Research Projects Ideas Operating Systems

Operating Systems Research Projects Ideas, Topics, and Areas

List Operating Systems Research Topics Areas.

  1. Systematic Method for the Energy-Saving Potential Calculation of Air Conditioning Systems via Data Mining. Part II: A Detailed Case Study
  2. Kernel operations on the gpu, with autodiff, without memory overflows
  3. Probabilistic profiling of stateful data planes for adversarial testing
  4. Towards green cloud computing an algorithmic approach for energy minimization in cloud data centers
  5. Analysis of the operating modes of the stationary energy storage device in dc railway power supply system
  6. Where Is the Future for Serious Music Being Produced Now?
  7. Machine Learning-Based Cost Predictive Model for Better Operating Expenditure Estimations of US Light Rail Transit Projects
  8. Platforms without borders? The international strategies of digital platform firms
  9. Response of angled and tapered liquid injectors to passing detonation fronts at high operating pressures
  10. Study and Implementation of Partial Resonant High-Frequency AC-Link Inverter Operating in Soft-Switching Condition
  11. Nd3+ doped TiO2 nanocrystals as self-referenced optical nanothermometer operating within the biological windows
  12. Experimental assessment and model validation of power quality parameters for vehicle-to-grid systems
  13. Vosaic: Real Time Video and Audio in the World Wide Web
  14. Resource Management in Wireless IoT Using Gray Wolf Optimisation Framework
  15. In which natural environments are people happiest? Large-scale experience sampling in the Netherlands
  16. Identification of aerodynamic damping matrix for operating wind turbines
  17. How to Achieve Compliance with GDPR Article 17 in a Hybrid Cloud Environment
  18. Comparison of the characteristics of the laboratory model of a anode layer thruster operating with krypton and xenon
  19. Retrieval Mechanisms of Data Linked to Virtual Servers Using Metaheuristic Technique
  20. Hybrid operating room applications in the increasingly complex endovascular era: the trump card of modern vascular surgery
  21. A Surgeon Badge or Text Message Sign-in Intervention Improves Operating Room Start Efficiency
  22. Creation of a Network of Permanently Operating Satellite Reference Stations. State and Opportunities of the State Geodesic Network Republic of Uzbekistan
  23. Secure and Scalable Collection of Biomedical Data for Machine Learning Applications
  24. The Model of the Police System in Modern China: Research on the Establishment and Operating Mechanism of the Beijing Police Department
  25. Investigation of off-design characteristics of solid oxide electrolyser (SOE) operating in endothermic conditions
  26. A Low Power Fully-Digital Multi-Level Voltage Monitor Operating in a Wide Voltage Range for Energy Harvesting IoT
  27. Operating Bicarbonate-Form versus Chloride-Form Ion Exchange Resins without Regeneration for Natural Organic Matter Removal
  28. Analysis to energy consumption characteristics and influencing factors of terminal building based on airport operating data
  29. IT Reliability for Ensuring Performance of IT Used in Organizations Operating under Covid-19 Epidemic Crisis
  30. An empirical study of I/O separation for burst buffers in HPC systems
  31. Prediction of the durability of a gasket operating in a bolted-flange-joint subjected to cyclic bending
  32. A Comparative Study on Fault Detection Methods for Gas Turbine Combustion Systems
  33. Switches for HIRE: resource scheduling for data center in-network computing
  34. Operating room efficiency and cost reduction in shoulder arthroplasty: is there an advantage of a dedicated operating room team?
  35. Data-driven robust day-ahead unit commitment model for hydro/thermal/wind/photovoltaic/nuclear power systems
  36. Optimization of Fenton process operating conditions for the treatment of the landfill leachate of Fez city (Morocco)
  37. Pseudorange Multipath at Zomba Geodynamics Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) in Malawi
  38. Machine learning based anomaly detection and classification of acoustic emission events for wear monitoring in sliding bearing systems
  39. Operating in risky sand and dust storm environments in Northern Africa, the Middle East and Europe: a portfolio of aviation climate services
  40. Using transitional points in the optical injection locking behavior of a semiconductor laser to extract its dimensionless operating parameters
  41. Experimental investigation of the effect of the spacer and operating conditions on mass transfer in direct contact membrane distillation
  42. An integrated optimal operating strategy for a grid-connected AC microgrid under load and renewable generation uncertainty considering demand response
  43. Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC): a standard operating procedure (SOP)
  44. Economic assessment of Power-to-Liquid processes–Influence of electrolysis technology and operating conditions
  45. Cancer burden, finance, and health-care systems
  46. Quantum computer systems for scientific discovery
  47. Liquid Air as an Energy Carrier for Liquefied Natural Gas Cold Energy Distribution in Cold Storage Systems
  48. Motivational Factors Used to Stimulate the Creativity of Employees in Companies Operating in the Czech Republic
  49. Development of Ejector Performance Map for Predicting Fixed-geometry Two-phase Ejector Performance for Wide Range of Operating Conditions
  50. Optimal operating parameter determination and modeling to enhance methane production from macroalgae
  52. Corrosion Activity of Operating Conditions for the Steel Equipment and Pipelines in the Plants Extracting CO 2-Containing Gases
  53. Intelligent Starting Current-Based Fault Identification of an Induction Motor Operating under Various Power Quality Issues
  54. Calibrated simulation study for efficient sizing and operating strategies for the thermal storage integrated air conditioning system
  55. Digital twin of a combustion furnace operating in flameless conditions: reduced-order model development from CFD simulations
  56. Fault Tolerant Control
  57. Photovoltaic/thermal systems based on concentrating and non-concentrating technologies: Working fluids at low, medium and high temperatures
  58. Evaluation of the Emission Impact of Cold-Ironing Power Systems, Using a Bi-Directional Power Flow Control Strategy
  59. Understanding the role of different operating modes and ultrasonic reactor configurations for improved sonocrystallization of lactose
  60. Safety of engineering systems of buildings with limited heat supply
  61. Setting up and operating a cryo-EM laboratory
  62. … degradation of imidacloprid in the flat-plate photoreactor under UVA and simulated solar irradiance conditions-The influence of operating conditions, kinetics and …
  63. Operating Room Setup: How to Improve Health Care Professionals Safety During Pandemic COVID-19—A Quality Improvement Study
  64. Hospital-based health systems 20 years later: A taxonomy for policy research and analysis
  65. Learning for predictions: real-time reliability assessment of aerospace systems
  66. Compared Thermal Modeling of Anode-and Electrolyte-Supported SOFC-Gas Turbine Hybrid Systems
  67. A robust parametrization method of photovoltaic modules for enhancing one-diode model accuracy under varying operating conditions
  68. Practical lineshape of a laser operating near an exceptional point
  69. A proposal for analysis of operating reserve requirements considering renewable sources on supergrids
  70. Day-ahead dispatch of multi-energy system considering operating conditions of multi-energy coupling equipment
  71. Smartphones in the operating room: Can perioperative nurses be trusted?
  72. Numerical prediction of sediment erosion in reference Francis turbine for complete operating range
  73. Test investigation of operation performance of novel split-type ground source heat pump systems for clean heating of rural households in North China
  74. Probabilistic Analysis of Operating Modes in Cache-Enabled Full-Duplex D2D Networks
  75. … Consolidation Of Physicians Into Health Systems, 2016–18: Study examines geographic variation in the consolidation of physicians into health systems from 2016 to …
  76. Investigation and Optimisation of Operating Conditions for Low-Temperature CO2 Reduction to CO in a Forward-Bias Bipolar-Membrane Electrolyser
  77. Nonlinear Autoregressive with Exogenous Model to Diagnosis Aircraft Motor Faults Under Different Operating Conditions
  78. Financing and coordination strategies for a manufacturer with limited operating and green innovation capital: bank credit financing versus supplier green investment
  79. Assessment of gas molar density by gas modulation refractometry: A review of its basic operating principles and extraordinary performance
  80. Size Analysis of the Liquid Thread in a Gas-Liquid Droplet Microfluidic Device Operating in the Jetting Regime
  81. Techno-Economic Efficiency Analysis of Various Operating Strategies for Micro-Hydro Storage Using a Pump as a Turbine. Energies 2021, 14, 425
  82. Operating room air delivery design to protect patient and surgical site results in particles released at surgical table having greater concentration along walls of the …
  83. Improvement of Operating Processes of High-Head Tubular Horizontal Hydraulic Turbines
  84. Modeling the Operating Characteristics of IoT for Underwater Sound Classification
  86. Use of Gas Desorption Effect in Injection Systems of Diesel Engines
  88. Operating in alternative photography: agency through prolonged photographic acts
  89. Efficiently Building, Maintaining and Deploying Complex Multidisciplinary Physics Models in Heterogeneous Environments
  90. Practice of Online Blended Teaching Reform in “Operating System Principle” Course
  91. Effects of T&D practices on job satisfaction: a study of foreign collaborates operating in India
  92. Annihilate Unsighted Dots in Operating and Aviation Using Artificial Intelligence
  93. Using Deep Learning to Predict the Engine Operating Point in Real-Time
  94. Estimation of operating profit of liner ship from integrated mathematical model considering design, hydrodynamic performance, and operation
  95. Solar cell efficiency divergence due to operating spectrum variation
  96. Factors Affecting Strategic Types of Organizational Culture: Evidencefrom Organizations and Managers Operating in the Czech Republic
  97. AC/DC dual-mode magnetoelectric sensor with high magnetic field resolution and broad operating bandwidth
  98. Effect of operating temperature on the dynamic properties of a pultruded GFRP footbridge
  99. A Low-Swelling Polymeric Mixed Conductor Operating in Aqueous Electrolytes
  100. Combining cognitive work analysis and empirical evaluations to understand map use by operators of small carry-on unmanned aerial systems
  101. CSR’s Pattern and Trends within Multinational Enterprises Operating in China
  102. Hardening Deep Neural Networks in Condition Monitoring Systems against Adversarial Example Attacks
  103. for consolidated supervision. There were three financial holding companies (as defined under the Turkish Banking Law) operating in Turkey as at end-2010 …
  104. Big Data Lean Evaluation of Transformer Operating Information
  105. Examination of magnetic properties of the multi–Gap amorphous Fe78Si13B9 block cores intended for harmonic filters used in electric power systems
  106. The Effect of Operating in Many Realities on Memory: An Experiment on Memory Recognition in Extended Realities
  107. … strategy based on improved Kalman filter algorithm for state of health evaluation of hybrid electric vehicles Li-ion batteries during short-and longer term operating …
  108. Mechanical Characteristics and Energy Consumption of Solid and Hollow Biomass Pellet Production Using a Statistical Analysis of Operating Parameters
  109. Parabolic dish concentrating solar power systems
  110. Electrical distribution systems
  111. Intelligent Cyber Defense in 5G Augmented Aviation Cybersecurity Framework
  112. A Novel Approach for Crowbar Resistance Determination for Doubly Fed Induction Generators in Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  113. Reaction Engineering of Oxidative Coupling of Methane: Experimental Observations and Analysis of the Impacts of Operating Parameters
  114. Performance Optimization of Combined Cycle Power Plant Considering Various Operating Parameters
  115. Development and clinical evaluation of a contactless operating interface for three-dimensional image-guided navigation for endovascular neurosurgery
  116. Micro-economic assessment of residential PV and battery systems: The underrated role of financial and fiscal aspects
  117. Performance impairment of Waste to Energy plants during waste delivery times–An analysis of relevant operating parameter
  118. SEEDS: Simulation and Emulation Environment for Deeply Distributed Systems
  119. Simultaneous removal of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide in a biofilter system: Optimization operating conditions, removal efficiency and bacterial …
  120. Simulation of Angle-insensitive Microwave Metamaterial Absorbers Operating at Transmission Mode
  121. Transcritical diffuse-interface hydrodynamics of propellants in high-pressure combustors of chemical propulsion systems
  122. … shaped Glass Rod as Key Construction Material in the Extrinsic Fiber Optic Sensor to Determine Various Parameters of Liquids at the Operating Wavelength of 660nm
  123. Sensitivity analysis of the performance of a Darrieus hydrokinetic turbine in uncertain operating conditions
  124. The additional cost of operating rural schools: Evidence from Vermont
  125. Design Configurations and Operating Parameters of Bio-electrochemically Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion
  126. Crystalline fructose production: a conceptual design with experimental data and operating cost analysis
  127. Operating Efficiency Enhancement of Hybrid Energy Storage System for IPMSM Drives
  128. Design of phase frequency detector with improved output characteristics operating in the range of 1.25 MHz–3.8 GHz
  129. Bidding and Operating Planning of a Virtual Power Plant in a Day-Ahead Market
  130. Radiophotonics in Telecommunication and Radar Location Systems
  131. Compact modelling of electrical, optical and thermal properties of multi-colour power LEDs operating on a common pcb
  132. A Bibliography of Publications about the AT&T Plan 9 Distributed Operating System
  133. A comparative study of stability of switching voltage of CMOS inverters over wide operating temperatures
  134. A Laterally Vibrating Lithium Niobate MEMS Resonator Array Operating at 500° C in Air
  135. Investigation of the vortex evolution and hydraulic excitation in a pump-turbine operating at different conditions
  136. Effect of operating conditions on the performance of multichannel ceramic ultrafiltration membranes for cattle wastewater treatment
  137. Phosphorescence-Based Flexible and Transparent Optical Temperature-Sensing Skin Capable of Operating in Extreme Environments
  138. Double Nuclear Spin Relaxation in Hybrid Quantum Hall Systems
  139. MicroElectroMechanical Systems in Silicon-on-Insulator Technology
  140. Design and implementation of partition Operating System based on ARINC653 standard
  141. Investigation of the Failure Mechanism of InGaAs-pHEMT under High Temperature Operating Life Tests
  142. Influence of propellers and operating conditions on underwater radiated noise from coastal ferry vessels
  143. Analysing modelling challenges of smart controlled ventilation systems in educational buildings
  144. Hourly Optimum Operating Strategy of Fixed and Switched Capacitors Connected to a Distribution Feeder.(Dept. E)
  145. Influence of Operating Parameters on Chlorine Release and Pollutant Emission Characteristics of a 130 t/h BCFB Combustion System
  146. Simple SSMF-based two-channel MGDM system operating in the 0.8 µm wavelength region
  148. An interdisciplinary team-training protocol for robotic gynecologic surgery improves operating time and costs: analysis of a 4-year experience in a university …
  149. Design and validation of an inertial measurement unit (IMU)-based sensor for capturing camera movement in the operating room
  150. Sustainability in the entrepreneurial ecosystem: operating mechanisms and enterprise growth: edited by Yang Gao, Sang-Bing Tsai, Xiaomin Du and Chunlin Xin …
  151. Promoted three-way catalytic activity of the Co3O4/TiO2 catalyst by doping of CeO2 under real engine operating conditions
  152. Formalizing Partitioning in Integrated Modular Avionics
  153. In COM We Trust: Feasibility of USB-Based Event Marking
  154. Strategic priorities and competitiveness of businesses operating in different entrepreneurial ecosystems: a benefit of the doubt (BOD) analysis
  155. On-Line Optimization of Microgrid Operating Cost Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
  156. Identifying the Factors Affecting the Transfer of Operating Room Medical Equipment Technology and Prioritizing Them Using the Weighted Mean Method
  157. Operating Characteristics of a Linear Compressor in the Cryocooler
  158. Analysis of Automatic Access Monitoring and Control Systems and Anti-Hacking Systems
  159. Dynamic Energy Performance Gap Analysis of a University Building: Case Studies at UAE University Campus, UAE
  160. Locker (operating) room talk: gender equity and the medical student’s perspective
  161. Energy analysis of a micro-cogeneration unit fed by biogas as a function of pyrolysis operating parameters
  162. A critical review on the evaluation of automated program repair systems
  163. Intelligent Starting Current-Based Fault Identification of an Induction Motor Operating under Various Power Quality Issues. Energies 2021, 14, 304
  164. A multi-objective optimization model to plan city-scale water systems with economic and environmental objectives: A case study in santiago, Chile
  165. Shipboard electrical power systems
  166. Choice of the distributed photovoltaic power generation operating mode for a manufacturing enterprise: Surrounding users vs a power grid
  167. Mobile Application Security Using Static and Dynamic Analysis
  168. Performance of microbial fuel cell operating with clay-manihot starch composite proton exchange membrane using RSM
  169. Noise in Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery operating rooms: a systematic review
  170. Energy and exergy analyses of solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine hybrid systems fed by different renewable biofuels: A comparative study
  171. A Method for Estimating Doctor’s Fatigue Level in Operating a Surgical Robot Using Wearable Sensors
  172. Sparse Deconvolution Methods for Online Energy Estimation in Calorimeters Operating in High Luminosity Conditions
  173. Operating scenario of 3GWth class FFHR power plant with bypass controlled supercritical CO2 gas turbine power generation system
  174. Templates for writing PyMOL scripts
  175. An Experimental Study on Condition Diagnosis for Thrust Bearings in Oscillating Water Column Type Wave Power Systems
  176. Billing Rate Analysis for Paratransit Operating Agencies
  177. Qualitative Analysis of Effective Teamwork in the Operating Room (OR)
  178. The Accuracy and Precision of Measurement: Tools for Validating Reaction Time Stimuli
  179. BayesPerf: minimizing performance monitoring errors using Bayesian statistics
  180. Secure Transactions Management Using Blockchain as a Service Software for the Internet of Things
  181. Power-Aware Fault-Tolerance for Embedded Systems
  182. Performance optimization of latent heat storage by structural parameters and operating conditions using Al-based alloy as phase change material
  183. Performance Evaluation of Signal Processing Tools Used for Fault Detection of Hydro-generators Operating in Noisy Environments
  184. CFD Analysis to Envisage the Fluid Flow Inside a Turboexpander Operating at Cryogenic Temperature
  185. A Real-Time Scheduling Approach to Mitigation of Li-Ion Battery Aging in Low Earth Orbit Satellite Systems
  186. Operating features of a copper bromide brightness amplifier in the monostatic laser monitor
  187. … Methods to Study the Risks by Biomechanical Overload as an Aid Focused to Study Production Process Present in Companies Operating in Civil Construction Sector
  189. Advances in thermal energy storage systems: Methods and applications
  190. An Analysis of Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve, Area Under Curve and Precision Recall
  191. IoT-fog-cloud based architecture for smart systems: Prototypes of autism and COVID-19 monitoring systems
  192. The Economic Performance Oftilapia Pond Culture Systems In Egypt
  193. Absorption Refrigeration Systems Based on Ammonia as Refrigerant Using Different Absorbents: Review and Applications
  194. Modelling, Optimisation and Modernisation of Heating Systems
  195. Removal and formation of perfluoroalkyl substances in Canadian sludge treatment systems–A mass balance approach
  196. Predictors for direct to operating room admission in severe trauma
  197. Multiple material domain-based computational tools for ease assessment of modal parameter in photonic crystal fibers
  198. Operating Room Supply Waste in Elective Hand Surgery
  199. Influence of photovoltaic generation model and time resolution on the reliability evaluation of distribution systems
  200. Microbial Monitoring as a Tool for Preventing Infectious Risk in the Operating Room: Results of 10 Years of Activity
  201. Theory of heat stress management: Development and application in the operating room
  202. The Effect of Noise Levels in the Operating Room on the Stress Levels and Workload of the Operating Room Team
  203. Convergence innovation in the digital age and in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis
  204. Sizing of airborne particles in an operating room
  205. Design Opportunities to Reduce Waste in Operating Rooms. Sustainability 2021, 13, 2207
  206. Assessing Risks Awareness in Operating Rooms among Post-Graduate Students: A Pilot Study
  207. Our Perspectives
  208. Feasibility study of a novel class of plasma antennas for SatCom navigation systems
  209. Deep learning for model order reduction of multibody systems to minimal coordinates
  210. Full Digital Control of an All-Si On-Board Charger Operating in Discontinuous Conduction Mode
  211. Optimal operating policies for organic Rankine cycles for waste heat recovery under transient conditions
  212. Modeling berth allocation and quay crane assignment considering QC driver cost and operating efficiency
  213. A design on sustainable hybrid energy systems by multi-objective optimization for aquaculture industry
  214. Assessment and management of new and emerging risks for Europe’s dietary supplement companies operating with botanicals
  215. Effect of ambient and operating parameters on the performance parameters of cooled gas turbine cycle
  216. An Overview of Fault Diagnosis of Industrial Machines Operating Under Variable Speeds
  217. Algorithms for communications systems and their applications
  218. Similarity analysis of essential oils and oleoresins of Eucalyptus globulus leaves produced by distinct methods, solvents and operating conditions
  219. Recommending assembly points, evacuation routes, and standard operating procedures for potential flooding due to reservoir dam failures: a case study of Gondang …
  220. … Technique in an Integrated Vector Management Program against Tiger Mosquito Aedes albopictus in the Valencia Region (Spain): Operating Procedures and Quality …
  221. Hybrid Sensorless MPPT Algorithm for Detecting Fast Irradiation Changes and Partial Shading Conditions on PV Systems
  222. Validation of a Fast and Accurate Magnetic Tracker Operating in the Environmental Field. Instruments 2021, 5, 11
  223. Mindfulness in the OR: A Pilot Study Investigating the Efficacy of an Abbreviated Mindfulness Intervention on Improving Performance in the Operating Room
  224. Cooperatively coevolutionary optimization design of limited-stop services and operating frequencies for transit networks
  225. Unified Mechanism for Graphene FET’s Electrothermal Breakdown and Its Implications on Safe Operating Limits
  226. Orthopaedic operating room considerations in covid-19 pandemic: A systematic review.
  227. Pyrolysis of Ligustrum vulgare waste and the effects of various operating parameters on bio-oil upgrading
  228. … -Mitigating Composite Membrane That Exceeds a 1 W cm–2 Power Density of a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Operating Under Dry Conditions
  229. Proposal of a methodology for designing engine operating variables using predicted NOx emissions based on deep neural networks
  230. Experimental validation of a three-phase induction motor operating with a three-phase bidirectional variable speed drive
  231. Influence of gas equipment of gas-distributing plant on the operating mode of low-pressure gas networks
  232. Safety science: A situated science: An exploration through the lens of Safety Management Systems
  233. Design of ventilation and air conditioning system in the operating theater based on the guidelines recommended by the Ministry of Health
  234. A novel salp swarm assisted hybrid maximum power point tracking algorithm for the solar photovoltaic power generation systems
  235. Effect of seawater intrusion using real wastewater on an attached biomass system operating a nitrogen and phosphorus removal process
  236. Review of Specific Features and Challenges in the Current Internet of Things Systems Impacting their Security and Reliability
  237. Operating characteristics of a dual flat-evaporator loop heat pipe for single heat source cooling in any orientation
  238. NOREBA: a compiler-informed non-speculative out-of-order commit processor
  239. Experimental investigation of the particle size distribution and the influence of operating parameters in limestone drilling
  240. System Optimization for Economic and Sustainable Production and Utilization of Compressed Air (A Case Study in Asbestos Sheet Manufacturing Plant)
  241. Environmental Impact and Levelised Cost of Energy Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Selected Asia Pacific Region: A Cradle-to-Grave Approach
  242. Investigation of pipe materials and thermal conductivity of soil on the performance of ground heat exchanger operating under Malaysia climate
  243. MCD Approach for Assessing the Optimal Operating Condition during Sliding Wear Characteristics of LM25/SiC AMCs Processed by an Improved Stir Casting …
  244. Single perceptron operating at 12 GigaOPs based on a Kerr soliton crystal microcomb for versatile, high-speed, scalable, optical neural networks
  245. A standard operating procedure for an enzymatic activity inhibition assay
  246. Influence of Operating Conditions on Deposition Rate and Smoothness of Electrolytic Aluminum Foil Using Chloroaluminate Ionic Liquids
  247. Determining Anxiety Levels and Related Factors in Operating Room Nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic: A descriptive study
  248. High capacity MgH2 composite electrodes for all-solid-state Li-ion battery operating at ambient temperature
  249. Performance Study of A System with Optimal Location of STATCOM Device using MPMJ Algorithm under Normal Operating Conditions
  250. Exploring Normalization of Deviance among Perioperative Registered Nurses in the Operating Room
  251. Formal Verification Applied to Spacecraft Attitude Control
  252. Sectorization for Water Distribution Systems with Multiple Sources: A Performance Indices Comparison
  253. The Development of Subject Gateway and Library Operating Model for the Diffusion of Entrepreneurship
  254. Simulation-based evaluation of operating room management policies
  255. Innovative Solutions for Improving the Heat Exchange in Closed-Loop Shallow Geothermal Systems
  256. Numerical modeling to determine the limits on photovoltaic capacity when operating in a microgrid with solid-oxide fuel cell triple combined-cycle plants
  257. Drying kinetics of natural rubber sheets under two solar thermal drying systems
  258. Experimental and numerical investigation of the impact of operating conditions on thermocline storage performance
  259. An approximate model of a multilayer wire-on-tube condenser operating with R134a and R600a: Experimental validation and parametric analysis
  260. Mechanical Characterization of Core-Shell Rubber/Epoxy Polymers for Automotive Structural Adhesives as a Function of Operating Temperature
  261. The effects of a physical activity intervention based on a fatness and fitness smartphone app for University students
  262. CSR’s pattern based on GRI-G4: Insights from multinational enterprises operating in Pakistan
  263. Design and Operating Mode Study of a New Concept Maglev Car Employing Permanent Magnet Electrodynamic Suspension Technology
  264. Localization of Increased Noise at Operating Speed of a Passenger Wagon
  265. Identifying complex networks and operating scenarios for cascade water reservoirs for mitigating drought and flood impacts
  266. Coping with errors in the operating room: Intraoperative strategies, postoperative strategies, and sex differences
  267. CO2 utilisation in agricultural greenhouses: A novel ‘plant to plant’approach driven by bioenergy with carbon capture systems within the energy, water and …
  268. Operating Principles and Competencies for Engagement in Global/Local Settings
  269. Empirical Path Loss Prediction for Wireless Sensor Networks Operating in Sand and Dust Storms
  270. Economic Design of Solar-Driven Membrane Distillation Systems for Desalination
  271. A survey on blockchain for information systems management and security
  272. Parameters and characteristics of a pulsed constricted arc discharge operating in a forevacuum-pressure plasma-cathode electron beam source
  273. Evaluating the effects of access control policies within NoSQL systems
  274. Nexus of Digital Organizational Culture, Capabilities, Organizational Readiness, and Innovation: Investigation of SMEs Operating in the Digital Economy
  275. Power Systems and Renewable Energy Systems
  276. Leadership in the Age of Artificial Intelligence—Exploring Links and Implications in Internationally Operating Insurance Companies
  277. A survey of process migration mechanisms
  278. ImageJ for microscopy
  279. The use of name spaces in Plan 9
  280. Production operations management: contemporary policy for managing operating systems
  281. On the synthesis and analysis of protection systems
  282. Interposition agents: Transparently interposing user code at the system interface
  283. The design and implementation of Zap: A system for migrating computing environments
  284. Using AOP to develop architectural-neutral operating system components
  285. It’s time to think about an operating system for near data processing architectures
  286. Operating system design: the Xinu approach, Linksys version
  287. Encapsulation: An approach to operating system security
  288. The UNIX time-sharing system
  289. Acquiring volatile operating system data tools and techniques
  290. A comment on the confinement problem
  291. Building peer-to-peer systems with Chord, a distributed lookup service
  292. 2k: A reflective component-based operating system for rapidly changing environments
  293. Naming and binding of objects
  294. Beating the I/O bottleneck: A case for log-structured file systems
  295. Safe dynamic linking in an extensible operating system
  296. Impact of virtualization on computer architecture and operating systems
  297. On security in capability-based systems
  298. J-Kernel: A capability-based operating system for Java
  299. HARTOS: A distributed real-time operating system
  300. I’m Not Dead Yet! The Role of the Operating System in a Kernel-Bypass Era
  301. Functionality and performance in capability-based operating systems.
  302. PartitionFinder 2: new methods for selecting partitioned models of evolution for molecular and morphological phylogenetic analyses
  303. FLEX: A tool for building efficient and flexible systems
  304. The ganglia distributed monitoring system: design, implementation, and experience
  305. /spl mu/Choices: an object-oriented multimedia operating system
  306. Distributed operating systems and algorithms
  307. A parallel processor operating system comparison
  308. Virtual memory primitives for user programs
  309. Multiprogramming a 64kb computer safely and efficiently
  310. Harvest, yield, and scalable tolerant systems
  311. File size distribution on UNIX systems: then and now
  312. Thread clustering: sharing-aware scheduling on SMP-CMP-SMT multiprocessors
  313. Hobbes: Composition and virtualization as the foundations of an extreme-scale OS/R
  314. Sealing OS processes to improve dependability and safety
  315. Code compaction of an operating system kernel
  316. A message system supporting fault tolerance
  317. A Study on Real-Time Operating Systems for Architectural Improvement of Naval Combat Systems
  318. Managing shared L2 caches on multicore systems in software
  319. kvm: the Linux virtual machine monitor
  320. The economics of two-sided markets

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