Research Projects Ideas Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Research Projects Ideas, Topics, and Areas

Latest and New Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Research Topics Areas and Ideas for writing the research paper.

  1. Lean Practices Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Digital Twinning for Sustainable Construction
  2. A new dental casting technique for production of void-free dental models
  3. Single section, octave bandwidth, high-power combiner in the UHF band
  4. Covalent inhibitor reactivity prediction by the electrophilicity index—in and out of scope
  5. SAMPL7 TrimerTrip host–guest binding affinities from extensive alchemical and end-point free energy calculations
  6. Standardization of three-dimensional pose of cylindrical implants from intraoral radiographs: A preliminary study
  7. T-fed for end-fire pattern of log-periodic microstrip array
  8. Early-Stage Neural Network Hardware Performance Analysis
  9. Non-equilibrium approach for binding free energies in cyclodextrins in SAMPL7: force fields and software
  10. Vertical Ridge Augmentation of Fibula Flap in Mandibular Reconstruction: A Comparison between Vertical Distraction, Double-Barrel Flap and Iliac Crest Graft
  11. Bi2O2Se-Based Memristor-Aided Logic
  12. Automatic far-field camera calibration for construction scene analysis
  13. Towards a universal digital chemical space for pure component properties prediction
  14. Molecular Docking: A Contemporary Story About Food Safety
  15. Matuš u, R.; Alagoz, BB Optimal V-Plane Robust Stabilization Method for Interval Uncertain Fractional Order PID Control Systems. Fractal Fract. 2021, 5, 3
  16. ReSCoSS: a flexible quantum chemistry workflow identifying relevant solution conformers of drug-like molecules
  17. Multibeam steered pattern synthesis in time-modulated antenna array with controlled harmonic radiation
  18. Virtual screening and molecular dynamics simulation study of plant-derived compounds to identify potential inhibitors of main protease from SARS-CoV-2
  19. Dynamic Simulated Annealing with Adaptive Neighborhood Using Hidden Markov Model
  20. Quantitative determination of proxalutamide in rat plasma and tissues using liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry
  21. SAMPL7: Host–guest binding prediction by molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics
  22. Shape Accuracy and Surface Quality of Additively Manufactured, Optimized, Patient-Specific Bone Plates
  23. Load effect on the mechanical behaviour of zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate glass ceramics
  24. Stem Cells and Extrusion 3D Printing for Hyaline Cartilage Engineering
  25. Kilowatt-scale fuel cell systems powered by recycled aluminum
  26. Artificial intelligence in colonoscopy: Now on the market. What’s next?
  27. Evaluation of various denture cleansers on color stability and surface topography of polyetherketoneketone, polyamide, and polymethylmethacrylate
  28. Deep learning-based aggressive progression prediction from CT images of hepatocellular carcinoma
  29. A neural network–based approach for fill factor estimation and bucket detection on construction vehicles
  30. A wideband switchable absorber/reflector based on active frequency selective surface
  31. Using Fällman’s Interaction Design Research Triangle as a Methodological Tool for Research About Reading Spaces in Schools
  32. Kinematic Analysis and Design of a Six-Degrees of Freedom 3-RRPS Mechanism for Bone Reduction Surgery
  33. A computer-assisted algorithm for narrow-band imaging-based tissue characterization in Barrett’s esophagus
  34. Navigating through the maze of homogeneous catalyst design with machine learning
  35. CAD/CAM Prediction of Melt Pool Dimension and Residual Stress Evolution with Thermodynamically-Consistent Phase Field and Consolidation Models during Re-Melting …
  36. Decision making in structure-based drug discovery: visual inspection of docking results
  37. Future of Nature Inspired Algorithm, Swarm and Computational Intelligence
  38. Numerical Solution of Interval Volterra-Fredholm-Hammerstein Integral Equations via Interval Legendre Wavelets? Method?
  39. Design of low power RF CMOS power amplifier structure with an optimal linear gain controller for future wireless communication
  40. Parametric structural analysis of nutritional value of personalized foods using Microsoft Excel
  41. Automated Synthesis of Steady-State Continuous Processes using Reinforcement Learning
  42. Robots for Material Removal Processes
  43. Improved Testing and Design of Intubation Boxes During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  44. Can machine learning consistently improve the scoring power of classical scoring functions? Insights into the role of machine learning in scoring functions
  45. Compact dual-mode wideband MIMO filtering antenna array with high selectivity and improved isolation
  46. Noncontact cable force estimation with unmanned aerial vehicle and computer vision
  47. The effects of approximate multiplication on convolutional neural networks
  48. Combined with finite element analysis of car seat safety performance improvement
  49. Rational design of nonstoichiometric bioceramic scaffolds via digital light processing: tuning chemical composition and pore geometry evaluation
  50. Effect of various quenching treatments on microstructure and mechanical behavior of a laser additively manufactured 12CrNi2 alloy steel
  51. Individualized Treatment Planning for Asian Adult Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome to Obtain Improvement of Respiratory Function and Facial …
  52. Analysis, identification and design of robust control techniques for ultra-lift Luo DC-DC converter powered by fuel cell
  53. An improved wideband three-way waveguide power divider based on directional coupler for Ku band application
  54. Standardization of optimization methodology of daylighting and shading strategy: a case study of an architectural design studio–the German University in Cairo, Egypt
  55. Broadband high-gain slot grid array antenna for millimeter wave applications
  56. Improved design debugging architecture using low power serial communication protocols for signal processing applications
  57. Compact 2× 2/4× 4 tapered microstrip feed MIMO antenna configuration for high-speed wireless applications with band stop filters
  58. Liquid-metal-disk-loaded monopole antenna based on 3D printed technique
  59. Review on development and dental applications of polyetheretherketone-based biomaterials and restorations
  60. Nanocomposite Clay-Based Bioinks for Skeletal Tissue Engineering
  61. The forming tool, primary start position and toolpath angle movement effect on the geometry accuracy “springback”, part C
  62. A low-profile antenna with circularly polarized reconfigurable and omnidirectional radiation patterns
  63. 3D printing of copper particles and poly (methyl methacrylate) beads containing poly (lactic acid) composites for enhancing thermomechanical properties
  64. Optimization of Injector Location on the Cylinder Head in a Direct Injection Spark Ignition Engine
  65. Directed Test Generation for Activation of Security Assertions in RTL Models
  66. Fundamentals of Heat Dissipation in 3D IC Packaging and Thermal-Aware Design
  67. Additive Manufacturing Processes in Medical Applications
  68. Artificial intelligence in gastrointestinal endoscopy
  69. A Total Lagrangian Isogeometric Timoshenko Beam Formulation for Large Displacement Analysis of 2D Frames
  70. 3D Prototyping: Technology and Applications for CHD
  71. The Role of Big Data Analytics and AI in Smart Manufacturing: An Overview
  72. Digital Customized Titanium Mesh for Bone Regeneration of Vertical, Horizontal and Combined Defects: A Case Series
  73. Three-Dimensional (3D)–Printed Zero-Order Released Platform: a Novel Method of Personalized Dosage Form Design and Manufacturing
  74. Design and implementation of electronic enterprise university human resource management system
  75. A Novel Approach of Generating Toolpath for Performing Additive Manufacturing on CNC Machining Center
  76. A Framework Enabling a Physics-based Approach to Preliminary Design and Optimization of Metallic and Composite Wing Box Structures
  77. The dielectric properties prediction of the vegetation depending on the moisture content using the deep neural network model
  78. Cascaded neural network based small array synthesis with robustness to noise
  79. High isolation, proximity-fed monostatic patch antennas with integrated self-interference cancellation-taps for ISM band full duplex applications
  80. Data Augmented Design (DAD): Definitions, Dimensions, Performance, and Applications
  81. Hybrid frequency selective surface phase cancelation structure based broadband switchable radar cross section reduction
  82. Including Batteries in Electric or Hybrid Car Crash Simulations: a path forward with LS-DYNA®
  83. Marginal adaptation of zirconia complete-coverage fixed dental restorations made from digital scans or conventional impressions: A systematic review and meta …
  84. A new concept of full-automated equipment for the manufacture of shirt collars and cuffs
  85. Skin Lesion Classification Using Deep Learning
  86. Physics-Informed Feature-to-Feature Learning for Design-Space Dimensionality Reduction in Shape Optimisation
  87. Ordering Variables in BDD Diagrams
  88. Quantum logic synthesis for Satisfiability Problems
  89. Material selection for tooth-supported single crowns—a survey among dentists in Germany
  90. Analysis of Compressive Strength of 3D Printed PLA Part
  91. [BOOK][B] Microwave circuit design using linear and nonlinear techniques
  92. How designers benefit from free 3D design sharing
  93. Additive manufacturing and the COVID-19 challenges: An in-depth study
  94. Synergy between topology optimization and additive manufacturing in the automotive field
  95. Contrast in specific absorption rate for a typical plant model due to discrepancy among global and national electromagnetic standards
  96. Fracture Load of an Orthodontic Appliance for Robin Sequence Treatment in a Digital Workflow
  97. A simplification method for capacitance models in AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors under large drain voltage using channel analysis
  98. Multiband, miniaturized, maze shaped antenna with an air-gap for wireless applications
  99. Modeling of Multiple Jointed Kinematic Chains Using the Polynomial Coefficients Derived from the Interactive Weighted Matrices of Kinematic Graphs
  100. User-oriented AR assembly guideline: a new classification method of assembly instruction for user cognition
  101. RAPID: Randomized Pharmacophore Identification for Drug Design
  102. A pair of parallel differential magnetic-field probes with high measurement accuracy and high electric-field suppression ratio
  103. Remote Impressions: Roboformed prototypes for a nomadic studio
  104. A dual-polarized antenna with low cross polarization, high gain, and isolation for the fifth-generation array/multiple-input multiple-output communications
  105. 3D Printing of Functionally Graded Films by Controlling Process Parameters
  106. Wideband low cost FR4 epoxy based antenna with H-shaped slot for V-band applications
  107. Power Management of Monolithic 3D Manycore Chips with Inter-tier Process Variations
  108. The challenge of predicting distal active site mutations in computational enzyme design
  109. Towards model-based approaches for musical instruments making: validation of the model of a Spanish guitar soundboard and characterization features proposal
  110. People systematically overlook subtractive changes
  111. IRC-Fuse: Improved and robust prediction of redox-sensitive cysteine by fusing of multiple feature representations
  112. Machine learning and knowledge graph based design rule construction for additive manufacturing
  113. All-solid-state spatial light modulator with independent phase and amplitude control for three-dimensional LiDAR applications
  114. Effect of surface treatment on roughness and bond strength of CAD-CAM multidirectional glass fiber-reinforced composite resin used for implant-supported …
  115. Experimental study of PLA thermal behavior during fused filament fabrication
  116. ATrusted Design Platform for Trojan Detection in FPGA Bitstreams Using Partial Reconfiguration.
  117. Direct-Write Deposition of Thermogels
  118. Simultaneous measurement of three-dimensional deformation based on digital speckle pattern interferometry technology
  119. Airfoil GAN: Encoding and Synthesizing Airfoils forAerodynamic-aware Shape Optimization
  120. Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering Using Fibrous Biomaterials
  121. Experimental Validation of an Optimized Design Process for Transonic Mixed-Flow Compressors
  122. Detecting safety helmet wearing on construction sites with bounding-box regression and deep transfer learning
  123. [BOOK][B] Motion Simulation and Mechanism Design with SOLIDWORKS Motion 2021
  124. Automated 3D solid reconstruction from 2D CAD using OpenCV
  125. Effect of printing temperature on microstructure, thermal behavior and tensile properties of 3D printed nylon using fused deposition modeling
  126. Multi-objective optimization methods in novel drug design.
  127. Additive manufacturing of dense zirconia ceramics by fused deposition modeling via screw extrusion
  128. Predicting Semen Motility using three-dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks
  129. Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
  130. Supervised molecular dynamics for exploring the druggability of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein
  131. A miniature dual-band Wilkinson power divider using novel planar transmission line
  132. TRAIL: A novel approach for studying the aerodynamics of ice particles
  133. Dynamic Behavior Predictions for Fast and Efficient Hybrid STT-MRAM Caches
  134. A wearable flexible microstrip antenna based on the floating-ground backplane
  135. 2 Eduction
  136. Influence of Crack Geometry on Dynamic Damage of Cracked Rock: Crack Number and Filling Material
  137. Turbulent Casting: Bacterial Expression in Mineralized Structures
  138. Robotic arm-assisted versus manual total hip arthroplasty: a propensity score matched cohort study
  139. Excursions to a topological picturebook
  140. Deep learning enables accurate diagnosis of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) with CT images
  141. Golden Gate: Bridging The Resource-Efficiency Gap Between ASICs and FPGA Prototypes
  142. AutoSA: A Polyhedral Compiler for High-Performance Systolic Arrays on FPGA
  143. Development of a Hybrid Cooling, Heating, and Power System for Distributed Energy Applications
  144. Utilization of Optimization of Internal Topology in Manufacturing of Injection Moulds by the DMLS Technology
  145. Molecular tracking: A concept for side-draw distillation column design
  146. Prior Knowledge Input to Improve LSTM Auto-encoder-based Characterization of Vehicular Sensing Data
  147. Simple and effective control and optimisation of a wind turbine based on a DFIG
  148. Heat Input and Mechanical Properties Investigation of Friction Stir Welded AA5083/AA5754 and AA5083/AA7020
  149. Novel planar balanced bandpass filter with wideband common-mode suppression and in-band common-mode noise absorption
  150. Yield, efficiency, and costs of mass screening algorithms for tuberculosis in Brazilian prisons
  151. A Guo-shaped patch antenna for hidden WLAN access points
  152. 3D forensic facial approximation: Implementation protocol in a forensic activity
  153. Toward blockchain and fog computing collaborative design and manufacturing platform: Support customer view
  154. Additive Manufacturing Processes in Medical Applications. Materials 2021, 14, 191
  155. Intensity normalization of prostate MRIs using conditional generative adversarial networks for cancer detection
  156. Three-dimensional-printed patient-specific osteotomy guides, repositioning guides and titanium plates for acute correction of antebrachial limb deformities in …
  157. Assessment of a novel window of dimensional stability for screening food inks for 3D printing
  158. A comprehensive review of depressed collectors of slow-wave devices
  159. Scheduling Power-Aware Real-Time Tasks Graphs
  160. Mechanically frequency reconfigurable antenna for WSN, WLAN, and LTE 2500 based internet of things applications
  161. Analysis of the mechanical and physicochemical properties of Ti-6Al-4 V discs obtained by selective laser melting and subtractive manufacturing method
  162. Formation of nano-sized lipid vesicles with asymmetric lipid components using a pulsed-jet flow method
  163. CAD-Based 3D-FE Modelling of AISI-D3 Turning with Ceramic Tooling
  164. Deep Learning Architiectures For Aided Melanoma Skin Disease Recognition: A Review
  165. Formal Verification of a Merge Sort Algorithm in SPARK
  166. Playing, Mapping, and Power
  167. Features of Organizing the Process of Designing Radar Microcircuits
  168. SAMPL7 Host–Guest Challenge Overview: assessing the reliability of polarizable and non-polarizable methods for binding free energy calculations
  169. Memristor Models and Emulators: A Literature Review
  170. Case study as a research method in hospitality and tourism research: A systematic literature review (1974–2020)
  171. Research on a new method for optimizing surface roughness of cavitation abrasive flow polishing monocrystalline silicon
  172. Chemical Profiles and Pharmacological Properties with In Silico Studies on Elatostema papillosum Wedd
  173. Research on the development trend and application of digital media art in graphic design education
  174. The Golden Ratio Regularities of Decayed Oscillations
  175. Discussing the Risks of Adaptive Virtual Environments for User Autonomy
  176. Mathematical modeling of failure of port control systems
  177. Improving small molecule force fields by identifying and characterizing small molecules with inconsistent parameters
  178. Rapid 3D Printing Response for Respiratory Support Apparatus Needs: Ventilators, Connectors, and Other Respiratory Support Devices
  179. Accurate scattering centers modeling for complex conducting targets based on induced currents
  180. Bioprinting for the Biologist
  181. Fragments recombination, design, synthesis, safener activity and CoMFA model of novel substituted dichloroacetylphenyl sulfonamide derivatives
  182. Integrating underground line design with existing public transportation systems to increase transit network connectivity: case study in greater cairo
  183. Shape Moment Invariants as a New Methodology for Uncertainty Quantification in Microstructures
  184. A high performance UWB MIMO antenna with defected ground structure and U-shape branches
  185. On the surface susceptibilities and effective parameters of metasurfaces composed of isolated metallic unit-cells
  186. Simulation and Analysis of the Interdigital Transducers Surface Acoustic Waves Generation and Propagation in Acoustophoretic Lab-Chip
  187. Industrial Design of Electric Machines Supported with Knowledge-Based Engineering Systems
  188. Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation of two Different Macro Designs Zirconia Root Form Implants
  190. Incremental Triangulation of Trimmed Splines
  191. Triple attention learning for classification of 14 thoracic diseases using chest radiography
  192. Design and Development of a Snow Scoot with an Innovative Impact Absorption System
  193. LA-8 Computational Analysis and Validation Studies Using FlightStream
  194. Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Morphing Airfoil
  195. Reconfigurable Carry Look-Ahead Adder Trading Accuracy for Energy Efficiency
  196. A Scaffold Free 3D Bioprinted Cartilage Model for In Vitro Toxicology
  197. New Navigation Approaches for Endoscopic Lateral Skull Base Surgery
  198. Deep learning for real-time semantic segmentation: Application in ultrasound imaging
  199. Use of artificial intelligence for detection of gastric lesions by magnetically controlled capsule endoscopy
  200. Additive Manufacturing Using Melt Extruded Thermoplastics for Tissue Engineering
  201. Digital twin-based sustainable intelligent manufacturing: A review
  203. Closed form expressions to find the far-field patterns of an equilateral triangular dielectric resonator antenna for various higher order modes
  204. An approach to economic evaluation in undergraduate anatomy education
  205. Photocurable Biopolymers for Coaxial Bioprinting
  206. Molecular probes for human cytochrome P450 enzymes: Recent progress and future perspectives
  207. A generic work zone evaluation tool driven by a macroscopic traffic simulation model
  208. An ontology-based framework for decision support in assembly variant design
  209. Computational Screening of Potential Inhibitors of Desulfobacter postgatei for Pyrite Scale Prevention in Oil and Gas Wells
  210. City University eJournal of Academic Research (CUeJAR)
  211. PVDF fiber membrane with ordered porous structure via 3D printing near field electrospinning
  212. Machine learning and image processing approaches for estimating concrete surface roughness using basic cameras
  213. Generating 3D texture models of vessel pipes using 2D texture transferred by object recognition
  214. Applying a random projection algorithm to optimize machine learning model for predicting peritoneal metastasis in gastric cancer patients using CT images
  215. Effect of Volatile Organic Compounds Adsorption on 3D-Printed PEGDA: PEDOT for Long-Term Monitoring Devices. Nanomaterials 2021, 11, 94
  216. A new transfer learning based approach to magnification dependent and independent classification of breast cancer in histopathological images
  217. Sterols and Triterpenes: Antiviral Potential Supported by In-Silico Analysis
  218. In Memory of Sergey G. Psakhie
  219. Multi-objective optimisation of tube hydroforming process on IF steel using Taguchi-based principal component analysis
  220. Attitudes and perceptions of dental students towards artificial intelligence
  221. Aerial perspective for shaded relief
  222. Designing of Arbiter PUF for Securing IP and IoT Devices
  223. Deep Ensemble Model for Classification of Novel Coronavirus in Chest X-Ray Images
  224. A survey of Intel SGX and its applications
  225. Unbounded Procedure Summaries from Bounded Environments
  226. Mathematical Modeling of Boundary Stress State of Orthotropic Material
  227. SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis using medical imaging techniques and artificial intelligence: A review
  228. Determination of dielectric properties of unknown substrates using hybrid approach
  229. Correlation Between Track Generation and Synthesis of Mechanisms
  230. Energy-E?icient Machine Learning on FPGA for Edge Devices: a Case Study

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