Theater Seating Project in PHP MYSQL

Theater Seating Project in PHP MYSQL


  1. Audience can do advance booking for their seats.
  2. Admin must be able to sort the advance booking via credit card.
  3. Admin must separate the seats of family members.
  4. Admin can do registration by users name and seat number.
  5. Audience can able to choose their own seats.
  6. Admin can adjust the seats or change the seats of the users.
  7. Audience confirm their booking.
  8. Admin edit Date and time of the show.
  9. Audience search for other shows.
  10. Admin can filter and edit users id.
  11. Amin can add new show.
  12. Admin can delete existing show.
  13. Audience can look for the duration of the show.
  14. Audience can order food (refreshments) in the break.

Source code, Documentation, SRS, Design document, test phase testing, project introduction, scope, abstract, test manual, use case diagrams, class diagrams, DFD, entity relationship diagram and database files are available on demand. This project is helpful for the final year project of students of computer science,  SE and IT.

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