PPT Presentation of 2D endless runner Unity Android Project


The Rush Survival is an endless runner game which will be built in the platform of Unity 3D. The game starts by tapping the touchscreen, while main player (the game’s starter character) or any other character run for his life, and then gets caught in the act by the inspector who starts chasing the character.

Download PPT Presentation of 2D endless runner Unity Android Project

Dodge Enemy
Run & survive
Time and score
Coins collections
The game must contain 3D models, and render these in the game. 3D environment is a requirement.

WBS Outline

  • 0.0 The Rush Survival
  • 1.0 Project Management
  • 2.0 Requirements
  • 2.1 Functional Requirements
  • 2.1.1 Character Movements
  • Score
  • Coin Collection
  • Revive and heart
  • Non Functional Requirements
  • Playability
  • Reliability
  • Time-Based Animations
  • Project Development
  • Front end Unity
  • GUI
  • Testing


Project is complete in time and budget so there is no errors in project and the functions of the project is working properly

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