Abstract of Bitcoin Trading App

Bitcoin Trading App is a mobile application that helps the customers to purchase, exchange and sell precious commodities, that exist in commodity exchange such as Gold, Diamond, Silver (initially), against Ether or any other commodity of equal value, in a safer and transparent environment.

Once the user has logged into the app, he will be able to purchase, exchange and sell commodities, view purchase, exchange and sell history for themselves and view net-worth of the commodities etc. The users will be able to maintain a profile and send exchange requests to other customers which can be accepted or rejected by others.

This Android based-application uses blockchain and crypto technologies which insure reliability, transparency, flexibility, traceability, efficiency and extraordinary performance. The main purpose of this project is to make a decentralized app-BitAssetly using blockchain and smart contracts which provide automated, secure and easy trade of expensive commodities without any fear of fraud, scam or unsecure trading.

This project consists of a website which is handled by the Admin and the app, which is used by the users for trading purposes.  The basic purpose to develop this app is to have a secure platform where the Admin can stock all the commodities and users can easily invest in the trading of these commodities rather than having a constant fear of being a victim of cyber scam.

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