Abstract of Interior decorators and designer App

Abstract of Interior decorators and designer App Final year project.

Selecting and finalizing the appropriate interior for your home can take a lot of effort as well as time. Augmented reality interior designing applications can provide us with a solution for reducing the fatigue of going from one place to another to find the perfect interior.

The main objective of our research is to develop an android-based application for Interior Designing using Augmented Reality which would help make online shopping for furniture easier as well as reliable.

This application would provide a single platform for buyers and sellers to do business with each other and would allow users to create 3D objects and augment them in their real-time environment in order to examine how they would look. The methodology that has been used for 3D modeling is Auto Desk Maya 3D which is used to create 3D models which are then augmented in the real-time environment using android.

Furthermore, the backend, as well as frontend, is developed in android studio i.e. java is used as the major programming language. Moreover, for data storage firebase as well as Room database have been used.

This methodology is applied to our application which helps augment more than one 3D object, rotate them as well as scale them according to the requirements of the user. Furthermore, firebase and room databases help store and retrieve these 3D models from a database along with user and product information.

Thus, the work done provides a basic structure of the application, how it would work once it’s completed as well as the basic structure and workflow of the application i.e. the Graphical User Interface, Backend Functionalities along with High level and Low-level design of the overall application.

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