Find Me Mobile (FMM) Project

Find Me Mobile (FMM) Project


Project Domain / Category


Web Application


Abstract / Introduction


Taking a right purchase decision from the plethora of mobile phones is a daunting task. Many local websites do not have authentic information and international resources doesn’t cover spec sheets / reviews of mobile devices that are officially launched in our country. This results in incorrect decisions and, in the worst case, unsatisfied purchase and wastage of money.


Our web-based application will try to tackle these issues by providing official / verified content about mobile devices that are launched by respective companies in Pakistan. This app will also include video reviews of verified reviewers from Pakistan which will help user making sensible decision and will help them to answer the question “Is this device worth the money?


Functional Requirements:


  1. The app will provide a comprehensive list of companies and their devices (categorized into groups) that are only officially launched in Pakistan. The list of companies includes (but not limited to) Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, and Huawei. Use Web Scrapping / Web Crawling APIs on only official websites of these companies to gather data.


  1. On clicking a device, the app will show its detail spec sheet along with pictures from various angles. The app will also show in which category this device belongs to (lower mid-range, mid-range, flagship etc.)


  1. A comprehensive list of filters should be available which user can apply. Some of the most important filters are:


  • Price Range


  • Operating System and its version


  • Chipset maker and model


  • Amount of RAM and storage capacity


  • Screen size and its technology (LCD, OLED, AMOLED, foldable etc.)


  • Screen notch design (notch-less, dew-drop notch, punch hole etc.)


  • Camera module setup (single, dual, quad etc.)


  • Battery capacity


  1. The app should have comparison option in which user can select up to 4 devices and upon selecting, their spec sheets are presented side by side


  1. The app will give a price comparison option in which selected device’s official price is compared with renowned offline shops (from their website)

  1. The app will also show video reviews from YouTube of the selected device. The video reviews must be of renowned Pakistani reviewers like Reviews PK


  1. On selecting a device, the app will also recommend other devices that have a similar spec sheet.


  1. After purchasing a device, the app will show various resources about the device (like tips and tricks, user manuals, tutorials, upcoming planned software upgrades from the company etc.) both in text and video form (from YouTube)



JAVA with any Web Scrapping / Crawling API, Java DB (Derby), NetBeans IDE or


C# with ScrapySharp® package, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio IDE or Any other IDE of your preference


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