Functional Non Functional requirements of 2D endless runner Unity Android Project



  1. Game should have a player character.
  2. Player will be re-spawned after getting hit by an Obstacle.
  3. Game has a User Interface menu.
  4. Game has a certain number of stages/levels.
  5. One Camera Position in the game.

 Player Models


Game has a one playable character for the user.


The main critical object in the game is speed and AI Obstacle character as well.

Cost and Schedule

Adding more enemies and building level costs more time in adjusting it and make it work properly.


Object player will be spawn at the spot defined in the script, after getting crash By enemy Obstacle AI opponent.


It is a main character of the game, all the game depends on this character and full game was resolve around this character which was controlled by the player to accomplish the mission.



Game have the menu list in the start of the game and another menu list is also shown

During game play when player press the “ESCAPE” key by which the player was able to resume, direct to main menu or exit game.


It is one of the most critical requirements because with a menu, player can interact with game easily rather than a command line console.

Technical Issue

User input.

 Camera Positions


Player will have two types of camera positions, main screen camera and navigation camera.


It is also a critical requirement because with it user can control player Movement and running.

Non Functional Requirements


In the game reviews and evaluations, the game is assessed generally in terms of four categories: game play, atmosphere, video and sound, while game play is considered as the most important feature of a game. According to this fact, the playability of the game is a major concern and requirement. The other features of the game are to be designed accordingly, with the ultimate aim to increase playability, thus player satisfaction.


The game has highly distributed data operations, and for that reason a strong control of consistency and synchronization is to be achieved. This stands to be a very important topic in system robustness and thus user satisfaction.

 Time-Based Animations

The game algorithms would be infallible regardless of a faster-than-expected or slower-than- expected frame-rate.


Game will be secured on the basis of its scripts and will have restriction for entering into the basic scripts of the game.

3.2.5 Preliminary Schedule

The system is divided into six parts that are as under Main menu

3D background.

Coding of the system.

Player object and Enemy Obstacle. Animations.

Documentation of the system.


“2D endless runner Unity Android Project” is an Android based game which will be applicable on Mobiles (Android). The expected size of the game will be less than 500Mb and dual core processor to run the application smoothly. There should be at least 500 MB free space on hardware, due to future updates.


The Working tools and software are:

  1. Unity 3D 2017 and above Blender
  2. Star UML (for sequence and USE CASE diagrams) Abode PHOTOSHOP.


C# (pronounced “C-sharp”) is an object-oriented programming language from Microsoft that aims to combine the computing power of C# with the programming ease of Visual Basic.

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