Python Code of Library Management System

Python Code of Library Management System

Library Management System is a project that can borrow/return a book in a library. The Library Management system contains a simple function that enables you to borrow a book and return a book. The project is a user-friendly kind of system you free to modify and use to your own system.

About the Library Management system

The Library Management System was created in a console application, the user can access the Library Management system without any use of user login information. The user can do many things in the Library Management system, the user can borrow a book, return a book and display available books. This system can provide you an efficient way of borrowing books inside the library. The Library Management system will make things easier for our students to borrow a book. All the transaction in the Library Management system is temporary stored as a system string, but If you want to store our data permanently just add some storing functions in the adding functions. The

Library Management System was created using a simple python coding structure that can be very easily understood by all beginners.

Functional requirements of Library Management System in

  • List all the books
  • Request a book
  • Add a book
  • Delete a book
  • Edit a book
  • Return a book

Library Management System in Python with Code Installation:

  1. We need to download & install the Python IDLE’s, here’s the link “”.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Open the extracted folder
  4. Locate the py file.
  5. Then open the file via python IDLE.
  6. Run the py file to launch the program.

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