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Dynamic Networks Research Projects Ideas, Topics, and Areas

Latest and New Dynamic Networks Research Topics Areas and Ideas for writing the research paper.

1. Machine learning-based multipath routing for software-defined networks
2. Load-aware anti-jamming channel hopping design for cognitive radio networks
3. Detecting fake news with capsule neural networks
4. Probabilistic reasoning system for social influence analysis in online social networks
5. Identification of gas mixtures via sensor array combining with neural networks
6. Intelligent Agents in Co Evolving Knowledge Networks. Mathematics 2021, 9, 103
7. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Machine learning for pore-water pressure time-series prediction: application of recurrent neural networks
8. Faster Domain Adaptation Networks
9. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Integration and segregation across large-scale intrinsic brain networks as a marker of sustained attention and task-unrelated thought
10. Dynamic social network differential privacy protection based on B+ tree index
11. DeepFogSim: A Toolbox for Execution and Performance Evaluation of the Inference Phase of Conditional Deep Neural Networks with Early Exits Atop Distributed Fog …
12. Learning multi-resolution representations of research patterns in bibliographic networks
13. Smart Systems and Collaborative Innovation Networks for Productivity Improvement in SMEs
14. Towards intelligent virtual resource allocation in UAVs-assisted 5G networks
15. Experimental Analysis of Measuring Neighbourhood Change in the Presence of Wormhole in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
16. Intelligent Agents in Co-Evolving Knowledge Networks
17. A simple chaotic map model for fractal traffic generation in high-speed computer networks
18. Heterogeneous and dependable networks in industry–A survey
19. Load balancing oriented predictive routing algorithm for data center networks
20. Semantic segmentation of citrus-orchard using deep neural networks and multispectral UAV-based imagery
21. Stochastic and vibrational resonance in complex networks of neurons
22. Secure energy efficient network priority routing protocol for effective data collection and key management in dynamic WSNs
23. Synchronization Techniques in “Device to Device-and Vehicle to Vehicle-Enabled” Cellular Networks: A survey
24. A Game-Theoretic Approach for Cognitive Radio Networks using Machine Learning Techniques
25. Location-Awareness for Failure Management in Cellular Networks: An Integrated Approach
26. Efficient Approximations for Optimization of N-Out-of-K Rule for Heterogeneous Cognitive Radio Networks
28. Tracking the evolution of cooperative relationship networks among countries located along the Belt and Road: an application of massive cooperation events data
29. A fundamental multiple-stage ANN-based sensitivity analysis to predict the dynamic modulus of hot mix asphalt considering the effect of confining stress
30. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Convolutional neural networks in medical image understanding: a survey
31. Intelligent Dynamic Gesture Recognition Using CNN Empowered by Edit Distance
32. Self-healing disulfide-containing polyester-urethane networks composed of 6-armed star-shaped oligolactide and oligocaprolactone segments
33. Bayesian networks in environmental risk assessment: A review
34. Identifying citation patterns of scientific breakthroughs: a perspective of dynamic citation process
35. Recoding latent sentence representations–Dynamic gradient-based activation modification in RNNs
36. Epidemic Analysis of Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks Based on an Attack–Defense Game Model
37. DNEAT: A novel dynamic node-edge attention network for origin-destination demand prediction
38. Dynamically Weighted Balanced Loss: Class Imbalanced Learning and Confidence Calibration of Deep Neural Networks
39. Inter and Intra Fusion Schemes for Energy Efficient CB-CSS in Cognitive Wireless Networks
40. A Fast and AdaptiveMAAPS Multi-RadioRendezvous Algorithm for Cognitive Radio Networks
41. A Study of Dynamic Traffic Assignment Using Statistical Method for Urban Scenario
42. Deep Reinforcement Learning-Empowered Resource Allocation for Mobile Edge Computing in Cellular V2X Networks
43. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Mitochondrial Protein Network: From Biogenesis to Bioenergetics in Health and Disease
44. A Survey on Integrated Access and Backhaul Networks
45. Robust and Scalable Routing with Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for MANETs
46. Pushing the limits of capsule networks
47. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry 5D Nonlinear Dynamic Evolutionary System in Real Estate Market
48. Integrating ecological networks modelling in a participatory approach for assessing impacts of planning scenarios on landscape connectivity
49. Resilient distributed multiagent control for AC microgrid networks subject to disturbances
50. Fuzzy Based Unequal Clustering and Context-Aware Routing Based on Glow-Worm Swarm Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks: Forest Fire Detection
51. Periodic Event-Triggered Synchronization for Discrete-Time Complex Dynamical Networks
52. Convolutional Neural Networks based Lung Nodule Classification: A Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Algorithm for Hyperparameter Optimization
53. An Improved Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol for Increasing the Life Time of Wireless Sensor Networks
54. User Detection Using Cyclostationary Feature Detection in Cognitive Radio Networks with Various Detection Criteria
55. Modeling Nonlinear Dose-Response Functions: Regression, Simulation, and Causal Networks
56. A Robust Implementation of Dynamic Evolution of Fluid-Driven Fractures
57. Evolutionary compromise game on assortative mixing networks
58. Stability analysis of stochastic fractional-order competitive neural networks with leakage delay Computational Geometry
59. Degradable polyanhydride networks derived from itaconic acid
60. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Information diffusion modeling and analysis for socially interacting networks
61. Efficient streaming subgraph isomorphism with graph neural networks
62. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Recent Paradigms for Efficient Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks: Issues and Challenges
63. Thermally recyclable polyester-based phase change materials networks with high latent heat and network self-stability even at high temperature
64. New Results on Stability of Coupled Impulsive Fractional-Order Systems on Networks
65. Combinatorial approach to spreading processes on networks
66. Cooperation Promotion from the Perspective of Behavioral Economics: An Incentive Mechanism Based on Loss Aversion in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
67. A design framework for actively crosslinked filament networks
68. The trouble with global production networks
69. An efficient and intelligent routing strategy for vehicular delay tolerant networks
70. An energy paradigm transition framework from negative towards positive district energy sharing networks—Battery cycling aging, advanced battery management …
71. Rectified binary convolutional networks with generative adversarial learning
72. Granger causality networks of S&P 500 stocks
73. Dynamic frontostriatal functional peak connectivity (in alcohol use disorder)
74. Stabilisation of multi-weights stochastic complex networks with time-varying delay driven by G-Brownian motion via aperiodically intermittent adaptive control
75. Quasi-stability and quasi-synchronization control of quaternion-valued fractional-order discrete-time memristive neural networks
76. K-Module Algorithm: An Additional Step to Improve the Clustering Results of WGCNA Co-Expression Networks
77. CryoDRGN: reconstruction of heterogeneous cryo-EM structures using neural networks
78. Let’s Trade in The Future! A Futures-Enabled Fast Resource Trading Mechanism in Edge Computing-Assisted UAV Networks
79. Dynamic Ordering Learning in Multivariate Forecasting
80. Modeling bursting in neuronal networks using facilitation-depression and afterhyperpolarization
81. A multi-phase blending method with incremental intensity for training detection networks
82. Artificial Neural Networks in Food Processing
83. Momentum residual neural networks
84. Machine Learning for User Partitioning and Phase Shifters Design in RIS-Aided NOMA Networks
85. Learning modulation filter networks for weak signal detection in noise
86. The use of ecological networks as tools for understanding and conserving marine biodiversity
87. The Cloud-edge-based Dynamic Reconfiguration to Service Workflow for Mobile Ecommerce Environments: A QoS Prediction Perspective
88. Use of Neural Networks to Accommodate Seasonal Fluctuations When Equalizing Time Series for the CZK/RMB Exchange Rate
89. Learning Flatness-Based Controller Using Neural Networks
90. Computational Geometry Multicast Routing in Single Rate Loss Networks Based on Markov Decision Process
91. Discriminating the single-cell gene regulatory networks of human pancreatic islets: A novel deep learning application
92. Vibrio Colonization Is Highly Dynamic in Early Microplastic-Associated Biofilms as Well as on Field-Collected Microplastics
93. Combining network topology and information theory to construct representative brain networks
94. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Quantitative resilience assessment of chemical process systems using functional resonance analysis method and Dynamic Bayesian network
95. Altering control modes of complex networks by reversing edges
96. Adaptive NN control for nonlinear systems with uncertainty based on dynamic surface control
97. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry A verifiable steganography-based secret image sharing scheme in 5G networks
98. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Robust physiological metrics from sparsely sampled networks
99. A Truthful Auction for Graph Job Allocation in Vehicular Cloud-assisted Networks
100. WSN-SLAP: Secure and lightweight mutual authentication protocol for wireless sensor networks
101. Effective and Efficient Vote Attack on Capsule Networks
102. An energy-saving routing algorithm for opportunity networks based on asynchronous sleeping mode
103. Dynamic Shortest Paths Methods for the Time-Dependent TSP
104. Throughput and resource optimization for adaptive coding-based random access networks with correlated sources
105. Security Attacks and Defenses in Distributed Sensor Networks
106. Machine Learning Algorithms for Prediction of the Quality of Transmission in Optical Networks
107. On the conceptualization and measurement of dynamic capabilities for sustainability: Building theory through a systematic literature review
108. Deep neural networks algorithms for stochastic control problems on finite horizon: numerical applications
109. Comparing alternative route planning techniques: A comparative user study on Melbourne, Dhaka and Copenhagen road networks
110. Volume fraction determination of microgel composed of interpenetrating polymer networks of PNIPAM and polyacrylic acid
111. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Adaptive Aggregation Networks for Class-Incremental Learning
112. Social networks and farming resilience
113. Comparative Study of Energy Efficient Routing Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
114. Progress Networks as a Tool for Analysing Student Programming Difficulties
115. Simulation and vulnerability assessment of water distribution networks under deliberate contamination attacks
116. V2X Communication based Dynamic Topology Control in VANETs
117. Dynamic metasurface antennas for 6G extreme massive MIMO communications
118. Programmable VCSEL-based photonic system architecture for future agile Tb/s metro networks
119. Data-driven modeling of power networks
120. WSN-SES/MB: System Entity Structure and Model Base Framework for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
121. A comprehensive dynamic model for pneumatic artificial muscles considering different input frequencies and mechanical loads
122. A Latent Space Modeling Approach to Interfirm Relationship Analysis
123. A Review of Two Decades of Correlations, Hierarchies, Networks and Clustering in Financial Markets
124. Middleware Technologies for Smart Wireless Sensor Networks towards Internet of Things: A Comparative Review
125. Fast training of deep LSTM networks with guaranteed stability for nonlinear system modeling
126. A Novel Hybrid Optimization for Cluster-Based Routing Protocol in Information-Centric Wireless Sensor Networks for IoT Based Mobile Edge Computing
127. Designing a context-aware model for RPL load balancing of low power and lossy networks in the internet of things
128. Stackelberg Game Based Computation Offloading in Vehicular Networks
129. Extending Wireless Sensor Networks’ Lifetimes Using Deep Reinforcement Learning in a Software-Defined Network Architecture
130. Hybrid face recognition under adverse conditions using appearance-based and dynamic features of smile expression
131. In-plane linear dynamic behavior and impact of key system parameters of low-sagged cable network

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