Online Job portal is a web application developed using html, CSS, PHP and MYSQL technologies which connects employer and job seekers where employers register themselves and post jobs using the system which will be visible to all the site users whether registered or not registered. And the job seekers can find and apply for their targeted job, only the registered job seekers can apply jobs and view status of applied jobs.

The employers can view the job seekers resume who have applied their posted job and accept or reject the application. The status of job application can be viewed by respective applicant/job seeker


An online job portal is an application where the jobseekers can register themselves at the website and search jobs which is suitable for them where the employers registers with the websites and put up jobs which are vacant at their company. It is a package to be used by agencies to improve the efficiency of business. The online job portal system to be developed benefits greatly the number.


The thing of designing the online job portal is to give the jobseekers a platform for finding a light and a satisfactory job according to their qualification. It also connects the jobseekers with their major agencies. Employee can select best employees fro, available employees based on their payment option selection. This is basically a job portal where a jobseeker applies for a job and employer post job and select perspective applicant on basic of salary and qualification.


The proposed system is online job portal.

The Online Job Portal is developed to handle jobs is really user friendly website. You can produce a report based on your choice (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).

The scope of the system can be:

  • Maintain jobseekers and employer record
  • Provide customized job posting
  • Maintain job posting details and generate various reports


Our website is based on the following tools and programming languages.

Back-end Tools


Front-end Tools and Technologies  HTML


JavaScript 1.8.5

Other Tools and Technologies

Microsoft Word (for documentation)


Computers equipped with a Pentium 4 processor or higher, the computer must have approximately 100MB of free hard drive space and 128MB of RAM.


Google chrome Version 75.0.3770.100 (Browser)

Server side operating system windows server 2008

Client side operating system Android, windows XP and above


System analysis is the process of gathering and interpreting facts, identifying problems and using the information to recommend improvements on the system. System analysis is a problem solving activity that requires intensive communication between the system users and system developers. System analysis or study is an important phase of any system development process. The system is viewed as a whole, the inputs are identified, and the system is subjected to close study to identify the problem areas. The solutions are given as a proposal. The proposal is reviewed on user request and suitable changes are made. This loop ends as soon as the user is satisfied with the proposal.


The current system that all information regarding registration First name, Middle name, Last name, e-mail, phone number etc. details filled by user and then are stored in the record. Separate Databases were kept at separate sites Usage of database for storing each and every record was very high.

Maintenance of record takes very much time. Because everything was manual so maintenance was difficult

The study material is all of the java programming books available in the website All the details were not available. Chat and Query To maintain an admin to chat and query section about users. The details are filled in database in the user records. The help section provides all helps related to this website.


Communication involved a lots of database work. The system was not a computer based application as a result communication among the 5 functions involved a lot of database work .i.e. in case the user forgot the user id while filing the complaint then there is no response suddenly in the website about on admin in the help desk. Being completely manual, there is always a possibility of manual mistakes in proceeding with the system. Large amount of data was stored but it will hanged system. There was no web server available in website in domain name of the website are not available to show only a local host

 Inaccurate Data

The more writing work is involved in maintaining the record of users and different jobseekers. Therefore, there are more chances of man-oriented errors and mistakes which results in an accurate and unreliable source of information.

Inflexible Data

Data stored in the current system in such a way that it is not very useful form and thus cannot be used in many different fields.

Difficult to Modify

Data stored in registers is difficult to modify, which need a new system form modifications.

Redundancy of Data

While analyzing the current system it has been found that the current system has an excessive amount of data redundancy with respect to designs or we can say that there is no process of saving data about records. So these records are maintained at several places and it causes redundancy of data that are stored at more than one place not only wastes the man hours but also the honors.

Time Consuming

By using the existing system, the admin has to maintained and modify all the activities takes place in the Jobs on daily basis which is a time consuming work.


In the proposed system is very useful for the client side of JOB PORTAL. This avoids the over heads of maintaining data manually. This can minimize the working stress and can keep essential documents related to registration and complaints as a softcopy. The registration form details like Name, email, phone number, gender, date of birth, user id and password can be easily managed. The whole data is saved in a database which is a secure way to keep the record

Benefits of Proposed System

User Friendly Interface

Friendly User Interface eases to use for users.






Download the full code of ONLINE JOB PORTAL in PHP

More helping material for the online job portal

  2. Functional Requirements of ONLINE JOB PORTAL

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