Code of Covid  patients Android App Project

Code of Covid  patients Android App Final Year Project [Free Download]

This Covid patient Android App is made in B4A and  API and JSON are used as helping tools and technologies. Covid patients Android App provides the extension of the world data for coronavirus patients cases.
Functional Requirements of Android App of Covid  patients
•    The admin can check Total Cases Worldwide
•    The admin can check Active Cases
•   The admin can check Critical Cases
•   The admin can check Total Recovered
•   The admin can check Total Deaths
•   The admin can check New Cases Today
•    The admin can check New Deaths Today
•  The user can check the Total Number of Affected Countries
•   The user can Country-wise Data (All Countries)
•   The user can Search by Country
•    The user can History Graph/Chart per Country
•   The user can American Data
•   The user can American Data
•    The user can State-wide Data
•   The user can Testing Statistics
•  The user can  Helplines
• The user can   Hospitals and Beds


Free Code of Covid  patients Android App Project

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