of Polylactic Acid from Sustainable Screw-Based 3D Printing
  319. Improvement of generalized finite difference method for stochastic subsurface flow modeling
  320. High-resolution real-time 360° 3D surface defect inspection with fringe projection profilometry
  321. Modeling and optimization of pectinase-assisted low-temperature extraction of cashew apple juice using artificial neural network coupled with genetic algorithm
  322. Mathematical Modeling of Metro Train-Induced Vibrations Using Finite Element Method
  323. A statistical approach in enhancing the volume prediction of ellipsoidal ham
  324. Effect of damping modeling and characteristics on seismic vulnerability assessment of multi-frame bridges
  325. Image-based calibration of rolling resistance in discrete element
  326. Integrative Mass Spectrometry–Based Approaches for Modeling Macromolecular Assemblies
  327. Creating immersive virtual environments based on open geospatial data and game engines
  328. An adaptive node-distribution method for radial-basis-function finite-difference modeling with optimal shape parameter
  329. Decrypting healed fault zones: How gouge production reduces the influence of fault roughness
  330. Probabilistic modeling of the size effect and scatter in High Cycle Fatigue using a Monte-Carlo approach: Role of the defect population in cast aluminum alloys
  331. Design and hydraulic analysis of a multiphase pump
  332. Spatiotemporal metabolic modeling of bacterial life in complex habitats
  333. Retro-projection de cartes 3D pour la perception incrementale
  334. Auditory perception stability evaluation comparing binaural and loudspeaker Ambisonic presentations of dynamic virtual concert auralizations
  335. Formulation of Heat-Induced Whey Protein Gels for Extrusion-Based 3D Printing
  336. Numerical simulation to determine the fracture aperture in a typical basin of China
  338. Nonlinear viscoelastic modeling of synthesized silicate-based bioactive glass/polysulfone composite: theory and medical applications
  339. MRI features of responsible contacts in vascular compressive trigeminal neuralgia and prediction modeling
  340. Geometry, Between History and Shape Configuration
  341. Laser Cladding of NiCr-Cr2C3 Coatings on a ?-TiAl Substrate
  342. Simulation, statistical modeling, and optimization of CO2 laser cutting process of polycarbonate sheets
  343. Stability of 3D printing using a mixture of pea protein and alginate: Precision and application of additive layer manufacturing simulation approach for stress distribution
  344. Crack Modeling in Charring Ablation Materials
  345. Modeling and Control of Swing Oscillation of Underactuated Indoor Miniature Autonomous Blimps.
  346. Modeling Polymer-Matrix Composites with Fiber Waviness Defects under Cyclic Loading
  347. Umami-enhancing effect of typical kokumi-active ?-glutamyl peptides evaluated via sensory analysis and molecular modeling approaches
  348. Investigation of the binding properties between levamlodipine and HSA based on MCR-ALS and computer modeling
  349. Compact and low-cost instrument for digital holographic microscopy of immobilized micro-particles
  350. Blood flow patterns estimation in the left ventricle with low-rate 2D and 3D dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasound
  351. 3D/4D Reconstruction and Quantitative Total Body Imaging
  352. Molecular modeling analyses for modified biopolymers
  353. Additively Manufactured Parts Made of a Polymer Material Used for the Experimental Verification of a Component of a High-Speed Machine with an Optimised …
  354. Significance of nonlinear thermal radiation in 3D Eyring–Powell nanofluid flow with Arrhenius activation energy
  355. Vacuum Electronics
  356. Three-dimensional CFD modelling of a photocatalytic parallel-channel microreactor
  357. Digital twin modeling method based on biomimicry for machining aerospace components
  358. Interplay effect modeling in stereotactic body radiotherapy treatment of liver cancer using volumetric modulated arc therapy
  359. An Improved Two-Level Support Structure for Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing
  360. A real-time pressure wave model for knock prediction and control
  361. Global climate modeling of Saturn’s atmosphere. Part IV: Stratospheric equatorial oscillation
  362. Modeling the impact of evolving biofilms on flow in porous media inside a microfluidic channel
  363. Signal and Image Processing in Biomedical Photoacoustic Imaging: A Review
  365. Discovery of potentially biased agonists of mu-opioid receptor (MOR) through molecular docking, pharmacophore modeling, and MD simulation
  366. Stem Cell Therapies in Alzheimer’s Disease: Applications for Disease Modeling
  367. Synthesis, molecular docking and modeling of new acenaphthenequinones clubbed of anticancer
  368. Small UAS Design Toolkit: Characterization and Development using Optimization and Advanced Manufacturing Modeling
  369. Spectral-element formulation of multi-transmitting formula and its accuracy and stability in 1D and 2D seismic wave modeling
  370. Development of Logic Gate Nanodevices from Fluorogenic RNA Aptamers
  371. The Influence of the Mesh Element Size on Critical Bending Speeds of a Rotor in the Finite Element Analysis
  372. Resistor–capacitor modeling of the cell membrane: A multiphysics analysis
  373. Microstructure Generation via Generative Adversarial Network for Heterogeneous, Topologically Complex 3D Materials

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