Bells Enterprises Inventory Management system

Bells Enterprises Inventory Management system Project


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Web Application




Bells enterprises do confectionery business in Pakistan. Its head office based in Lahore. They have large distribution network across Pakistan. After manufacturing of finished products, they sent to warehouse located in Lahore. All finish goods dispatched to all distribution through warehouse.


You are required to develop an inventory management system for this warehouse. They need to maintain record of all incoming and outgoing products of this warehouse. Firstly you are required to develop a chart of account (parent accounts, control accounts and ledger accounts). Furthermore, you are required to generate different reports that helps the Bells enterprises in decision making. For example,


  • Item wise details


  • Day, week or month wise items come in and out from the stock.


  • Brand wise items come and out


They have 4 broad categories of items.

  1. Candies
  2. Bubbles


  1. Chocolates
  2. Biscuits


Note: Bells enterprises all products fall in above 4 category. For example


  1. Candies

1.1 Hard Candy

1.1.1  Candyland Apple

1.1.2  Candyland Orange


1.1.3  Candyland Banana

1.2 Deposit Candy

1.2.1  Candyland Apple

1.2.2  Candyland Orange


1.2.3  Candyland Banana

  1. Bubbles

2.1 Soft Bubble

2.1.1  Dingdong Bubble


2.1.2  Freshup Bubble

2.2 Sour Bubble

2.2.1  Boom Boom Bubble

2.2.2  Zoom Bubble

  1. Chocolates


  1. Biscuits


Functional Requirements:


Admin Panel:


  • Admin will enter in the system after login ID and Password.


  • Admin can create users and give rights to other users.


  • Admin can use complete system, enter, update and delete any record.


User Panel


  • User will enter in the system after login ID and Password provided by Admin.


  • User can also be enter, update and delete if admin give complete rights.


  • User can enter data in the system. For example, creating vouchers and review ledgers.


  • All other menu items that user has no rights will be disables in user panel.


Required Tools:

Developer can develop this project in any web based tool. For example, PHP, .net ect.


Note: You are required to discuss all requirements with your supervisor prior to start development.


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