[Source Code Download] Students Course Enrollment Management  System Project in C#

The Students Course Enrollment Management  System has the advantage of decreasing the time and effort in the student enrollment process. This system aids you to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and bringing a new level of enrollment transaction. The Students Course Enrollment Management  System is an easy way of retrieving and storing student information made easy and for future use.

The Students Course Enrollment Management  System was developed using C# and MySQL database.

Functional Requirements of  Univesity Course Enrollment Management  System


  • Students can Register New Student
  • Students can see the List of Students


  • The registrar can Enroll Students
  • Students can see a list of Enrolled Students
  • The student can print Student Enrolled Subjects


  • The student can  Add New Subject
  • The registrar can  view a list of Subjects


  • Insert, delete, view, update School Year
  • Insert, delete, view, update Level
  • Insert, delete, view, update  Section Per Level


  • Print Master List
  • Print Analytics Reports

Manage Users

  • The user can log in and Logout

Login details

Username: admin
Password: admin



Download Full code of Students Enrollment System in C#

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