Non Functional Requirements of Social Networking site

Ø    Usability requirements

It is a requirement that the website will be developed for compatibility with the current IT environment.

Ø    Security requirements

It is require that it should be secure.

Ø    Performance requirements

It is required that the website runs smoothly and fast to get faster access to it. The performance of the website depends upon web server speed and upon network speed. This is web based therefore it also depends upon internet speed.

We will make such a website that will perform well in all the situations like low speed network as well as high speed so

Ø    Portability requirements

The website can be visited anywhere in the world where internet facility is provided.

Ø    Look & feel requirements

The website should be good look and feel very pleasantly.

Ø    Proper help should be provided

A proper help should be provided to use this website in a better way to give the easiness to the user.

Ø    Safety Requirements

Unique passwords and logins are assigned to every user for safety and privacy purpose. No personal or high confidential information of users will be stored on the site.


Ø    Security Requirements

The security of the website is judgment of jaw likely it is that the system can resist accidental or deliberate intrusion. The website’s system will secure all the information that user enter into the form and these are stored in database are secure by use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for all data transmission. Our site takes appropriate precautions to protect our users’ information. The account information is located on a secured server.

Ø    Software Quality Attributes

The source code of the “the request “ is not going to be open source. It will not be free for further modifications and improvements.

Ø    Business Rules

It is to be noted that Illegal duplication of  all the reports should be strictly dealt with. The administrator should also have  the full details of the user while a user is getting registered to the system or not. If user is not registered then user cannot gets complete facilities.

User Classes and Characteristics

Ø    Ø    Administrators:

They are  the main users that administrate the “Social Networking site”. They can view in real time what a user is performing right now. They have the rights to dismissed any user any time from the “Social Networking site”. They can remove account of any person. Furthermore they are eligible to insert, remove or update data any time from the database.

Ø    Ø    Unregistered Users:

They can visit the site but they are not eligible to gets benefit from all the features of ” Social Networking site”.

Ø    Ø    Registered Users:

Registered Users sign in the site and can gets all the main functionalities of “Social Networking site” including messaging, music, change image, e-books download, photos, etc.

Ø    Ø     Operating Environment

Product will be worked on windows XP, windows 98, windows vista and windows 7 environment etc.

Particulars Client system Server system
Operating system Windows xp,98,7,vista,2000 Windows xp,98,7,vista,2000
Processor Processor pentium2 above 512MB Processor pentium4 above 1GB RAM
Hard disk 10 GB above Above 160 GB
RAM 256 MB Above 512 MB

Ø    Ø    Design and Implementation Constraints

We design the “Social Networking site” in such a way that registered user can enter or can login the site only by their own passwords and ID’s. Registered user can enter only in their own profile for updating. Registered users can see the profile of other users but cannot be changed. System should be security full in all ways.

Ø    Ø    User Documentation

We will give a supporting document with our product for helping the users. This document include all the information about how to use the product and in which situation to be used. User manual and CD will be made available for troubleshooting and help. The user manual will contain detailed information about the usage of the product.

Ø    Ø    Assumptions and Dependencies

Initially two persons communicate with each other on the “Social Networking site “ for testing.

  • There is only one Administrator.
  • Each Registered User must have a User ID and password
  • Multiple users can use “ FC “
  • Internet connection is must.
  • Proper browsers should be installed
  • Text readers should be installed to view the help files.

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