Android Inventory Management System Project Code Documentation

Android Inventory Management System Project Code Documentation.

This inventory management system is basically developed in the android platform.

Functional Requirements of inventory management system in Android

What this inventory management system  Android Project can do?

Creation of New Invoices
Start a new invoice with one tap, with the ability to add products, respected customers, and notes.
Perform Inventory Lookups

Email PDF Invoices
PDF is emailed instantly and can be re-sent to additional addresses.
Data BackUP
A MySQL server is configured in order to upload all data stored locally.

Add or Create a Customer
Select an existing Customer, or create a new one.

Accept Signatures On-screen
Once payment is processed, respected customers can sign on-screen with a finger or stylus.
This Inventory management system  Android will run on android 4.1.1+

Searching the stock
Find out what’s in stock, payment, and payment due globally and individually respected customers.

Download Code of Android Inventory Management System in Android APK

Download Management systems from Project Inventory

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