Functional Requirements of Travel agency Management System  Project (FYP)

Functional Requirements of Travel agency Management System  Project (FYP)
The client must register for create the account and login using


and password to use function in the application

-> collect data of client personal information (name, address, tel number,

old, behaviour)

– The client can view or find the information of hotel, tourist attraction.

– The client can search for booking hotel, flight after select date

time to go.

– The client can find the information and the calculate system of

time, ways,

price to the destination place.

– The client can review place or find another friends and people reviews.

– The client can see private history with analyse with booking,

transport, price, time, etc. And keep or share the information.

– The client can use function dictionary to translate sentences for

communication with different language of travellers.

– The client can note with text or plan trip with themselves.

– The client can see monetary compare with Thailand monetary (baht).

– The client can chat with their friends.

– The client can manage and see their profile.

– The client can find the location themselves and share location

if they want.

– The client can see whether of each area inside map or place that

they want

to go.

– The client can view friend’s photo using newsfeed.

– The client can view friends in the map with real time, it will show

status of

client too if turn on app and turn on share location mode it will

show that

person with green colour.

– The client can booking using the application with email and barcode.


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