Research Projects Ideas Analysis of  Algorithms

Analysis of  Algorithms Research Projects Ideas, Topics, and Areas

Latest and New Analysis of Algorithms Research Topics Areas and Ideas for writing the research paper.

  1. Navigation, Estimation, and Sensing Testbed (NEST) for Laboratory Validation of Algorithms
  2. Streaming algorithms for robust submodular maximization
  3. Competitive Algorithms for the Online Minimum Peak Appointment Scheduling
  4. Lightweight Cryptography Algorithms for Internet of Things enabled Networks: An Overview
  5. Evaluating the sensitivity, specificity and clinical utility of algorithms of spatial variation in sub-epidermal moisture (SEM) for the diagnosis of deep and early-stage …
  6. The Dark Past of Algorithms That Associate Appearance and Criminality: Machine learning that links personality and physical traits warrants critical review.
  7. Comparison of bioinspired algorithms applied to cancer database
  8. On Near-Linear-Time Algorithms for Dense Subset Sum
  9. Where I’m Coming from: Studying the Novelty of Immersive Algorithms
  10. Smoothed functional-based gradient algorithms for off-policy reinforcement learning
  11. Convergence analysis of gradient-based iterative algorithms for a class of rectangular Sylvester matrix equations based on Banach contraction principle
  12. Nonparametric Learning Algorithms for Joint Pricing and Inventory Control with Lost Sales and Censored Demand
  13. A class of domain decomposition based nonlinear explicit–implicit iteration algorithms for solving diffusion equations with discontinuous coefficient
  14. CT artifacts after contrast media injection in chest imaging: evaluation of post-processing algorithms, virtual monoenergetic images and their combination for …
  15. The use of organic waste of the agro-industrial complex for the production of fuel using neural network algorithms
  16. A Study on Various Machine Learning Algorithms Used for Prediction of Diabetes Mellitus
  17. A Comparative Study of Heuristics and Meta-heuristic Algorithms with Issues in WSN
  18. Preconditioning methods based on spanning tree algorithms
  19. Innovative time efficient method to optimize buildings’ performance using Design of Experiment, Polynomial Regression and Genetic Algorithms
  20. Solving time-dependent heat conduction problems using metaheuristic algorithms extended with a novel local search strategy
  21. Development of Efficient Stress Return Algorithms for Simulating Geomaterial Response
  22. … : Diagnostic criteria of common benign and malignant neoplasms, dermoscopic and histopathologic correlates of key confocal criteria, and diagnostic algorithms
  23. A Comparative Study of Performance Metrics of Data Mining Algorithms on Medical Data
  24. Day-ahead electricity prices prediction applying hybrid models of LSTM-based deep learning methods and feature selection algorithms under consideration of market …
  25. Algorithms to optimize multi-column chromatographic separations of proteins
  26. Effective coefficient asymptotics of multivariate rational functions via semi-numerical algorithms for polynomial systems
  27. Cleaning and using administrative lists: Enhanced practices and computational algorithms for record linkage and modeling/editing/imputation
  28. Algorithms of Multidimensional Signals Processing based on Cubic Basis Splines for Information Systems and Processes
  29. Unsupervised Learning and Recommendation Algorithms
  30. Sliding Mode Control Algorithms for Anti-Lock Braking Systems with Performance Comparisons
  31. … spatial variability of foliar nitrogen and carbon in Indian tropical moist deciduous sal (Shorea robusta) forest using machine learning algorithms and Sentinel-2 data
  32. Space-Efficient Algorithms for Reachability in Geometric Graphs
  33. Health monitoring of automotive clutch system by using Bayes algorithms
  34. Building Information Model and Optimization Algorithms for Supporting Campus Facility Maintenance Management: A Case Study of Maintaining Water Dispensers
  35. Sequence Convergence of Inexact Nonconvex and Nonsmooth Algorithms with More Realistic Assumptions
  36. Self-Adjusting Population Sizes for Non-Elitist Evolutionary Algorithms: Why Success Rates Matter
  37. Analysis of Accuracy of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms in Detecting Denial of Service Attacks
  38. Applications, Analytics, and Algorithms—3 A’s of Stream Data: A Complete Survey
  39. Analysis, generation and more using genetic algorithms
  40. Cardiovascular Disease Classification Using Different Algorithms
  41. Blockchain Aided Privacy-Preserving Outsourcing Algorithms of Bilinear Pairings for Internet of Things Devices
  42. Determination of soluble solids content and firmness in plum using hyperspectral imaging and chemometric algorithms
  43. Apple fruit sorting using novel thresholding and area calculation algorithms
  44. Recognition of moyamoya disease and its hemorrhagic risk using deep learning algorithms: sourced from retrospective studies
  45. Advances in Meta-Heuristic Optimization Algorithms in Big Data Text Clustering. Electronics 2021, 10, 101
  46. Biomechanical model and machine learning algorithms comparison for customized training biofeedback on ISS
  47. Implementation of OpenAirInterface-based real-world channel measurement for evaluating wireless transmission algorithms
  48. Detection of Blood Vessels in Optic Disc with Maximum Principal Curvature and Wolf Thresholding Algorithms for Vessel Segmentation and Prewitt Edge Detection …
  49. Genetic Algorithms in Circuit Design
  50. Low Latency Scheduling Algorithms for Full-Duplex V2X Networks
  51. Implementation of Algorithms for Identity Based Encryption and Decryption
  52. Algorithms for testing COVID-19 focused on use of RT-PCR and high-affinity serological testing: A consensus statement from a panel of Latin American …
  53. Performance Analysis of Recursive Rule Extraction Algorithms for Disease Prediction
  54. Robust Algorithms for Online Convex Problems via Primal-Dual
  55. Comparative study of MPPT control algorithms of a PV system: Modeling and simulation
  56. A new appraisal model of Second-Hand housing prices in China’s First-Tier cities based on machine learning algorithms
  57. Soil water content estimation using ground penetrating radar data via group intelligence optimization algorithms: An application in the Northern Shaanxi Coal Mining …
  58. Evaluation and forecasting of PM10 air pollution in Chennai district using Wavelets, ARIMA, and Neural Networks algorithms
  59. Student Performance Prediction Using Classification Algorithms
  60. Classification of Death Related to Heart Failure by Machine Learning Algorithms
  61. Optimal Allocation of Distributed Generators Using Metaheuristic Algorithms—An Up-to-Date Bibliographic Review
  62. Assessment of Fault Detection Performance and Computation Algorithms
  63. Genetic Optimization Algorithms for Supersonic Heat Addition
  64. Validation of Multi-Frame PIV Image Interrogation Algorithms in the Spectral Domain
  65. Optimisation of an old 200 MW coal-fired boiler with urea injection through the use of supervised machine learning algorithms to achieve cleaner power generation
  66. Construction algorithms at molecular graphs and their application
  67. Feature Selection Algorithms for Plant Leaf Classification: A Survey
  68. Bayesian Analysis, Multilinear Regression and Modern Machine Learning Algorithms Applied for Soil Probabilistic Characterization
  69. Reconfigurable method of smart antenna beam shaping in indoor fading environment using adaptive algorithms: An exhaustive experimental study
  70. Identification of Bacillus and Yersinia species and hoax agents by protein profiling using microfluidic capillary electrophoresis with peak detection algorithms
  71. Temporal Probabilistic Rules and Policy Computation Algorithms
  72. Urban building detection using object-based image analysis (OBIA) and machine learning (ML) algorithms
  73. Iterative Rational Krylov Algorithms for model reduction of a class of constrained structural dynamic system with Engineering applications
  74. Evaluation of LMT and DNN Algorithms in Software Defect Prediction for Open-Source Software
  75. r-adaptive Mesh Algorithms with High-order Flux Reconstruction Scheme for High-speed Flows
  76. A Survey of Solving SVP Algorithms and Recent Strategies for Solving the SVP Challenge
  77. Investigations on scheduling algorithms in LTE-advanced networks with carrier aggregation
  78. Algorithms for NFV-Enabled Multicasting in Mobile Edge Computing
  79. Tip relief designed to optimize contact fatigue life of spur gears using adapted PSO and Firefly algorithms
  80. A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms in Predicting the Behavior of Truss Structures
  81. Enhancing Faculty-Student Interaction in an Undergraduate Algorithms Course Through Group Oral Presentations
  82. A Mathematical Introduction to Fast and Memory Efficient Algorithms for Big Data
  83. Survey of Cryptography Algorithms for Sub-Saharan Countries
  84. Structure and Algorithms of Ordered Sets
  85. The impact of pre-processing algorithms in facial expression recognition
  86. Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Fake News Detection
  87. Traffic Accident Injury and Severity Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  88. A Case Study on Auction-Based Task Allocation Algorithms in Multi-Satellite Systems
  89. Nearly linear time isomorphism algorithms for some nonabelian group classes
  91. Finding Accuracies of Various Machine Learning Algorithms by Classification of Pulsar Stars
  92. Overview of Rate Control Algorithms in Mainstream Video Coding Standards
  93. Research and Application of Precision Marketing Algorithms for ETC Credit Card Based on Telecom Big Data
  94. Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Device-to-Device Communication Using Intelligent Algorithms
  95. New Load Sharing Algorithms based on BlackBoards
  96. Tool path optimization for robotic surface machining by using sampling-based motion planning algorithms
  97. Spatial domain decomposition for transport problems with two-level acceleration algorithms
  98. Parallel Genetic Algorithms
  99. Development and internal validation of supervised machine learning algorithms for predicting clinically significant functional improvement in a mixed population of …
  100. Classification of Nucleotides Using Memetic Algorithms and Computational Methods
  101. EMG based control of transhumeral prosthesis using machine learning algorithms
  102. Modeling the Settling Velocity of a Sphere in Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids with Machine-Learning Algorithms. Symmetry 2021, 13, 71
  103. Efficient Algorithms for Sign Detection in RNS Using Approximate Reciprocals
  104. Affine Combination of the Filtered-x LMS/F Algorithms for Active Control
  105. Model selection for support-vector machines through metaheuristic optimization algorithms
  106. Weather Event Prediction Using Combination of Data Mining Algorithms
  107. Fibrosis assessment in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: Adherence to proposed algorithms and barriers to complying with them.
  108. Path planning of cooperating industrial robots using evolutionary algorithms
  109. Genetic Algorithms for Large Join Query Optimization
  110. A Systematic Scheme to build Distributed Algorithms

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