Code of Marriage Beuro Management System Project in PHP

Code of Marriage Beuro Management System Project in PHP

Marriage Beuro Management System is web-based online application software that gives us an automated and online platform for registering marriage records for new couples. Marriage Beuro Management System allows users to submit marriage information and the management will verify it for new couples.

This application project is developed using the following languages, tools, and technologies;

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP Language
  • MySQL Database
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Ajax

The Marriage Beuro Management System has mainly three  types of users ;

  1. Administrator
  2. Staff
  3. User

The user can register their account to access the Marriage Beuro Management System functionalities that are restricted according to the mentioned user role. The user can create a new application for their marriage contract for new couples. Then,  the new couples can update, view, list, delete, and can show their created applications.

Functional Requirements of  Marriage Beuro Management System Project in PHP

Admin Functional Requirements

  • Admin can log in or Logout
  • Admin can view the Dashboard
  • Admin can Manage Client List
    • Admin can Create New list
    • Admin can  view, delete, update and search a List
    • Admin can View or print Details
    • Admin can Update Details
    • Admin can Delete Data
  • Admin can Manage Applications
    • Admin can view, insert, delete, update and search List Applications
    • Admin can View Application Details
    • Admin can Update Application
    • Admin can Print Marriage Certificate
    • Admin can Delete Data
  • Admin can Manage User List (Admin/Staff)
  • Admin can Manage Marriage Beuro Management System Information
  • Admin can Update Account Information of the registered users.

User-Side Functional Requirements

  • Couples can log in and Registration
  • Couples can view Dashboard
  • Couples can Submit Application
  • Couples can Edit Application Details
  • Couples can View Application Details
  • Couples can Delete Application
  • Couples can Update Account Information/Credentials
  • Couples can Logout



Download full code of Marriage Beuro Management System Project in PHP

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