Abstract of the cricket management system

Abstract of the cricket management system

It is difficult to choose an ideal cricket team for a Cricket match in a tournament. Cricket team selection is often dependent on a single person deciding which players to choose for a match in the tournament. As previous stats are not analyzed in detail this selection process is flawed. Thus, the full potential of every player in a cricket team is not utilized. “Cricket Management System” is a cricket analysis engine that will try to solve this problem.

A thorough analysis of previous stats bundled with not only numbers but also with many useful visualizations and regression plots will give the “Cricket Management System” an edge in the cricket team selection process. Ball by ball data of previous ODI matches in tournaments will be used from cricsheet.org. An android application will be developed to showcase the ability of the “Cricket Management System”.

This application will not only be available for the cricket team selection committee but also for the general public. Anybody with some interest in cricket will find the application useful as each player can be analyzed and the stats of players can view in a graphical way for easy understanding. Users of this application will be able to select two cricket teams manually or by selecting any upcoming match in a tournament.

The stats of players in these cricket teams will be available to the user along with the analysis. Using them the user can select the best cricket team lineup manually or can choose to automatically display the best cricket team lineup that is computed by the application.

Many algorithms have been implemented out of which CNN worked the best in computing the best lineup for a cricket team. Not only individual player statistics are taken into consideration but also each player’s performance against all opposition players that he has played with in the past is also taken into consideration.

Hence, “Cricket Management System”: Cricket Analysis Engine will greatly help to solve the current problem of best cricket team selection. It is not important for a user to use the app only for the best cricket team selection. He/she can use it just for fun or time pass or even to get some really useful information for themselves.

Cricket fans would love to see these many variable visualizations for so many players and can easily make comparisons not only for players of the same cricket teams but also for players across different cricket teams.

As web scraping is being used on the upcoming match in tournaments screen so users need not worry about updating the app. That screen always shows the latest upcoming one-day international match in tournaments by deleting the old match in tournaments that have passed and adding to the list new ones coming ahead. Overall “Cricket Management System”: Cricket Analysis Engine will not only benefit cricket officials but also the general public.

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