Personal Diary Android app Project in java

Functional Requirements of a Personal Diary Android app Project in java

  1. User can enter journal entries in the form of text these entries are stored by date and can be accessed and edited at the user’s convenience.
  2. Journal entries will be accessible via a calendar user can select dates from the calendar and all information previously stored for this date will be available and accurate to the user. Displayed in a consistent and practical interface.
  3. User can associate emotions to individual Journal entries: user can select an emotion tag to be linked to a specified journal entry to representthe user’s emotional state for this day.
  4. Photographs can be taken or uploaded and displayed within the entry: the user can choose to take a photograph from within the specific entry, this photograph will be tagged with the date taken and will be displayed when the entry is viewed.
  5. User also has the option to select a photograph from the device’s camera roll, the photographs that related to the required date will be available first to the user to
  6. Location of the user can be added to the entry: the user can select the current location at the time of entry creation, or select a location from location histories, or enter new locations via selecting on a map.
  7. Create a map of location histories that display information about the dates visited: this could include the emotions felt for this location, a display of photographs taken at this location (this would include the function of being able to tag individual photographs with location).

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