What Are Different Types of Fractions?

Types of Fractions

In mathematics, the fraction is a quotient in which the numerator is divided by a number which is called the denominator. Many students like fractions, but many others do not. A special thanks to calculator-online.net which has designed a free multiple fraction calculator to calculate the simplified forms of fractions in no time. How does it sound to you?


Okay well, let us come to the point. In this article, we will be talking about various fraction types. 


Let’s go!

Fraction Types:

Below are the various kinds of fractions that you must know:

Proper Fraction:

This fraction contains a numerator that is smaller than that of its denominator. 



Proper Fraction
Proper Fraction


2/7, 3/8,1/2, and 6/9 are proper fractions.

Improper Fraction:

If the numerator gets greater than the denominator, then such a fraction is known as the improper fraction. 



Improper Fraction
Improper Fraction


6/2, 4/3, 5/4, and 7/6 are all improper fractions. You can use the free online dividing fractions calculator if you want to divide the improper fractions immediately.

Mixed Fractions:

A combination of a whole number and a fraction is known as the mixed fraction. 


Whole Number & Fraction

Whole Number & Fraction
Whole Number & Fraction


2 7/5, 1 ⅘, 2 ⅚, and 3 5/9 are mixed fractions. You can multiply mixed fractions with the help of a free mixed number calculator. 

Like Fraction:

The fractions that contain like denominators are called the like fractions.

Like Fraction
Like Fraction


2/8, 6/8, 5/8 are like fractions.


The addition and subtraction of like fractions are so easy. All you need to do is to add or subtract numerators and except nothing. In case you get confused, the free subtracting fractions calculator can also help you out to do that. 

Unlike Fractions:

Those fractions in which denominators are not the same are termed as unlike fractions.

Unlike Fractions
Unlike Fractions


2/8, 2/9, 2/4, and ⅖ are unlike fractions



You can not add or subtract unlike fractions as the like fractions. For adding or subtracting these fractions, you need to remember the following points:


  • Find the least common multiple of all the fractions
  • After that divide one by one the LCM with denominators of each fraction separately
  • When you are done with it, go for multiplying the resulting numbers with numerators of each fraction, respectively
  • At the end add or subtract all the numerators and divide them by the denominator which is LCM
  • This is how you can resolve unlike fractions. But the fast way is the usage of a free online multiple fraction calculator.

Equivalent Fraction:

The fractions that generate the same result at the end are called equivalent fractions.



½ and 50/100 are equivalent fractions.

Unit Fraction:

The fractions that have 1 in their numerator are called unit fractions.



⅕, ⅙, and ½ are all unit fractions that could be immediately resolved by using a multiple fraction calculator. 


Usage of Fraction Calculator to Resolve Fractions:

The free fraction to whole number calculator is the best tool for simplifying fractions. Let us find out how it actually works!


  • Select whether you want to add, subtract, multiply, or divide 2 or 3 fractions
  • After doing so, go for entering numerators and denominators in their designated fields
  • Also, select the operation that you want to perform on the fractions
  • Tap the calculate button and here you go


How fast it is!

Wrapping It Up:

Everyone seeks a better way to solve mathematical problems. No doubt, using a multiple fraction calculator and any other such free tools will lessen your computations time but it is very crucial to learn how you could be able to resolve fractions manually and fastly.  


In this guidepost, we have discussed the various fraction types. We hope this guidepost will help you a lot.

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