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Data Structures Research Projects Ideas, Topics, and Areas

List of Data Structures Research Topics Areas.

  1. UCSF ChimeraX: Structure visualization for researchers, educators, and developers
  2. Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Rectangular Liquid-Containing Structures under Seismic Excitation
  3. A Tool for the Rapid Seismic Assessment of Historic Masonry Structures Based on Limit Analysis Optimisation and Rocking Dynamics
  4. Gust buffeting and aerodynamic admittance of structures with arbitrary mode shapes. I: Enhanced equivalent spectrum technique
  5. Uncertain identification method of structural damage for beam-like structures based on strain modes with noises
  6. Are higher-gradient models also capable of predicting mechanical behavior in the case of wide-knit pantographic structures?
  7. Automated mapping of cultural heritage in Norway from airborne lidar data using faster R-CNN
  8. [BOOK][B] Statistics for Linguistics with R
  9. Investigating the mitochondrial genomic landscape of Arabidopsis thaliana by long-read sequencing
  10. Adipose Stem Cells and Platelet-Rich Plasma Induce Vascular-Like Structures in a Dermal Regeneration Template
  11. Ultra-Wideband MIMO Array for Penetrating Lunar Regolith Structures on the Chang’e-5 Lander
  12. Architecture of the evaporite accumulation and salt structures dynamics in Tiddlybanken Basin, southeastern Norwegian Barents Sea
  13. Synthesis, crystal structures, phase width and electrochemical performances of ?-brass type phases in Cu–Zn–Sn system
  14. Cu2O nanocubes–grafted highly dense Au nanoparticles with modulated electronic structures for improving peroxidase catalytic performances
  15. Topology optimization of vibrating structures with frequency band constraints
  16. Image enhancement with the preservation of brightness and structures by employing contrast limited dynamic quadri-histogram equalization
  17. Structure and Algorithms of Ordered Sets
  18. Tighten the Bolts and Nuts on GPP Estimations from Sites to the Globe: An Assessment of Remote Sensing Based LUE Models and Supporting Data Fields
  19. Air-Filled Bubbles Stabilized by Gold Nanoparticle/Photodynamic Dye Hybrid Structures for Theranostics
  20. Fast shared-memory streaming multilevel graph partitioning
  21. Foliated affine and projective structures
  22. Detection of core-skin disbonds in honeycomb composite sandwich structures using highly nonlinear solitary waves
  23. [BOOK][B] Long time coming: Racial inequality in the nonmetropolitan south, 1940-1990
  24. LES/TPDF investigation of the effects of ambient methanol concentration on pilot fuel ignition characteristics and reaction front structures
  25. Aluminum alloys for lightweight automotive structures
  26. Foundations of population-based SHM, Part III: Heterogeneous populations–Mapping and transfer
  27. Estimation of regional transition probabilities for spatial dynamic microsimulations from survey data lacking in regional detail
  28. Profiling microbial community structures and functions in bioremediation strategies for treating 1, 4-dioxane-contaminated groundwater
  29. Solution structures of the Shewanella woodyi H-NOX protein in the presence and absence of soluble guanylyl cyclase stimulator IWP-051
  30. Three-dimensional reconstruction of porous polymer films from FIB-SEM nanotomography data using random forests
  31. Refractive index change measurement by quantitative microscopy phase imaging for femtosecond laser written structures
  32. Bioinformatics Resources for RNA Editing
  33. Optimal geometry for cable wrapping to minimize dynamic impacts on cable-harnessed beam structures
  34. Data-driven combustion kinetic modeling concept of alternative alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) fuel
  35. Numerical Simulations of Flow Around Wall-Mounted Square and Trapezoidal Structures at High Reynolds Numbers
  36. Validation of terrestrial laser scanning and artificial intelligence for measuring deformations of cultural heritage structures
  37. SynPo-Net—Accurate and Fast CNN-Based 6DoF Object Pose Estimation Using Synthetic Training
  38. Biodegradable active food packaging structures based on hybrid cross-linked electrospun polyvinyl alcohol fibers containing essential oils and their application in the …
  39. Compressive behaviour of 3D printed sandwich structures based on corrugated core design
  40. A rheological test to assess the ability of food inks to form dimensionally stable 3D food structures
  41. Beam damage detection using synchronisation of peaks in instantaneous frequency and amplitude of vibration data
  42. Twitter trends: A ranking algorithm analysis on real time data
  43. A crack detection method for underwater concrete structures using sensing-heating system with porous casing
  44. Comparative efficiency of different realization methods of cathodic protection for marine structures
  45. Comparison of reduction methods for finite element geometrically nonlinear beam structures
  46. Analyzing TAN1 and AIR9 Co-localization Data to Reveal Their Genetic Relationship
  47. The molecular structures of polysaccharides affect their reverse osmosis membrane fouling behaviors
  48. Simultaneous QSM and metabolic imaging of the brain using SPICE: Further improvements in data acquisition and processing
  49. Towards blood flow in the virtual human: efficient self-coupling of HemeLB
  50. Active thermography for quality assurance of 3D-printed polymer structures
  51. Crystal structures of human NSDHL and development of its novel inhibitor with the potential to suppress EGFR activity
  52. An efficient method for incorporating modeling uncertainties into collapse fragility of steel structures
  53. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science breaking into drug design and neglected diseases
  54. Influence of the Parameters of Permalloy-Based Multilayer Film Structures on the Sensitivity of Magnetic Impedance Effect
  55. Insights into the inner structures of the fully charmed tetraquark state
  56. The in-plane stretching and compression mechanics of negative Poisson’s ratio structures: concave hexagon, star shape, and their combination
  57. Synthesis, structures and luminescence properties of dinuclear Nd, Eu, Tb, and Yb complexes supported by a pendant picolyl-imine calix [4] arene ligand
  58. canSAR: update to the cancer translational research and drug discovery knowledgebase
  59. A Comparison of solo and pair programming in terms of flow experience, coding quality, and coding achievement
  60. Diverse jet structures consistent with the off-axis afterglow of GRB 170817A
  61. NanoNET: An extendable Python framework for semi-empirical tight-binding models
  62. A mechanically robust slippery surface with ‘corn-like’structures fabricated by in-situ growth of TiO2 on attapulgite
  63. IRIS: An Application for the Visually Impaired Using Google Cloud API
  64. Five lead (II) coordinated polymers assembled from asymmetric azoles carboxylate ligands: Synthesis, structures and fluorescence properties
  65. Design of 3D Additively Manufactured Hybrid Structures for Cranioplasty
  66. Theorem proving and algebra
  67. Facilitating Workers’ Task Proficiency with Subtle Decay of Contextual AR-Based Assistance Derived from Unconscious Memory Structures. Information 2021, 12, 17
  68. Informational Content of Factor Structures in Simultaneous Binary Response Models
  69. … observed in umbra, plage, quiet-Sun and the polarity inversion line of active region 11158 using Helioseismic Magnetic Imager/Solar Dynamics Observatory data
  70. Hot exciton relaxation in coupled ultra-thin CdTe/ZnTe quantum well structures
  71. Ultrasonic inspection of grouted splice sleeves in precast concrete structures using elastic reverse time migration method
  72. Experience with Building Distributed Systems on top of the Mach Microkernel
  73. A numerical study into element type and mesh resolution for crystal plasticity finite element modeling of explicit grain structures
  74. Synthesis and crystal structures of novel alkali rare-earth orthoborates K 3 RE 3 (BO 3) 4 (RE= Pr, Nd, Sm–Lu)
  75. Diiron ethane-1, 2-dithiolate complexes with 1, 2, 3-thiadiazole moiety: Synthesis, X-ray crystal structures, electrochemistry and fungicidal activity
  76. Real Road Networks on Digital Maps with Applications in the Search for Optimal Routes
  77. Ultrafiltration isolation, structures and anti-tumor potentials of two arabinose-and galactose-rich pectins from leaves of Aralia elata
  78. Thick brane structures in generalized hybrid metric-Palatini gravity
  79. Taphonomic patterns mimic biologic structures: diagenetic Liesegang rings in Mesozoic coleoids and coprolites
  80. Dynamic graph algorithms with batch updates in the massively parallel computation model
  81. Variability and consistency in early language learning: The Wordbank project
  82. … resistance of reactive gas pulse sputtered (TiTaNbZrNi) N high entropy alloy coatings with a hybrid architecture of multilayered and compositionally graded structures
  83. A Proposal for a Broadband Network Infrastructure (High-Speed Networks, Data Archives, and Collaborative Work)
  84. Gaussian process assisted stochastic dynamic analysis with applications to near-periodic structures
  85. A Pluggable Learned Index Method via Sampling and Gap Insertion
  86. FireProtDB: database of manually curated protein stability data
  87. [BOOK][B] Methods and data analysis for cross-cultural research
  88. Three-dimensional finite element modeling of RC columns subjected to cyclic lateral loading
  89. Performance evaluation of structures with reinforced concrete columns retrofitted with steel jacketing
  90. Damage detection of cylindrical shells based on Sander’s theory and model updating using incomplete modal data considering random noises
  91. Abnormal orientation relation between fcc and hcp structures revealed in a deformed high manganese steel
  92. A developed failure mode and effect analysis for floating offshore wind turbine support structures
  93. Optimization of a continuous hot embossing process for fabrication of micropyramid structures in thermoplastic sheets
  94. On Indexing and Compressing Finite Automata
  95. Efficient phasing and imputation of low-coverage sequencing data using large reference panels
  96. In-situ visual exploration over big raw data
  97. Understanding thermal expansion of pressurized silica glass using topological pruning of ring structures
  98. Ensembl 2021
  99. Experimental Study on Coherent Structures by Particles Suspended in Half-Zone Thermocapillary Liquid Bridges
  100. Minimizing the impact of scale-dependent galaxy bias on the joint cosmological analysis of large-scale structures
  101. Syntheses, structures, photoluminescence, and near-infrared of pentanuclear Tb (III), Yb (III) dibenzoylmethane complexes
  102. The Vision of Digital Surgery
  103. Core Cloud Concepts: Storage
  104. Hierarchical structures lead to high thermoelectric performance in Cu m+ n Pb 100 Sb m Te 100 Se 2m (CLAST)
  105. Data-driven discovery of Koopman eigenfunctions for control
  106. Deep Learning applications for COVID-19
  107. Contribution on the understanding of EPB-TBM drives in complex geologic structures
  108. An integrated approach for the numerical modeling of severely damaged historic structures: Application to a masonry bridge
  109. Low-frequency ferroelectric switching studies in PVDF thin films across Cu or (Ag/Cu)/PVDF/Cu capacitor structures
  110. Effect of pseudopotential choice on the calculated electron and phonon band structures of palladium hydride and its vacancy defect phases
  111. Complex dielectric, complex electric modulus, and electrical conductivity in Al/(Graphene-PVA)/p-Si (metal-polymer-semiconductor) structures
  112. Collapse-resistant performance of long-span single-layer spatial grid structures subjected to equivalent sudden joint loads
  113. Tunable optical properties of SiO2/Ag double-layer and SiO2/Ag/SiO2 triple-layer hybrid structures
  114. Translating separation logic to first order logic
  115. Virtual Aircraft Technology Integration Platform: From Virtual Flight Testing towards Simulation-based Certification
  116. Atmospheric response to high-resolution topographical and radiative forcings in a general circulation model of Venus: Time-mean structures of waves and …
  117. LightVault: a design and robotic fabrication method for complex masonry structures
  118. Counting small permutation patterns
  119. Optimal remanufacturing decisions in supply chains considering consumers’ anticipated regret and power structures
  120. Flexible annotation atlas of the mouse brain: combining and dividing brain structures of the Allen Brain Atlas while maintaining anatomical hierarchy
  121. Designing mesoporous photonic structures for high-performance passive daytime radiative cooling
  122. Adding a Verification View for an Autonomous Real-Time System Architecture
  123. KLIFS: an overhaul after the first 5 years of supporting kinase research
  124. Experimental study on mechanical and optical properties of printable photopolymer used for visualising hidden structures and stresses in rocks
  125. Multi-Gene Genetic Programming Regression Model for Prediction of Transient Storage Model Parameters in Natural Rivers
  126. Archiving Strategies for Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Algorithms
  127. A flexible tool for estimating applications performance and energy consumption through static analysis
  128. Closed-form optimal calibration of a tuned liquid column damper (TLCD) for flexible structures
  129. Quantum transport evidence of topological band structures of kagome superconductor CsV3Sb5
  130. Is there a conflict between principles-based standard setting and structured electronic reporting with XBRL?
  131. Age-specific mortality and immunity patterns of SARS-CoV-2
  132. Faster SAT Solving for Software with Repeated Structures (with Case Studies on Software Test Suite Minimization)
  133. Innovativeness: a bibliometric vision of the conceptual and intellectual structures and the past and future research directions
  134. 3D Variability Analysis: Resolving continuous flexibility and discrete heterogeneity from single particle cryo-EM
  135. A structural theorem for local algorithms with applications to coding, testing, and privacy
  136. Cyber security in the age of covid-19: A timeline and analysis of cyber-crime and cyber-attacks during the pandemic
  137. Exploiting low-rank covariance structures for computing high-dimensional normal and Student-t probabilities
  138. … copper (II) and zinc (II) complexes of halogenated bidentate N, O-donor Schiff base ligands: Synthesis, characterization, crystal structures, DNA binding, molecular …
  139. Toward Humanizing Assessment: A Call to Find Justice to Students, to Faculty, and to Data
  140. Wild globally hyperbolic maximal anti-de Sitter structures
  141. Plasmalogen-Based Liquid Crystalline Multiphase Structures Involving Docosapentaenoyl Derivatives Inspired by Biological Cubic Membranes
  142. … -Image-Feature-Based Hierarchical Concrete Crack Identification Framework Using Optimized SVM Multi-Classifiers and D–S Fusion Algorithm for Bridge Structures
  143. Projection-based model reduction for finite-element simulations of thermal protection systems
  144. Applications of remote sensing and GIS techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of coastal structures along Burullus headland-Eastern Nile Delta, Egypt
  145. Characteristic Analysis and Structural Design of Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibers with Band Gap Cladding Structures
  146. Carbazole isomers induce ultralong organic phosphorescence
  147. Seismic response correlation coefficient for the structures, systems and components of the Korean nuclear power plant for seismic probabilistic safety assessment
  148. Scanning probe-based nanolithography: nondestructive structures fabricated on silicon surface via distinctive anisotropic etching in HF/HNO 3 mixtures
  149. Long-term noninvasive ventilation in COPD: current evidence and future directions
  150. Looking after constituency interests: The utilisation of MP expenses and Early Day Motions to craft constituency service home styles
  151. Immiscibility and the origin of ladder structures, mafic layering, and schlieren in plutons
  152. Elemental iron: reduction of pertechnetate in the presence of silica and periodicity of precipitated nano-structures
  153. Strain monitoring based bridge reliability assessment using parametric Bayesian mixture model
  154. Linear Diophantine fuzzy algebraic structures
  155. Database resources of the national center for biotechnology information
  156. Matrix completion methods for causal panel data models
  157. Domain-specific meta-embedding with latent semantic structures
  158. Enhanced ultraviolet shielding performances of TiO2 nanorods in different crystalline structures and illite-loaded composites
  159. StreptomeDB 3.0: an updated compendium of streptomycetes natural products
  160. Data-Driven Multiscale Science for Tire Compounding: Methods and Future Directions
  161. Multiple stopbands and wavefield asymmetry of surface water waves in non-Bragg structures
  162. Determining the Location of The Urban Transport Interchanges Based on the Geographic Information System: the Case Study for Istanbul
  163. A literature review of pre-fatigued structures treated by TIG dressing
  164. Frame analysis and design of industrial rack structures with perforated cold-formed steel columns
  165. Scaffold-free biofabrication of adipocyte structures with magnetic levitation
  166. Locked-in or ready for climate change mitigation? Agri-food networks as structures for dairy-beef farming
  167. Unequal impact of structural health determinants and comorbidity on COVID-19 severity and lethality in older Mexican adults: Considerations beyond chronological …
  168. Ecological insights into assembly processes and network structures of bacterial biofilms in full-scale biologically active carbon filters under ozone implementation
  169. Theoretical prediction and analysis of hybrid material hat-shaped tubes with strengthened corner structures under quasi-static axial loading
  170. Construction of multi-structures based on Cu NWs-supported MOF-derived Co oxides for Asymmetric Pseudocapacitors
  171. 3D-printed ordered bed structures for chromatographic purification of enveloped and non-enveloped viral particles
  172. Foundations of population-based SHM, Part I: Homogeneous populations and forms
  173. Likelihoods and parameter priors for Bayesian networks
  174. Enhanced photocatalytic conversion of NOx with satisfactory selectivity of 3D-2D Bi4O5Br2-GO hierarchical structures via a facile microwave-assisted preparation
  175. Robustness of RC building structures with infill masonry walls: Tests on a purpose-built structure
  176. KLOE data structure
  177. Image retrieval from remote sensing big data: A survey
  178. Automated X-ray computer tomography segmentation method for finite element analysis of non-crimp fabric reinforced composites
  179. Simplified Model for Wind-Induced Comfort Analysis and Design of Mega-Structures with Viscous Damped Outriggers
  180. Clouds in Three-dimensional Models of Hot Jupiters over a Wide Range of Temperatures. I. Thermal Structures and Broadband Phase-curve Predictions
  181. Embedding manifold structures into kalman filters
  182. UCNN: A Convolutional Strategy on Unstructured Mesh
  183. Fatigue performance prediction of S235 base steel plates in the riveted connections
  184. Recyclable LRS FRP composites for engineering structures: Current status and future opportunities
  185. Determination of single and double helical structures in a swirling jet by spectral proper orthogonal decomposition
  186. What’s down there? The structures, materials and environment of deep-seated slow slip and tremor
  187. In-cell structures of a conserved supramolecular array at the mitochondria-cytoskeleton interface in mammalian sperm
  188. Renal Epithelial Cell Responses to Supramolecular Thermoplastic Elastomeric Concave and Convex Structures
  189. On the applicability of the single parabolic band model to advanced thermoelectric materials with complex band structures
  190. Carbon-based 0D/1D/2D assembly with desired structures and defect states as non-metal bifunctional electrocatalyst for zinc-air battery
  191. Big data and IoT-based applications in smart environments: A systematic review
  192. High-index crystal plane of ZnO nanopyramidal structures: Stabilization, growth, and improved photocatalytic performance
  193. Dynamic response of viscoelastic multiple-core sandwich structures
  194. Analysis of multivariate longitudinal data using ARMA Cholesky and hypersphere decompositions
  195. Thermoplastics and thermoplastic–matrix composites for lightweight automotive structures
  196. DBAASP v3: database of antimicrobial/cytotoxic activity and structure of peptides as a resource for development of new therapeutics
  197. Different effects of pectin and ?-carrageenan on the multiscale structures and in vitro digestibility of extruded rice starch
  198. New insights on cellular structures strengthening mechanisms and thermal stability of an austenitic stainless steel fabricated by laser powder-bed-fusion
  199. Approximate analytical solution of buckling of multi-damaged column-like structures using a continuous diffused crack model by variational iteration method
  200. A nodal-based Lagrange multiplier/cohesive zone approach for dynamic interfacial cracking analysis of thin-walled laminated composite structures
  201. Smaller volume in left-lateralized brain structures correlates with greater experience of negative non-target emotions in neurodegenerative diseases
  202. Analytical wave structures in plasma physics modelled by Gilson-Pickering equation by two integration norms
  203. Mouse Genome Database (MGD): Knowledgebase for mouse–human comparative biology
  204. Efficient incremental authentication for the updated data in fog computing
  205. Syntheses, X-ray crystal structures and catalytic epoxidation of oxidovanadium(V) and dioxidomolybdenum(VI) complexes derived from N’-(4-Bromo-2 …
  206. Analysing the Practicality of Drawing Inferences in Automation of Commonsense Reasoning
  207. Mediating structures and the dilemmas of the welfare state
  208. Full-field FRF estimation from noisy high-speed-camera data using a dynamic substructuring approach
  209. Pneumatically Actuated Soft Gripper with Bistable Structures
  210. Phonon dispersions and electronic structures of two-dimensional IV-V compounds
  211. Experimental and numerical studies of high-chromium stainless steel welded I-section beam-columns
  212. Point-cloud based 3D object detection and classification methods for self-driving applications: A survey and taxonomy
  213. Internal liquid crystal structures in nanocarriers containing drug hydrophobic ion pairs dictate drug release
  214. On exponential stability of hybrid neutral stochastic differential delay equations with different structures
  215. Local Collaborative Governance: Could It Bypass Outdated Legal Structures?
  216. Application of the artificial neural network for predicting mainshock-aftershock sequences in seismic assessment of reinforced concrete structures
  217. A framework for transformation to nearshore wave from global wave data using machine learning techniques: Validation at the Port of Hitachinaka, Japan
  218. In-plane and out-of-plane seismic damage of masonry infills in existing rc structures: the case study of De Gasperi-Battaglia school in Norcia
  219. Characterization and evaluation of inclusion complexes between astaxanthin esters with different molecular structures and hydroxypropyl-ß-cyclodextrin
  220. Topology optimization of elasto-plastic structures under reliability constraints: A first order approach
  221. Micro-and nano-structures of cellulose from eggplant plant (Solanum melongena L) agricultural residue
  222. Internal structure of the San Jacinto fault zone at the Ramona Reservation, north of Anza, California, from dense array seismic data
  223. Scalability, Consistency, Reliability and Security in SDN Controllers: A Survey of Diverse SDN Controllers
  224. Using a porous-media approach for CFD modelling of wave interaction with thin perforated structures
  225. Non-linear FE2 multiscale simulation of damage, micro and macroscopic strains in polyamide 66-woven composite structures: analysis and experimental validation
  226. Fatigue damage prognosis of adhesively bonded joints via a surrogate model
  227. Fabrication of superamphiphobic surface with hierarchical structures on metal substrate
  228. Efficient uncertainty quantification of wharf structures under seismic scenarios using Gaussian process surrogate model
  229. Designing an impact resistant sandwich panel composite using struct based structures
  230. Analytical investigation of rectangular steel pipe shear connector
  231. js
  232. Stochastic Modeling of Deterioration and Time-Variant Performance of Reinforced Concrete Structures under Joint Effects of Earthquakes, Corrosion, and ASR
  233. A parametric divergence-free vector field method for the optimization of composite structures with curvilinear fibers
  234. Discussion: A review of some sampling and aggregation strategies for basic statistical process monitoring (IM Zwetsloot and WH Woodall)
  235. Ni-doped brochantite@ copper hydroxide hierarchical structures on copper mesh with ultrahigh oil-resistance for high-efficiency oil/water separation
  236. CovalentInDB: a comprehensive database facilitating the discovery of covalent inhibitors
  237. Cubical Agda: a dependently typed programming language with univalence and higher inductive types
  238. Fully-coupled computational modeling of the dynamic response of 1-3 multiferroic composite structures
  239. GlycoPOST realizes FAIR principles for glycomics mass spectrometry data
  240. Soil-Building Interaction and Risk Assessment of Existing Structures During Mechanized Tunneling
  241. A novel pipeline leveraging surface-based features of small subcortical structures to classify individuals with autism spectrum disorder
  242. The influence of normal curing temperature on the compressive strength development and flexural tensile behaviour of UHPFRC with Vipulanandan model …
  243. Flexible Models for Complex Data with Applications
  244. Customized additive manufacturing of porous Ti6Al4V scaffold with micro-topological structures to regulate cell behavior in bone tissue engineering
  245. Molecular Structures of 12Be studied with Antisymmetrized Molecular Dynamics
  246. DNAmoreDB, a database of DNAzymes
  247. Triangulated investigation of trust in automated driving: Challenges and solution approaches for data integration
  248. New predictive equations for lateral-distortional buckling capacity assessment of cellular steel beams
  249. RNA structures in alternative splicing and back-splicing
  250. Two-dimensional magnetic materials: structures, properties and external controls
  251. Producing a village input–output table (VIOT) from household survey data: a case study of a VIOT for a rural village in northern Lao PDR
  252. Structural revision of sesbagrandiflorains A and B, and synthesis and biological evaluation of 6-methoxy-2-arylbenzofuran derivatives
  253. ‘Ears’ formation in supernova remnants: overhearing an interaction history with bipolar circumstellar structures
  254. In-situ fabrication of ternary (3D/2D/2D) prism?like structures with dramatically enhancement on degradation of profenofos: A systemic study
  255. Three-dimensional fatigue crack propagation simulation using extended finite element methods for steel grades S355 and S690 considering mean stress …
  256. “Missing/Unspecified”: Demographic Data Visualization During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  257. Characterization with dense array data of seismic sources in the shallow part of the San Jacinto fault zone
  258. Crystal structure and single-molecule magnet behavior of a novel tetranuclear Dy (III)-based cluster
  259. Relative stability among intermediate structures in S2 state of CaMn4O5 cluster in PSII by using hybrid-DFT and DLPNO-CC methods and evaluation of magnetic …
  260. Influence of substructure levels on the computed seismic performance of low-rise structures
  261. ThermoMutDB: a thermodynamic database for missense mutations
  262. Formation Mechanism of Arcuate Tectonic Structures around Northeast Tibetan Plateau: Insight from 3-D Numerical Modeling
  263. Numerical analysis and design of cold-formed steel elliptical hollow sections under combined compression and bending
  264. Developing an innovative curved-pultruded large-scale GFRP arch beam
  265. From conventional group decision making to large-scale group decision making: What are the challenges and how to meet them in big data era? A state-of …
  266. The Societies of the Middle East and North Africa: Structures, Vulnerabilities, and Forces
  267. Citation cascade and the evolution of topic relevance
  268. Damping assessment of new multifunctional epoxy resin for aerospace structures
  269. The tribological and corrosion properties of anodized Ti6Al4V/316L bimetallic structures manufactured by additive manufacturing
  270. Aggregation of condition survey data in pavement management: shortcomings of a homogeneous sections approach and how to avoid them
  271. Instance Segmentation for Direct Measurements of Satellites in Metal Powders and Automated Microstructural Characterization from Image Data
  272. Subcellular Localization and Vesicular Structures of Anthocyanin Pigmentation by Fluorescence Imaging of Black Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Stigma Protoplast
  273. Computational Approaches for De Novo Drug Design: Past, Present, and Future
  274. A new system of deployable structures with reciprocal linkages for emergency buildings
  275. Probability distribution model of stress impact factor for corrosion pits of high-strength prestressing wires
  276. A Framework for Coverage Path Planning Optimization Based on Point Cloud for Structural Inspection
  277. Early succession of bacterial communities associated as biofilm-like structures in the rhizosphere of alfalfa
  278. 3D printing of high-strength, porous, elastomeric structures to promote tissue integration of implants
  279. The Effect of Heat Treatment of AlSi10Mg on the Energy Absorption Performance of Surface-Based Structures
  280. Photoelectrochemical self-powered photodetector based on 2D liquid-exfoliated bismuth nanosheets: with novel structures for portability and flexibility
  281. Vision and Inertial Sensor Fusion for Terrain Relative Navigation
  282. Blockchain applications beyond the cryptocurrency casino: The Punishment not Reward blockchain architecture
  283. Grain refinement and weak-textured structures based on the dynamic recrystallization of Mg–9.80 Gd–3.78 Y–1.12 Sm–0.48 Zr alloy
  284. ASCE 41 Seismic Assessment of FRP-Repaired Concrete Columns
  285. A novel method to improve the removability of cone support structures in selective laser melting of 316L stainless steel
  286. k-nearest reliable neighbor search in crowdsourced LBSs
  287. A Simple Semi-Streaming Algorithm for Global Minimum Cuts
  288. Methodology for Assessing the Performance of RC Structures with Breakaway Infill Walls under Tsunami Inundation
  289. Interface magnetoelectric effect and its sensitivity on interface structures in Fe/AgNbO3 and SrRuO3/AgNbO3 heterostructures: A first-principles investigation
  290. Fatigue assessment of welded joints at sub-zero temperatures by means of stress averaging approach
  291. Equilibrium carbon isotope fractionation factors of hydrocarbons: Semi-empirical force-field method
  292. Electrodeposition of Sn powders with pyramid chain and dendrite structures in deep eutectic solvent: roles of current density and SnCl 2 concentration
  293. On energy-absorbing mechanisms and structural crashworthiness of laterally crushed thin-walled structures filled with aluminum foam and CFRP Skeleton
  294. A combinatorial view on string attractors
  295. An Architecture for the Incremental Execution of MINE RULE Operator
  296. A parallel, object-oriented framework for unsteady free-wake analysis of multi-rotor/wing systems
  297. PhyMDAN: Physics-informed knowledge transfer between buildings for seismic damage diagnosis through adversarial learning
  298. Knowledge-Enhanced Top-K Recommendation in Poincar\’e Ball
  299. Wild-type and mutant SOD1 localizes to RNA-rich structures in cells and mice but does not bind RNA
  300. Informed Architecture and Wooden Structures. Overview of the Main European Research Paths
  301. Surface structures of magnetostrictive D03-Fe3Ga (0 0 1)
  302. Scalable and data-aware SQL query recommendations
  303. Dynamic load balancing with enhanced shared-memory parallelism for particle-in-cell codes
  304. On technology-assisted energy saving: challenges of digital plumbing in industrial settings
  305. Evaluating the effects of access control policies within NoSQL systems
  306. A Proposal of Data Driven Maintenance of RC Decks Focusing on Deterioration Mechanism
  307. Defective Structures in Metal Compounds for Energy-Related Electrocatalysis
  308. A new regression model for bimodal data and applications in agriculture
  309. The processing of rhythmic structures in music and prosody by children with developmental dyslexia and developmental language disorder
  310. Testing and analysis of additively manufactured stainless steel CHS in compression
  311. Revisiting Urban Heat Island Effects in Coastal Regions: Mitigation Strategies for the Megacity of Istanbul
  312. A General multi-scale topology optimisation method for lightweight lattice structures obtained through additive manufacturing technology
  313. Safety and risk categories of water reservoir hydrosystems
  314. supFunSim: spatial filtering toolbox for EEG
  315. A new variational approach for the thermodynamic topology optimization of hyperelastic structures
  316. Experimental and numerical mechanical characterization of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V lattice structures considering progressive damage
  317. Graphical models for processing missing data
  318. Modeling Multilayer Pyramidal-Like Adsorbate Structures Growth During Deposition at Homoepitaxy
  319. Metabolite Profiling of Alangium salviifolium Bark Using Advanced LC/MS and GC/Q-TOFTechnology
  320. Accelerated curing of adhesively bonded G-FRP tube connections—Part III: Modelling of strength
  321. Size and layout optimization of truss structures with dynamic constraints using the interactive fuzzy search algorithm
  322. A dream of an ultimate OS
  323. Pharmacogenomics, How to Deal with Different Types of Variants in Next Generation Sequencing Data in the Personalized Medicine Area
  324. A new stochastic isogeometric analysis method based on reduced basis vectors for engineering structures with random field uncertainties
  325. Partitioned integration and coordination via the self-organising coordination regions pattern
  326. Evaluation of various seismic response analysis methods for underground structures in saturated sand
  327. Theoretical prediction on the local structure and transport properties of molten alkali chlorides by deep potentials
  328. A Tutorial for Pharmacogenomics Implementation through End-to-end Clinical Decision Support Based on Ten Years of Experience from PREDICT
  329. Effect of shape and arrangement of micro-structures in a microchannel heat sink on the thermo-hydraulic performance
  330. … on water soluble copper (II) mono-anionic glutamate complexes with planar aromatic ligands: synthesis, crystal structures, biomacromolecular interactions and radical …
  331. Close-up: HIV/SIV intasome structures shed new light on integrase inhibitor binding and viral escape mechanisms
  332. Not ready for convergence in data infrastructures
  333. Introducing an artificial neural network energy minimization multi-scale drag scheme for fluidized particles
  334. Automatic detection of earthquake-induced ground failure effects through Faster R-CNN deep learning-based object detection using satellite images
  335. Innovative models for predicting post-fire bond behavior of steel rebar embedded in steel fiber reinforced rubberized concrete using soft computing methods
  336. Effect of succinylation on the secondary structures, surface, and thermal properties of date palm pollen protein concentrate
  337. Parallel Multisearch in Sorted Matrices
  338. Linearization-Based Forward Kinematic Algorithm for Tensegrity Structures with Compressible Struts
  339. Uncertainty quantification in fast Bayesian modal identification using forced vibration data considering the ambient effect
  340. An embedded atom model for Ga–Pd systems: From intermetallic crystals to liquid alloys
  341. Characterisation of the masonry building stock in Portugal for earthquake risk assessment
  342. Predictor of Visual Impairment Following Paraclinoid Aneurysm Surgery: Special Consideration of Surgical Microanatomy Related to Paraclinoid Structures
  343. The crystal structre of 2-(4-bromophenyl)-2, 3-dihydro-1H-naphtho [1, 8-de][1, 3, 2] diazaborinine, C16H12BBrN2
  344. Shape-Sensing of Beam Elements Undergoing Material Nonlinearities
  345. Fabrication of oxygen and calcium releasing microcarriers with different internal structures for bone tissue engineering: Solid filled versus hollow microparticles
  346. Method for obtaining response functions from noisy magnetotelluric data using frequency-domain independent component analysis
  347. Object-Oriented Technologies (COOTS)
  348. Combined impact of carbonation and crack width on the Chloride Penetration and Corrosion Resistance of Concrete Structures
  349. Damage process in glass fiber reinforced polymer specimens using acoustic emission technique with low frequency acquisition
  350. Streaming submodular matching meets the primal-dual method
  351. CueR activates transcription through a DNA distortion mechanism
  352. On the influence of gravity on particle accumulation structures in high aspect-ratio liquid bridges
  353. Modified single variable shear deformation plate theory for free vibration analysis of rectangular FGM plates
  354. Performance of timber girders with end-notch: Experimental and numerical investigation
  355. Deep learning in mining biological data
  356. Lightweight Structures and the Geometric Equilibrium in Dragonfly Wings
  357. Constructing and analysing time-aggregated networks: The role of bootstrapping, permutation and simulation
  358. Modelling of coupled cross-flow and in-line vortex-induced vibrations of flexible cylindrical structures. Part I: model description and validation
  359. Accelerating Life Sciences Research with Blockchain
  360. Structure of SARS-CoV-2 ORF8, a rapidly evolving immune evasion protein
  361. Separation as a solution for deformation control and material loss reduction in rubble mound structures constructed on very soft clayey bed
  362. The prediction of fire performance of concrete-filled steel tubes (CFST) using artificial neural network
  363. Comprehensive in vivo secondary structure of the SARS-CoV-2 genome reveals novel regulatory motifs and mechanisms
  364. Membrane dynamics of ?-secretase with the anterior pharynx-defective 1B subunit
  365. Sensitivity estimation of first excursion probabilities of linear structures subject to stochastic Gaussian loading
  366. Synthesis, electrical and photo-sensing characteristics of the Al/(PCBM/NiO: ZnO)/p-Si nanocomposite structures
  367. The growth pattern and electronic structures of Cun (n= 1–14) clusters on rutile TiO2 (1 1 0) surface
  368. Radiomeasuring Optical-Frequency Converters Based on Reactive Properties of Transistor Structures with Negative Differential Resistance
  369. Natural Language Understanding
  370. Resistance of SARS-CoV-2 variants to neutralization by monoclonal and serum-derived polyclonal antibodies
  371. Introducing the Data Quality Vocabulary (DQV)
  372. Wetting and drying patterns in a wet Moisture Reference Year identified using the Weinert’s index: Station versus gridded data
  373. IoT-Based Big Data Storage Systems in Cloud Computing
  374. Long-Term Monitoring of Temperature Differences in a Steel Truss Bridge with Two-Layer Decks Compared with Bridge Codes: Case Study
  375. Bloom filter encryption and applications to efficient forward-secret 0-RTT key exchange
  376. Experience vs Data: A Case for More Data-Informed Retrospective Activities
  377. Bioinspired synthesis of fiber-shaped silk fibroin-ferric oxide nanohybrid for superior elimination of antimonite
  378. Submerged and non-submerged 3D bioprinting approaches for the fabrication of complex structures with the hydrogel pair GelMA and alginate/methylcellulose
  379. High Aspect Ratio Thin-Walled Structures in D2 Steel through Wire Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)
  380. An efficient self-stress design of tensegrity shell structures
  381. Influence of different design parameters on the seismic performance of partially grouted masonry shear walls
  382. The relationship between structural parameters and water footprint of residential buildings
  383. CoV-AbDab: the coronavirus antibody database
  384. Astigmatic hybrid SU (2) vector vortex beams: towards versatile structures in longitudinally variant polarized optics
  385. Label constrained convolutional factor analysis for classification with limited training samples
  386. Damage state parametrization for active-sensing SHM via an integrated statistical time series and Bayesian learning framework
  387. Development of Infilled Cementitious Composites (ICC)
  388. Ancient Materials and Substitution Materials Used in Thai Historical Masonry Structure Preservation
  389. jMorp updates in 2020: large enhancement of multi-omics data resources on the general Japanese population
  390. Reduced order modeling for the dynamics of jointed structures through hyper-reduced interface representation
  391. Global dynamics of an SEIR model with two age structures and a nonlinear incidence
  392. Beyond the AJR: “Machine-learning, MRI bone shape and important clinical outcomes in osteoarthritis: data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative”
  393. Gust Buffeting and Aerodynamic Admittance of Structures with Arbitrary Mode Shapes. II: A POD-Based Interpretation
  394. Interaction-transformation symbolic regression with extreme learning machine
  395. The Bio3D packages for structural bioinformatics
  396. A Public Platform for Virtual IoT-Based Monitoring and Tracking of COVID-19
  397. Evaluation of thermal cracks on fire exposed concrete structures using Ripplet transform
  1. Quantile regression in varying coefficient model of upper respiratory tract infections in Bandung City
  2. Difference-based deep learning framework for stress predictions in heterogeneous media
  3. The Dark Kinase Knowledgebase: an online compendium of knowledge and experimental results of understudied kinases
  4. Integrating Ethics into Introductory Programming Classes
  5. Analysis of Lamb wave propagation in a functionally graded piezoelectric small-scale plate based on the modified couple stress theory
  6. Polymorphism of methyl 4-amino-3-phenylisothiazole-5-carboxylate: an experimental and theoretical study
  7. Uncovering deeply conserved motif combinations in rapidly evolving noncoding sequences
  8. The physical and the geometrical properties of simulated cold H i structures
  9. Experimental study of spatial frequency transition of laser induced periodic surface structures
  10. Interfacial interactions and properties of cellular structured polyurethane nanocomposite based on carbonaceous nano-fillers
  11. High-Order Structure Exploration on Massive Graphs: A Local Graph Clustering Perspective
  12. Modulation of Peptide–Graphene Interfaces via Fatty Acid Conjugation
  13. Compactors for parameterized counting problems
  14. A wind-induced negative damping method to achieve high-energy orbit of a nonlinear vibration energy harvester
  15. Spin-orbit torques originating from the bulk and interface in Pt-based structures
  16. Spatial frequency metrics for analysis of microscopic images of musculoskeletal tissues
  17. Structure of CAS glass surfaces and electrostatic contact charging behavior: A joint simulation and experimental investigation
  18. An adaptive packets hopping mechanism for transmission line monitoring systems with a long chain topology
  19. State of charge estimation for lithium-ion battery based on Gaussian process regression with deep recurrent kernel
  20. [BOOK][B] 6. Household Production in Real Business Cycle Theory
  21. Modeling the cost-effectiveness of maternal acellular pertussis immunization (aP) in different socioeconomic settings: A dynamic transmission model of …
  22. General Image Matching
  23. An experimental investigation into the behavior of sand reinforced by tubular braided structures
  24. High-Molecular-Weight Glutenin Subunits: Genetics, Structures, and Relation to End Use Qualities
  25. Occupant comfort analysis for rigid floating structures–methodology and design assessment for offshore dwelling module
  26. A finite deformation gradient-enhanced damage model for nanoparticle/polymer nanocomposites: An atomistically-informed multiscale approach
  27. Benchmarking the seismic assessment of unreinforced masonry buildings from a blind prediction test
  28. Fast algorithms for single and multiple pattern Cartesian tree matching
  29. Study on the Weakening Performance of Fiber Concrete under the Action of Acid Rain-sewage Coupling Erosion
  30. A Taxonomy for Data Ecosystems
  31. Smart Sensing of PSC Girders Using a PC Strand with a Built-in Optical Fiber Sensor
  32. Self-Supervised Vessel Enhancement Using Flow-Based Consistencies
  33. Intro to the “Core” Blender Source Code
  34. Revising Reykjavík: changing narratives of skeletons, structures, and imagined futures
  35. Reliability optimization design for composite laminated plate considering multiple types of uncertain parameters
  36. Variational Embeddings for Community Detection and Node Representation
  37. Memory-Efficient Modeling and Slicing of Large-Scale Adaptive Lattice Structures
  38. Détermination automatique de structures géométriques destinées à la reconstitution de courbes et de surfaces à partir de données ponctuelles
  39. Are there common origins in heterogeneous dynamics and structures in ionic and nonionic systems?

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