Class diagram of JOB PORTAL

Class diagram of JOB PORTAL
Class diagram of JOB PORTAL



Job Search Portal stands as a revolutionizing element in the sphere of recruitment. They act as a communication bridge between applicants and recruiters facilitating their requirements. This application helps organizations to have a greater exposure to the candidate pool and also job seekers facilitating wide search of jobs matching their interests. The web application provides flexibility to the jobseekers to view the openings and applied jobs without the need to carry a laptop. This web application provides an enhanced user experience for both employer and jobseeker. It provides user friendly interface which facilitates in reaching wide range of audience. The application has achieved all the requirements that were initially set in the requirements gathering phase. This project taught me some best practices in the technology stack like Python, Django, web services. Starting from requirements elicitation to design, construction, and implementation and testing, I have gained a very good experience working with various technologies at every phase. Development of this project boosted my confidence web application. These features could have implemented unless the time did not limited us.


The future work regarding this project can be that it can be enhanced by making an android application for this system. Another future work can be that this software application can be design for a specific organization. This project fulfills the primary requirements of the job seekers and employers. It can be extended in several ways. We can provide recommendations and email updates for new job postings based on the job seeker’s search history. Since the job seekers might be interested in building a strong Resume, we can provide tips and information for the same. The web application is developed fulfilling the functionalities of job seeker, it can be extended to support functionalities of Employer as well.

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