Cafeteria Management System Project in PHP MYSQL

Cafeteria Management System Project in PHP MYSQL

  • In this cafeteria management system user will be able to order food through application this system will allow user to choose food according to their desires from the given food option there will be variety of foods so that no one will go to other application to order food.
  • It will automate all cafeteria operations, including processing, billing and paying for food orders, inventory management and many more.
  • It will provide the enhancing experience of users to the cafeteria.
  • This system has a manager to manage a Cafeteria and compute all the order billing and inventory control.
  • This system proceeds all the transaction and store all the data in database.
  • All the reports will be generated with help of database to make appropriate business for the cafeteria.
  • The whole management system is designed digitally so that any cafeteria owner can get it and use it for his/her personal restaurant.


Functional Requirements of Cafeteria Management System


  1. User must be able use sign in functionality.
  2. User must be able to choose their desired food from different available categories.
  3. To place order user first Sign up to the application.
  4. System must be able to store the information of user for future use.
  5. User must be able to place orders through application.
  6. User must be able to cancel order within 2 minutes.
  7. User must be able to order multiple things in one time.
  8. User must be able to see the delivery time of the food.
  9. User must be able to Re-order after receiving their first order.
  • System must be able to calculate the total payment of order.
  • System must be able to ask for the payment.
  • Payment can be processed through different account options like Easypaisa, Jazzcash and other Online Banking System.
  • User must be able to sign out from the application after use.
  • Admin must be able to update data time to time about available food items.
  • Application will take customer`s feedback for future betterment.


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