Abstract of Trips and Tours Planner Android App

Final year Project of Trips and Tours Planner Android App.

“Trips and Tours Planner Android App” is a mobile application aimed at helping adventurers and travelers in managing and share their escapades with their friends and family. It is based on the idea that the users (adventurers as we like to call them) shall always be aware of the happenings and attractions of their nearby places. W

“Trips and Tours Planner Android App” provides the user with the freedom to Plan trips (on the bases of their preferences and budgets), get insight into new and exotic locations, and share the completed trips with “The Adventurer Community”. They shall have a feeling of the community among themselves.

They shall be able to share their experiences with fellow travelers and learn from the experience of others. The map local to the application shall be updated (new locations and attractions being added to the system) by the users and for the users.

The map shall also feature weather updates for the current location or a location of users choice and the ability to panic broadcast the location to trusted contacts in case of emergency. “Trips and Tours Planner Android App” shall use a 3 layered structure based on the MVC architecture.

Hence, “What a “Trips and Tours Planner Android App” is an android application that provides travelers with all the tools they’d need and keeps them updated throughout their travels. In short, “What a “Trips and Tours Planner Android App” is a traveler’s best buddy, his dream partner, and his guide in all the adventures he would ever embark on.

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