Petrol pump management system Project in C#.NET

Petrol pump management system Project in C#.NET

Functional requirements of Petrol pump management system are as following:

  • Employee/staff should be able to login and logout and check their sales
  • Business owner should be able to view fuel level and fuel sales.
  • Show the history of sales to the owner and the top management of the company.
  • Provide staff sales trend and history; i.e who has the highest sales at end of the day, month and year.
  • Process all the staff on shift on what they have sold and the amount expected from them.
  • Provide accurate sale report.
  • Only owner can edit the prices and record.
  • fuel can easily dissipate, having excess quantities could lead to fuel loss for the pumps, costing them financially.
  • Sale reports are also useful to keep a track of challan payments, maintain sales register and purchase register.
  • Advanced Accounting with Analytics.
  • Get Assistance on Fuel Price Risk Management.
  • Petrol should be provided after the payment is done.
  • The customer instructed to swipe credit card thorough card reader for verification and valid card will approved for transaction.
  • The customer inputs amount of fuel to be delivered.
  • The customer selects type of fuel he wishes to use.
  • The pump is activated and fuel is delivered.
  • The transaction is terminated when the cash limit is reached or when the nozzle is returned.
  • A receipt is printed for the customer.
  • The fuel stock is updated.
  • The system must have efficiency and always respond to customer input within 2 minutes.
  • The gas station security can be further improved to prevent credit card fraud by requiring a more personal detail.
  • The display should show a status message to customer when validating credit cards that the activity is in progress and not failed.
  • The system must be certified according to the Health and Safety Regulations.
  • The system should be easy to extend, so that any new payment option can be updated with minimal effort.

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