Research Projects Ideas Data Streaming

Data Streaming Research Projects Ideas, Topics, and Areas

Data Streaming Research Topics Ideas.

  1. Streamcloud: A large scale data streaming system
  2. Streamcloud: An elastic and scalable data streaming system
  3. Data streaming algorithms for efficient and accurate estimation of flow size distribution
  4. Large-scale data visualization using parallel data streaming
  5. Representing data quality in sensor data streaming environments
  6. Streaming queries over streaming data
  7. Private searching on streaming data
  8. Data streaming with affinity propagation
  9. Streaming-data algorithms for high-quality clustering
  10. Data streaming algorithms for estimating entropy of network traffic
  11. A novel mechanism for data streaming across multiple IP links for improving throughput and reliability in mobile environments
  12. Streaming data integration: Challenges and opportunities
  13. Verifiable data streaming
  14. Private searching on streaming data
  15. PSoup: a system for streaming queries over streaming data
  16. ENTRADA: A high-performance network traffic data streaming warehouse
  17. ERTP: Energy-efficient and reliable transport protocol for data streaming in wireless sensor networks
  18. Joint Data Streaming and Sampling Techniques for Detection of Super Sources and Destinations.
  19. Fast anomaly detection for streaming data
  20. A performance evaluation of Apache Kafka in support of big data streaming applications
  21. Condition based maintenance in railway transportation systems based on big data streaming analysis
  22. Active learning with drifting streaming data
  23. Recommendations for streaming data
  24. Analysis and management of streaming data: A survey
  25. Real-time streaming of environmental field data
  26. Unsupervised real-time anomaly detection for streaming data
  27. Production application performance data streaming for system monitoring
  28. Dynamic resource provisioning for data streaming applications in a cloud environment
  29. Machine learning for streaming data: state of the art, challenges, and opportunities
  30. GStream: A general-purpose data streaming framework on GPU clusters
  31. Semantic management of streaming data
  32. Optimized on-demand data streaming from sensor nodes
  33. A data streaming method for monitoring host connection degrees of high-speed links
  34. Semantic access to streaming and static data at Siemens
  35. Fjording the stream: An architecture for queries over streaming sensor data
  36. Real-time analytics: Techniques to analyze and visualize streaming data
  37. Streaming systems: the what, where, when, and how of large-scale data processing
  38. Categorical skylines for streaming data
  39. Sampling from a moving window over streaming data
  40. Sentiment knowledge discovery in twitter streaming data
  41. Online filtering, smoothing and probabilistic modeling of streaming data
  42. Efficient decision tree construction on streaming data
  43. Streaming k-means on Well-Clusterable Data
  44. Anomaly detection in streaming environmental sensor data: A data-driven modeling approach
  45. VeriStream–a framework for verifiable data streaming
  46. Metabolomic data streaming for biology-dependent data acquisition
  47. A data streaming algorithm for estimating entropies of od flows
  48. Stinger: High performance data structure for streaming graphs
  49. XPath queries on streaming data
  50. Adaptive preprocessing for streaming data
  51. A data streaming model in MPI
  52. Effective and efficient dimensionality reduction for large-scale and streaming data preprocessing
  53. Active learning with evolving streaming data
  54. Enabling ontology-based access to streaming data sources
  55. Efficient data streaming with on-chip accelerators: Opportunities and challenges
  56. Genealog: Fine-grained data streaming provenance at the edge
  57. Dynamic querying of streaming data with the dQUOB system
  58. Grid-based parallel data streaming implemented for the gyrokinetic toroidal code
  59. Accelerometer-based fall detection using optimized ZigBee data streaming
  60. Classifier ensembles for detecting concept change in streaming data: Overview and perspectives
  61. Predicting taxi–passenger demand using streaming data
  62. Streaming the web: Reasoning over dynamic data
  63. Dynamic control of data streaming and processing in a virtualized environment
  64. Activity recognition on streaming sensor data
  65. Interactive visualization of streaming data with kernel density estimation
  66. Benchmarking real-time vehicle data streaming models for a smart city
  67. Secure provenance transmission for streaming data
  68. High performance threaded data streaming for large scale simulations
  69. A data streaming algorithm for estimating subpopulation flow size distribution
  70. Visible-light communication system enabling 73 Mb/s data streaming
  71. Supporting streaming updates in an active data warehouse
  72. Is the sample good enough? comparing data from twitter’s streaming api with twitter’s firehose
  73. Deep learning for IoT big data and streaming analytics: A survey
  74. Modeling integration of streaming and data traffic
  75. Distributed resource sharing in fog-assisted big data streaming
  76. Permuting streaming data using RAMs
  77. Data streaming for metabolomics: accelerating data processing and analysis from days to minutes
  78. Scalable and reliable multi-dimensional sensor data aggregation in data streaming architectures
  79. Data streaming 2.0
  80. Online entropy-based discretization for data streaming classification
  81. Last-touch correlated data streaming
  82. Data streaming algorithms for accurate and efficient measurement of traffic and flow matrices
  83. An efficient and unique TF/IDF algorithmic model-based data analysis for handling applications with big data streaming
  84. Bluetooth low energy for data streaming: Application-level analysis and recommendation
  85. Data streaming algorithms for the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
  86. Anyout: Anytime outlier detection on streaming data
  87. Learning from streaming data with concept drift and imbalance: an overview
  88. Real-time processing of streaming big data
  89. An algorithm for in-core frequent itemset mining on streaming data
  90. A Containerized Big Data Streaming Architecture for Edge Cloud Computing on Clustered Single-board Devices.
  91. Big data for Natural Language Processing: A streaming approach
  92. Optimizing the throughput of data-driven peer-to-peer streaming
  93. CoolStreaming/DONet: A data-driven overlay network for peer-to-peer live media streaming
  94. Detecting sentiment change in Twitter streaming data
  95. An adaptive clustering and classification algorithm for Twitter data streaming in Apache Spark
  96. Streaming big data processing in datacenter clouds
  97. Evaluation methods and decision theory for classification of streaming data with temporal dependence
  98. Representing data quality for streaming and static data
  99. Safe data parallelism for general streaming
  100. Compose: A semisupervised learning framework for initially labeled nonstationary streaming data
  101. Towards optimising distributed data streaming graphs using parallel streams
  102. Dynamically scaling apache storm for the analysis of streaming data
  103. Verification and validation techniques for streaming big data analytics in internet of things environment
  104. Diversity measure as a new drift detection method in data streaming
  105. Haren: A framework for ad-hoc thread scheduling policies for data streaming applications
  106. Approximately detecting duplicates for streaming data using stable bloom filters
  107. Rethinking elastic online scheduling of big data streaming applications over high-velocity continuous data streams
  108. High throughput data streaming of individual longitudinal electron bunch profiles
  109. Finding hierarchical heavy hitters in streaming data
  110. Frequent items in streaming data: An experimental evaluation of the state-of-the-art
  111. Evaluating evolving structure in streaming data with modified Dunn’s indices
  112. Data streaming in telepresence environments
  113. SmartCell: A power-efficient reconfigurable architecture for data streaming applications
  114. Nearly optimal verifiable data streaming
  115. Clustering techniques for streaming data-a survey
  116. A new data streaming method for locating hosts with large connection degree
  117. Neighbor-based pattern detection for windows over streaming data
  118. Beyond batch processing: towards real-time and streaming big data
  119. Multi-level elasticity for wide-area data streaming systems: A reinforcement learning approach
  120. Change detection in streaming multivariate data using likelihood detectors
  121. Dasm: Data-streaming-based computing in nonvolatile memory architecture for embedded system
  122. SDN-based and multitenant-aware resource provisioning mechanism for cloud-based big data streaming
  123. Massive streaming data analytics: A case study with clustering coefficients
  124. Resilient flow control for wireless data streaming in inductively coupled medical implants
  125. Concept drift detection for streaming data
  126. Chaining watermarks for detecting malicious modifications to streaming data
  127. Efficient data streaming multiway aggregation through concurrent algorithmic designs and new abstract data types
  128. Voila: Visual anomaly detection and monitoring with streaming spatiotemporal data
  129. Predictive online server provisioning for cost-efficient iot data streaming across collaborative edges
  130. Arterial travel time forecast with streaming data: A hybrid approach of flow modeling and machine learning
  131. Openstream: Expressiveness and data-flow compilation of openmp streaming programs
  132. An anomaly detection approach based on isolation forest algorithm for streaming data using sliding window
  133. MOA-TweetReader: Real-Time Analysis in Twitter Streaming Data
  134. Anonymizing streaming data for privacy protection
  135. Quantity is nothing without quality: automated QA/QC for streaming environmental sensor data
  136. Evolving Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems from streaming data (eTS+)
  137. Examining students’ online interaction in a live video streaming environment using data mining and text mining
  138. An efficient framework for generating storyline visualizations from streaming data
  139. Architecture for analysis of streaming data
  140. Supporting Efficient Streaming and Insertion of XML Data in RDBMS.
  141. Mining recurring concept drifts with limited labeled streaming data
  142. Streamdm: Advanced data mining in spark streaming
  143. A task-level adaptive MapReduce framework for real-time streaming data in healthcare applications
  144. Streaming authenticated data structures
  145. Unsupervised clustering in streaming data
  146. Cascade: High throughput data streaming via decoupled access-execute cgra
  147. Ontology-based integration of streaming and static relational data with optique
  148. Meshing streaming updates with persistent data in an active data warehouse
  149. Anomaly pattern detection for streaming data
  150. Streaming pca and subspace tracking: The missing data case
  151. Incremental semi-supervised learning on streaming data
  152. Parallel MCNN (PMCNN) with application to prototype selection on large and streaming data
  153. Incremental partial least squares analysis of big streaming data
  154. A security punctuation framework for enforcing access control on streaming data
  155. Fast and quality-guaranteed data streaming in resource-constrained sensor networks
  156. Faanst: fast anonymizing algorithm for numerical streaming data
  157. [BOOK][B] Streaming, sharing, stealing: Big data and the future of entertainment
  158. DTLS for lightweight secure data streaming in the internet of things
  159. Carbon emissions and environmental management based on Big Data and Streaming Data: A bibliometric analysis
  160. A streaming ensemble algorithm (SEA) for large-scale classification
  161. Applying spark based machine learning model on streaming big data for health status prediction
  162. Stormy: an elastic and highly available streaming service in the cloud
  163. Efficient and Lightweight Data Streaming Authentication in Industrial Control and Automation Systems
  164. Real-time sentiment analysis of twitter streaming data for stock prediction
  165. StreamQRE: Modular specification and efficient evaluation of quantitative queries over streaming data
  166. Machine learning from distributed streaming data
  167. Exploring architectures, data and units for streaming end-to-end speech recognition with rnn-transducer
  168. An iterative boosting-based ensemble for streaming data classification
  169. Secure data streaming to untrusted road side units in intelligent transportation system
  170. Link quality estimation for adaptive data streaming in WSN
  171. Big data streaming for remote sensing time series analytics using MapReduce
  172. Spy agencies tap data streaming from phone apps
  173. Streaming compressed 3D data on the web using JavaScript and WebGL
  174. Distributed Learning in the Nonconvex World: From batch data to streaming and beyond
  175. The medici integration framework: A platform for high performance data streaming applications
  176. A unified framework for optimal wireless access for data streaming over vehicle-to-roadside communications
  177. A symbolic representation of time series, with implications for streaming algorithms
  178. Finding tendencies in streaming data using big data frequent itemset mining
  179. A data streaming performance evaluation using resource constrained edge device
  180. Anomaly detection over streaming data: Indy500 case study
  181. A nodes scheduling model based on Markov chain prediction for big streaming data analysis
  182. Streaming verification in data analysis
  183. Streaming feature selection algorithms for big data: A survey
  184. On training deep neural networks using a streaming approach
  185. Efficient evaluation of XQuery over streaming data
  186. Tracking recurrent concept drift in streaming data using ensemble classifiers
  187. Streaming submodular maximization: Massive data summarization on the fly
  188. Data management of sensor signals for high bandwidth data streaming to the cloud
  189. Evolving local means method for clustering of streaming data
  190. Density-based hierarchical clustering for streaming data
  191. [BOOK][B] Mastering apache storm: Real-time big data streaming using kafka, hbase and redis
  192. Practical off-chip meta-data for temporal memory streaming
  193. Human factors in streaming data analysis: Challenges and opportunities for information visualization
  194. A network edge monitoring approach for real-time data streaming applications
  195. An incremental dimensionality reduction method for visualizing streaming multidimensional data
  196. Subspace learning and imputation for streaming big data matrices and tensors
  197. The ring buffer network bus (RBNB) dataturbine streaming data middleware for environmental observing systems
  198. Real-time classification of streaming sensor data
  199. Multi-window based ensemble learning for classification of imbalanced streaming data
  200. Parallelizing XML data-streaming workflows via MapReduce
  201. Typhoon: An SDN enhanced real-time big data streaming framework
  202. The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Streaming Analytics, Q1 2016
  203. Data compression by volume prototypes for streaming data
  204. Streaming data fusion for the internet of things
  205. When is it biased? Assessing the representativeness of twitter’s streaming API
  206. A programming model for spatio-temporal data streaming applications
  207. Dynamic fully homomorphic encryption-based merkle tree for lightweight streaming authenticated data structures
  208. Incremental learning of concept drift from streaming imbalanced data
  209. Towards high performance processing of streaming data in large data centers
  210. China’s urban air quality evaluation with streaming data: A DEA window analysis
  211. On the dynamics of classification measures for imbalanced and streaming data
  212. Scalable scheduling of updates in streaming data warehouses
  213. General data streaming
  214. Experimental study on the performance and resource utilization of data streaming frameworks
  215. Evolutionary model building under streaming data for classification tasks: opportunities and challenges
  216. Design for real-time data acquisition based on streaming technology
  217. Model-based validation of streaming data: (industry article)
  218. Developing a real-time data analytics framework for twitter streaming data
  219. Using system dynamics to assess the environmental management of cement industry in streaming data context
  220. A Review of Tools for IoT Semantics and Data Streaming Analytics
  221. Piecewise linear approximation in data streaming: Algorithmic implementations and experimental analysis
  222. A client-side statistical prediction scheme for energy aware multimedia data streaming
  223. Dynamic structure embedded online multiple-output regression for streaming data
  224. Sensor data collection and analytics with thingsboard and spark streaming
  225. Big data streaming with spark
  226. The reconfigurable streaming vector processor (RSVP/spl trade/)
  227. Event identification and tracking in social media streaming data
  228. Exploring the optimal chunk selection policy for data-driven P2P streaming systems
  229. A data streaming algorithm for detection of superpoints with small memory consumption
  230. A distributed data streaming algorithm for network-wide traffic anomaly detection
  231. Streaming SPARQL-extending SPARQL to process data streams
  232. Determining trending topics in twitter with a data-streaming method in R
  233. Integration of iot streaming data with efficient indexing and storage optimization
  234. On the reliable detection of concept drift from streaming unlabeled data
  235. A hebbian/anti-hebbian neural network for linear subspace learning: A derivation from multidimensional scaling of streaming data
  236. Intrusion Detection in Industrial Networks via Data Streaming
  237. I2: Interactive Real-Time Visualization for Streaming Data.
  238. Towards improving feature extraction and classification for activity recognition on streaming data
  239. Manufacturing systems at scale with big data streaming and online machine learning
  240. GeneaLog: Fine-grained data streaming provenance in cyber-physical systems
  241. ISDI: A new window-based framework for integrating IoT streaming data from multiple sources
  242. Cloud resource scaling for big data streaming applications using a layered multi-dimensional hidden markov model
  243. A survey on XML streaming evaluation techniques
  244. Feature extraction for human activity recognition on streaming data
  245. Event identification for local areas using social media streaming data
  246. New constraints on the free-streaming of warm dark matter from intermediate and small scale Lyman- forest data
  247. Coresets for k-segmentation of streaming data
  248. Real time data streaming from smart phones
  249. Concept drift in streaming data classification: algorithms, platforms and issues
  250. Named entity disambiguation in streaming data
  251. FluXQuery: An optimizing XQuery processor for streaming XML data
  252. Data and computation transformations for Brook streaming applications on multiprocessors
  253. Compressed sensing of streaming data
  254. Elasticity management of streaming data analytics flows on clouds
  255. Low-rank tucker approximation of a tensor from streaming data
  256. Online censoring for large-scale regressions with application to streaming big data
  257. FuseAD: unsupervised anomaly detection in streaming sensors data by fusing statistical and deep learning models
  258. Social listening of city scale events using the streaming linked data framework
  259. Streaming motions of galaxy clusters within 12 000 km s-1 — I. New spectroscopic data
  260. Adaptive Methods for Activity Monitoring of Streaming Data.
  261. Holistic UDAFs at streaming speeds
  262. A partition-based approach to support streaming updates over persistent data in an active datawarehouse
  263. New efficient constructions of verifiable data streaming with accountability
  264. A multi-protocol system for configurable data streaming on IoT healthcare devices
  265. Global music streaming data reveal diurnal and seasonal patterns of affective preference
  266. High performance data streaming in service architecture
  267. Streaming in a connected world: querying and tracking distributed data streams
  268. A comparative study on sampling techniques for handling class imbalance in streaming data
  269. Heuristics miners for streaming event data
  270. A streaming processing unit for a CELL processor
  271. Streaming random patches for evolving data stream classification
  272. Layerp2p: A new data scheduling approach for layered streaming in heterogeneous networks
  273. Streaming big data meets backpressure in distributed network computation
  274. Battery-aware routing for streaming data transmissions in wireless sensor networks
  275. Evaluation of measurement techniques for the validation of agent-based simulations against streaming data
  276. Real-time Bayesian anomaly detection in streaming environmental data
  277. XWAVE: Optimal and approximate extended wavelets for streaming data
  278. Large-scale estimation in cyberphysical systems using streaming data: a case study with arterial traffic estimation
  279. A differentially private unscented Kalman filter for streaming data in IoT
  280. Efficient Unsupervised Dimension Reduction for Streaming Multiview Data
  281. Apache storm based on topology for real-time processing of streaming data from social networks
  282. Low latency analytics for streaming traffic data with Apache Spark
  283. A multi-threaded streaming pipeline architecture for large structured data sets
  284. DEA with streaming data
  285. Streaming pulse data to the cloud with bluetooth LE or NODEMCU ESP8266
  286. No Free Lunch Theorem for concept drift detection in streaming data classification: A review
  287. Anomaly detection in streaming nonstationary temporal data
  288. Continuous support vector regression for nonstationary streaming data
  289. Programming spatio-temporal data streaming applications with high-level specifications
  290. ntCard: a streaming algorithm for cardinality estimation in genomics data
  291. Real time streaming data grid applications
  292. PipeRench: A coprocessor for streaming multimedia acceleration
  293. Internet streaming SIMD extensions
  294. Candid with youtube: Adaptive streaming behavior and implications on data consumption
  295. Ready PCIe data streaming solutions for FPGAs
  296. Discovering hot topics using Twitter streaming data social topic detection and geographic clustering
  297. Handling adversarial concept drift in streaming data
  298. Submarine: A subscription-based data streaming framework for integrating large facilities and advanced cyberinfrastructure
  299. SeTraStream: semantic-aware trajectory construction over streaming movement data
  300. Classifying streaming of Twitter data based on sentiment analysis using hybridization
  301. Benchmarking streaming computation engines: Storm, flink and spark streaming
  302. Analysis of a simple approach to modeling performance for streaming data applications
  303. An efficient and resilient approach to filtering and disseminating streaming data
  304. Parallel processing of dynamic continuous queries over streaming data flows
  305. Big-data streaming applications scheduling based on staged multi-armed bandits
  306. Dynamic data assigning assessment clustering of streaming data
  307. Piecewise linear approximation of streaming time series data with max-error guarantees
  308. A belief rule based flood risk assessment expert system using real time sensor data streaming
  309. A lightweight protocol for secure video streaming
  310. Comparison of system performance for streaming data analysis in image processing tasks by sliding window
  311. Dioptase: a distributed data streaming middleware for the future web of things
  312. Fixed-rank approximation of a positive-semidefinite matrix from streaming data
  313. Interactive Visualization of Streaming Text Data with Dynamic Maps.
  314. Shared query processing in data streaming systems
  315. A scalable supervised algorithm for dimensionality reduction on streaming data
  316. A streaming framework for seamless building reconstruction from large-scale aerial lidar data
  317. An empirical evaluation of battery power consumption for streaming data transmission to mobile devices
  318. Streaming transducers for algorithmic verification of single-pass list-processing programs
  319. CRAM: a container resource allocation mechanism for big data streaming applications
  320. Stratified random sampling from streaming and stored data
  321. Tutorial on network data streaming
  322. An edge streaming data processing framework for autonomous driving
  323. Resource allocation in a middleware for streaming data
  324. Change detection in streaming data in the era of big data: models and issues
  325. SAP: Improving continuous top-K queries over streaming data
  326. An empirical determination of the polytropic index for the free-streaming solar wind using Helios 1 data
  327. Parallel continuous outlier mining in streaming data
  328. A grid density based framework for classifying streaming data in the presence of concept drift
  329. Hard-real-time scheduling of data-dependent tasks in embedded streaming applications
  330. Evaluating spatial-keyword queries on streaming data
  331. Streaming random forests
  332. A 650-MHz, IA-32 microprocessor with enhanced data streaming for graphics and video
  333. Towards analytics aware ontology based access to static and streaming data
  334. P2PCast: A peer-to-peer multicast scheme for streaming data
  335. Improving the classification accuracy of streaming data using sax similarity features
  336. Unsupervised outlier detection in streaming data using weighted clustering
  337. Local correlation detection with linearity enhancement in streaming data
  338. Measuring performance of road transportation industry in China in terms of integrated environmental efficiency in view of Streaming Data
  339. Nearest neighbour classifiers for streaming data with delayed labelling
  340. A statistical prediction-based scheme for energy-aware multimedia data streaming
  341. Network monitoring as a streaming analytics problem
  342. The second digital disruption: Streaming and the dawn of data-driven creativity
  343. Cooperative media data streaming with scalable video coding
  344. [BOOK][B] A model-based anomaly detection approach for analyzing streaming aircraft engine measurement data
  345. Coconut palm: Static and streaming data series exploration now in your palm
  346. Generating graph snapshots from streaming edge data
  347. Using labeled data to evaluate change detectors in a multivariate streaming environment
  348. Data analytics applications for streaming data from social media: what to predict?
  349. Real-time streaming data delivery over named data networking
  350. SP-Partitioner: A novel partition method to handle intermediate data skew in spark streaming
  351. Streaming data analysis on the wire
  352. On some techniques for streaming data: a case study of internet packet headers
  353. Predicting systolic blood pressure in real-time using streaming data and deep learning
  354. A framework for multidimensional skyline queries over streaming data
  355. Disseminating streaming data in a dynamic environment: an adaptive and cost-based approach
  356. Statistical data reduction for streaming data
  357. A visual analytics framework for reviewing streaming performance data
  358. Turboflux: A fast continuous subgraph matching system for streaming graph data
  359. A Streaming Parallel Decision Tree Algorithm.
  360. Streaming tensor factorization for infinite data sources
  361. Compiler-Assisted Data Streaming for Regular Code Structures
  362. PrefixSpan based pattern mining using time sliding weight from streaming data
  363. A novel online multi-label classifier for high-speed streaming data applications
  364. A semantically enabled service architecture for mashups over streaming and stored data
  365. Concurrent data structures for efficient streaming aggregation
  366. Online cluster validity indices for performance monitoring of streaming data clustering
  367. Active learning classification of drifted streaming data
  368. DPASF: a flink library for streaming data preprocessing
  369. Trading off space for passes in graph streaming problems
  370. Cost-aware streaming workflow allocation on geo-distributed data centers
  371. Classification of vessel activity in streaming data
  372. Trade-off between environmental benefits and time costs for public bicycles: An empirical analysis using streaming data in China
  373. A novel data streaming method detecting superpoints
  374. Measurement of streaming potentials
  375. Real-time traffic modeling and estimation with streaming probe data using machine learning
  376. Pipelined parallel LZSS for streaming data compression on GPGPUs
  377. Big-data streaming applications scheduling with online learning and concept drift detection
  378. A comparative study of HTM and other neural network models for online sequence learning with streaming data
  379. An efficient concept drift detection method for streaming data under limited labeling
  380. Music Streaming in Denmark: An analysis of listening patterns and the consequences of a’per user’settlement model based on streaming data from WiMP
  381. Buffer capacity computation for throughput constrained streaming applications with data-dependent inter-task communication
  382. Delay-sensitive approaches for anonymizing numerical streaming data
  383. Performance of the M-LWDF scheduling algorithm for streaming services in HSDPA
  384. Visualization of streaming data: Observing change and context in information visualization techniques
  385. On the design of a framework integrating an optimization engine with streaming technologies
  386. Analysis of streaming data using big data and hybrid machine learning approach
  387. Semantic Access to Siemens Streaming Data: the Optique Way.
  388. SamzaSQL: Scalable fast data management with streaming SQL
  389. Streamflow programming model for data streaming in scientific workflows
  390. New estimation algorithms for streaming data: Count-min can do more
  391. Efficient representation and interactive streaming of high-resolution panoramic views
  392. Adaptive Data Streaming Service for Onboard Spacecraft Networks
  393. Efficient streaming text clustering
  394. An integrated resource management and scheduling system for grid data streaming applications
  395. Hardware architecture proposal for teda algorithm to data streaming anomaly detection
  396. Author attribution on streaming data
  397. Networked transport of RTCM via internet protocol (Ntrip)… IP-Streaming for Real-Time GNSS Applications
  398. Scikit-multiflow: A multi-output streaming framework
  399. Renewable estimation and incremental inference in generalized linear models with streaming data sets
  400. Private searching on streaming data based on keyword frequency
  401. SenQ: An embedded query system for streaming data in heterogeneous interactive wireless sensor networks
  402. A comparison of data streaming frameworks for anomaly detection in embedded systems
  403. Online cluster validity indices for streaming data
  404. Using control charts for detecting concept change in streaming data
  405. Computationally efficient rule-based classification for continuous streaming data
  406. Transmitting and gathering streaming data in wireless multimedia sensor networks within expected network lifetime
  407. Dynamic reconfiguration optimisation with streaming data decompression
  408. Adaptive video streaming with network coding enabled named data networking
  409. A model, design, and implementation of an efficient multithreaded workflow execution engine with data streaming, caching, and storage constraints
  410. Improving performance of mobile interactive data-streaming applications with multiple cloudlets
  411. A survey on online feature selection with streaming features
  412. Efficient verifiable data streaming
  413. Fast distributed correlation discovery over streaming time-series data
  414. A performance evaluation of scalable live video streaming with nano data centers
  415. Cluster kernels: Resource-aware kernel density estimators over streaming data
  416. Optimizing ZigBee for data streaming in body-area bio-feedback applications
  417. A SPARQL engine for streaming RDF data
  418. Performance-aware scheduling of streaming applications using genetic algorithm
  419. Is data collection through twitter streaming api useful for academic research?
  420. Application of machine learning model on streaming health data event in real-time to predict health status using spark
  421. Jetstream: Enabling high performance event streaming across cloud data-centers
  422. Privacy-preserving data integrity verification by using lightweight streaming authenticated data structures for healthcare cyber–physical system
  423. Sparse travel time estimation from streaming data
  424. StreamTX: extracting tuples from streaming XML data
  425. A privacy-preserving approach to streaming eye-tracking data
  426. Correlated anomaly detection from large streaming data
  427. Improved Kalman filter based differentially private streaming data release in cognitive computing
  428. A hybrid FEC-ARQ protocol for low-delay lossless sequential data streaming
  429. Energy-efficient proactive caching for adaptive video streaming via data-driven optimization
  430. Data streaming, workflow and firewall-friendly Grid Services with Styx
  431. Statistical data mining of streaming motion data for activity and fall recognition in assistive environments
  432. Modelless data quality improvement of streaming synchrophasor measurements by exploiting the low-rank Hankel structure
  433. A comparative study on streaming frameworks for big data
  434. Transmitting streaming data in wireless multimedia sensor networks with holes
  435. Real-time streaming of multichannel audio data over Internet
  436. Efficient evaluation of regular path expressions on streaming XML data
  437. OR black box and surgical control tower: Recording and streaming data and analytics to improve surgical care
  438. Coconut: sortable summarizations for scalable indexes over static and streaming data series
  439. Transport of fluid and ions through a porous-permeable charged-hydrated tissue, and streaming potential data on normal bovine articular cartilage
  440. Ontology based data access on temporal and streaming data
  441. Mercury: Metro density prediction with recurrent neural network on streaming CDR data
  442. Variance-reduced stochastic gradient descent on streaming data
  443. Confidence decision trees via online and active learning for streaming data
  444. [BOOK][B] Big data analytics using Splunk: Deriving operational intelligence from social media, machine data, existing data warehouses, and other real-time streaming …
  445. Sampling streaming data with replacement
  446. Online robust low-rank tensor modeling for streaming data analysis
  447. Supervised clustering of streaming data for email batch detection
  448. Parallel and streaming generation of ghost data for structured grids
  449. Streaming data
  450. KStreams: kernel support for efficient data streaming in proxy servers
  451. Bobolang: A language for parallel streaming applications
  452. A data reception method to reduce interruption time in P2P streaming environments
  453. Markov Boundary Learning With Streaming Data for Supervised Classification
  454. Doubly Robust Bayesian Inference for Non-Stationary Streaming Data with -Divergences
  455. Online Distributed IoT Security Monitoring With Multidimensional Streaming Big Data
  456. Joint source coding and data rate adaptation for energy efficient wireless video streaming
  457. MOA concept drift active learning strategies for streaming data
  458. Towards Kernel Density Estimation over Streaming Data.
  459. Sentiment analysis for sarcasm detection on streaming short text data
  460. Buffer management for aggregated streaming data with packet dependencies
  461. Enabling semantic access to static and streaming distributed data with optique
  462. Improvement of kafka streaming using partition and multi-threading in big data environment
  463. Sub-linear race sketches for approximate kernel density estimation on streaming data
  464. A real-time big data sentiment analysis for iraqi tweets using spark streaming
  465. Automated change detection and reactive clustering in multivariate streaming data
  466. On peer-to-peer media streaming
  467. The energy and greenhouse-gas implications of internet video streaming in the United States
  468. Optimization of real-time ultrasound PCIe data streaming and OpenCL processing for SAFT imaging
  469. Seismology in the cloud: A new streaming workflow
  470. Ice streaming in the Laurentide Ice Sheet: A first comparison between data-calibrated numerical model output and geological evidence
  471. An efficient online direction-preserving compression approach for trajectory streaming data
  472. A mobile agent-based communications middleware for data streaming in the battlefield
  473. [BOOK][B] Scala and Spark for Big Data Analytics: Explore the concepts of functional programming, data streaming, and machine learning
  474. Finding longest increasing and common subsequences in streaming data
  475. Finding approximate frequent patterns in streaming medical data
  476. A coverage based ensemble algorithm (CBEA) for streaming data
  477. MedSMan: A streaming data management system over live multimedia
  478. Private searching for single and conjunctive keywords on streaming data
  479. Gigavoxels: Ray-guided streaming for efficient and detailed voxel rendering
  480. Kintense: A robust, accurate, real-time and evolving system for detecting aggressive actions from streaming 3d skeleton data
  481. Online diarization of streaming audio-visual data for smart environments
  482. Efficient k-NN search on streaming data series
  483. Correlating burst events on streaming stock market data
  484. Forward decay: A practical time decay model for streaming systems
  485. SWEclat: a frequent itemset mining algorithm over streaming data using Spark Streaming
  486. Visualizing streaming text data with dynamic graphs and maps
  487. Streaming the sound of smart cities: Experimentations on the smartsantander test-bed
  488. Data analytics: industrial perspective & solutions for streaming data
  489. A new operator for efficient stream-relation join processing in data streaming engines
  490. Distributed join processing between streaming and stored big data under the micro-batch model
  491. SPARTAN: Semantic integration of big spatio-temporal data from streaming and archival sources
  492. High speed streaming data analysis of web generated log streams
  493. Real-time visualization of streaming text data: Tasks and challenges
  494. Conformal prediction for distribution-independent anomaly detection in streaming vessel data
  495. 75,000,000,000 streaming inserts/second using hierarchical hypersparse graphblas matrices
  496. High brightness MEMS mirror based head-up display (HUD) modules with wireless data streaming capability
  497. Streaming data payment protocol (sdpp) for the internet of things
  498. Diamond sketch: Accurate per-flow measurement for big streaming data
  499. Streaming MASSIF: cascading reasoning for efficient processing of IoT data streams
  500. vi: LabVIEW program for reliable data streaming of large analog time series

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