Social Networking site Scope and Purpose

Introduction to Social Networking site

Social Networking site is the Social networking website for connecting people for sharing information online with their friends. We goes to make a social networking website for information sharing among user. User simply visit the website and can request their friends for sharing ideas and information. User can make and delete their account anytime. user can login by entering their email ID, password and log out the system any time. User can make their profile on this  website. Images and information can be put on the profile. User can online chat with their friends. User can upload their images at the profile and friends and website users can see their profile picture and information. User can message the online persons any time. User can upload , download, and can search E-books. User can be connected at forum any time. People can share audios  songs. Registered user can upload E-books from ” Social Networking site” any time. These books are provided free of cost to the registered user. Registered user can set their account any time and can change name, e-mail address, password, gender, date of birth, permanent address,, mobile number etc. Profile photo can also be changed and uploaded. Privacy can also be set any time. User can view poetry search and download poetry.User can also create the group, search the group, request to join the group, and then can  post data on the wall. Group maker can change or delete the group.

Purpose of Social Networking site

Ø    To provide the better way of communication among users.

“Social Networking site” is developed for bringing people a plate form at which users can communicate with one another in an easy way. The best priority while developing “Social Networking site” is about communication factor. All other features are also developed according to modern time needs.

e.g, Message send and receive and friends making, Groups etc.

Messages are very important for communication.

Ø    To provides better way of entertainment:

“Social Networking site “ also provides many entertainment feature for users. Now a days People wants to entertained themselves due to daily hard work and mental tension. Keeping in view this, “Social Networking site “ is also entertainment full for the user. Perpose of entertainment module is that people can get all on the “Social Networking site” when and where they wants.

  1. Poetry, Audio, E-books etc

Ø    To share information among users:

“Social Networking site “ also provides a best feature of sharing information among user. Information can be of any type. But the wrong information sharing is ethically prohibited at “Social Networking site’.

  1. g; Message etc

Ø    To make people connection:

“Social Networking site” connects people at one place. Friends can search their friends by name and by groups name etc.

Ø    Document Conventions for Social Networking site

The document covers the conventions as described by IEEE SRS template. The terms included in double quotation mark signify terms having special meaning.

Ø    Main Section Title

Ø    Font: Times New Roman

Ø    Face: Bold

Ø    Size: 14

Ø    Sub Section Titles

Ø    Font: Times New Roman

Ø    Face: Bold

Ø    Size: 12

Ø    Other Text Explanations

Ø    Font: Times New Roman

Ø    Face: Normal

Ø    Size: 12

Ø    Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions for

Social Networking site

Ø    Administrator

Clients: The users of the system will gets a clear idea of the  website and internet  use.

Ø    Registered user:

User should be registered for getting all the facilities provided by “Social Networking site”. Registered user can see users profiles,can send message, can see and send, poetry, audio and video songs, can make the group, can search the group, can delete te group.And data can be post on the wall etc.

Ø    Un-registered user:

Unregistered user can only see login page, and cannot facilitate with other features of the system.

Ø    Product Scope of Social Networking site

“Social Networking site” is a website that will be published on the internet and the people will be able to use it at their  personal PC. “Social Networking site” is build to provide facility to friends to communicate with each other and gets  online help. “Social Networking site” will also provide chat, messaging, for friends, video songs and movies, audio songs, poetry images, e-books etc and all these can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Un-registered user have limited facilities while the register user can gets all the facilities provided by the administrator. E-library facility will also be provided for the user to get their concern interest E-Book from the website.  As the time passes this project will be improved and different service will be provided for the easiness of the users. The project will be completed in the due date in a reasonable cost. Any problem that will come during the launching or running of the project will be handled in a short time. To serve better to users will be the first priority in the successful running of this project. Project will be improved with time to provide better facilities to the users. New work is also done with time to time. This project is not endless. More work at this project must also be done in the future to make this project a successful and media competitive project. User can also create the group, search the group, request to join the group, and then can  post data on the wall. Group maker can chage or delete the group.

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