Functional Requirements of Utility Service Provider

Hardware Requirements


Smart phone must have Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G internet connections. It must have minimum RAM of 512 MB with operating system android version 4.0 and above. Lower versions has GPS problems.


Desktop must have operation system with Windows 7, 8 or above, compatible with SQL management Studio and XAMPP server. o. It must have 2 GB RAM and Dual core, core i-3 or above processor.

 Software Requirements

Android OS (android studio 2.3)

SDK (Revision 25.0.1)

Java Development Kit

XAMPP Server


In United states, after introducing 3G and 4G, internet is easily available to users. The number of smart phones users is increasing day by day. The application gives benefit to many users for finding services. Users do not have to worry about worker. This application will help to save time and will be cost effective.

Requirement Analysis

Provide analysis of proposed systems requirements

  • Functional Requirements

For mobile, application will be available for android users.


Sign In

Place Order

Location Tracking

  • Android Application

In android application users register themselves first then proceed to any other activity. Users will able to place order after signup. Request of user will be save.


  • Registration

Users can register themselves after installing application. There is a form for registration, some information is compulsory like name, phone number, address, Email.

  • Sign In

User can sign in and order service.

  • Place Order

User can place order after login. And request is saved.

Location Tracking

When the user can order service the worker can easily find the location of the customer.

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