Download ASP source code of Online Animals Buy and Sale Project

Proposed system: 

This Web Application provides facility for Buyers to search animal at their nearest location and find real sellers, in case of buying. For verification, this Web Application provides facility for sellers to send requests to a doctor and respond to those requests. This Application will reduce the arrival time of the buyer to the location of the seller, because there is no middleman in between. Administrator has the privileges to add, update, and delete the buyers, sellers and doctors in the Database. Administrators have the privilege to block a seller, buyer or a doctor. Buyers can register into the system with specified id, and registering themselves by entering their info in registration form and can use these facilities. They can also buy or sell an animal (buyer and seller at the same time) from one account.

Benefits of Proposed System

Safe Trade

You can trade animals safely at this platform. You don’t have to explain or guide the buyer at your location, the application shares your location with the buyer. System keeps the whole record and identity of sellers and buyers which helps sellers and buyers to trust each other and trade safely.

Save time

You can just tap a single button to request a doctor, you don’t have to call helpline services, you don’t have to guide them to your location for the verification of animal. And in the same case buyers can have easy access to seller’s location without any helpline. Your time can also be saved as it is online application you can access it from anywhere but if visiting a physical animal marketplace, it wastes a lot of time.

Save your money

You don’t have to visit the physical animal marketplace which takes money to reach there. You can buy your selected animals at your location with this application. Because animals would be verified by a doctor, therefore buyer’s money would not be wasted in searching and buying a suitable animal.

Tracking the Doctor

You can see the details of the Doctor coming your way, you can track his route.

Tracking the Buyer / Seller

You can see the location of the buyer or seller, that helps you get to seller’s location faster and without any misdirection.

 Features of proposed system:

 Functional capabilities:

The ultimate aim of this project is to help the seller and doctor to communicate with each other better. This Application helps them do this easily, it shares their details and location with them. The system shall let one Doctor to accept ten request at a single day. One Seller can request five doctors at a single time. Buyers and sellers can file complaints. Seller requests a doctor, then a doctor can accept that request and go to the seller’s location. When reached at the destination, the doctor can tap the arrived button and can call seller to update the database. In case of a prank call, doctor can report the seller so that he/she can be blocked.

Performance level:

The Application gets the Seller’s and Doctor’s exact location. It reduces the chance of Doctor’s to go to the wrong direction/location.

Data structures:

The data in this project are maintained in the tabular form using MS SQL Server in the form of database. It provides easy access to the user. Locations of both (seller and doctor) are easily maintained in the database which provides quick access.


  • No data loss occurs.
  • It is very much protected in such a way that it gives permission to the users to access only when the username and password is correct.
  • Buyers can only Login when they use the correct email and password, Application also check the number of reports for the buyers. If it is more than three times buyer’s cannot login.
  • Buyers can become a doctor after allowed by the Administrator.\


We assure that the project is completely authenticated in order to enhance security and corruptions of database as well as the software. The person is given access only if he/she has a valid email and password.

Download ASP source code of Online Animals Buy and Sale Project

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