PPT Presentation of QUIZ APPLICATION in Android


  1. Introduction
  2. Motivations
  3. Objectives
  4. Features
  7. the visual appearance of the app
  8. conclusion


  • Our project is to facilitate students in learning, gaining, and Improving their knowledge skills.
  • The users can prepare for interviews, entrance tests, or any other corresponding purposes in a fresh mood and can’t get bored or frustrated due to the dullness of the app.
  • We designed the application to facilitate the users to be the ability to take short quizzes using portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.


  • There are many online quiz applications available on internet, but most of them are only for learning but we are providing this for entertainment and fun as well.
  • The most attractive feature of our app is that we take learning and fun side by side.
  • Our app provides them the facility to revise their knowledge or to learn something advantageous at one place without wasting their time.
  • Motivate user to learn something.


  • The basic objective of this project is to develop an android-based system with following features, namely: (i) questions bank, (ii) time frame, (iii) life lines, (iv) data storage, and (v) multimedia support (pictures, snapshots, tables).
  • The main objective to create this quiz app is to help the users for the preparation of necessary educational purposes regarding computer science and it field as well as fun and entertainment with an easy access to our app directly on their android phones.
  • Users can learn and prepare themselves for interviews, tests and exams on android phones, and can also use this app for increasing their general knowledge about computer science, everywhere and anytime.


  • High Score Count.
  • Score Comparison.
  • Challenge With Friends.
  • Online Offline Play.
  • Four Levels For Each Type Of Quiz In Each Level There Will Be 30 Quiz.
  • High Score List.
  • Reward Will Be Given As In-game Coin.
  • Each Question Will Give Some Coins To Unlock New Level.
  • All Data Will Store In Cloud Server.
  • In-game Memory.

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