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Signal Processing Research Projects Ideas, Topics, and Areas

Here, I am sharing with you a list of Signal Processing Research Topics ideas MS Ph.D.

  1. A Bayesian probabilistic approach for damage identification in plate structures using responses at vibration nodes
  2. Fault Diagnosis of Intershaft Bearing Using Variational Mode Decomposition with TAGA Optimization
  3. Improved small-signal hybrid parameter-extraction technique for AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors
  4. On the Implementation Complexity of Digital Full-Duplex Self-Interference Cancellation
  5. Venous Pulse Wave Velocity variation in response to a simulated fluid challenge in healthy subjects
  6. A power waveform design based on OVSF-PPM for stress wave based wireless power transfer
  7. Pre-classified reservoir computing for the fault diagnosis of 3D printers
  8. Fusion the Coordinate Data of Airborne Objects in the Networks of Surveillance Radar Observation Systems
  9. The applications of POD method in dual rotor-bearing systems with coupling misalignment
  10. Thoughts on Research Imperatives in Data Fusion
  11. Two-stage adaptive pooling with RT-qPCR for COVID-19 screening
  12. A Comprehensive Survey on Effective Spectrum Sensing in 5G Wireless Networks through Cognitive Radio Networks
  13. Blind DBF Based on Complex-Valued Independent Component Analysis Algorithm
  14. Design of a class of zero attraction based sparse adaptive feedback cancellers for assistive listening devices
  16. Fast blind deconvolution using a deeper sparse patch-wise maximum gradient prior
  17. Human-expert-level brain tumor detection using deep learning with data distillation and augmentation
  18. Path-following control of mecanum-wheels omnidirectional mobile robots using nonsingular terminal sliding mode
  19. ECG-Based Driver Stress Levels Detection System Using Hyperparameter Optimization
  20. Automated segmentation and classifcation of retinal features for glaucoma diagnosis
  21. Locally resonant metamaterial curved double wall to improve sound insulation at the ring frequency and mass-spring-mass resonance
  22. Permanent magnet synchronous generator stator current AM-FM model and joint signature analysis for planetary gearbox fault diagnosis
  23. Activity Recognition Based on Latent Knowledge Mining in Smart Home
  24. Improved computation in terms of accuracy and speed of LTI system response with arbitrary input
  25. Online identification of mechanistic milling force models
  26. Conceptual Design of LiFi Audio Transmission Using Pre-Programmed Modules
  27. A Review on High-Impedance Ground Fault Detection Techniques in Distribution Networks
  28. Mahalanobis classification system (MCS) integrated with binary particle swarm optimization for robust quality classification of complex metallic turbine blades
  29. Fall detection system via smart phone and send people location
  30. Photonic radio frequency channelizers based on Kerr optical micro-combs
  31. Direct adaptive fuzzy position controller for an electropneumatic actuator: Design and experimental evaluation
  32. A generalised power-law formulation for the modelling of damping and stiffness nonlinearities
  33. Further development and experimental verification of wavelet deconvolution technique for impact force reconstruction
  34. Existing Methods of Digital Watermarking
  35. Local discriminant preservation projection embedded ensemble learning based dimensionality reduction of speech data of Parkinson’s disease
  36. Theoretical and numerical analysis of regular one-side oscillations in a single pendulum system driven by a magnetic field
  37. Asynchronous fault detection filtering for piecewise homogenous Markov jump linear systems via a dual hidden Markov model
  38. Novel method for in situ damage monitoring during ultrasonic fatigue testing by the advanced acoustic emission technique
  39. Multi-layer gated temporal convolution network for residual useful life prediction of rotating machinery
  40. Fast global SA (2, R) shape registration based on invertible invariant descriptor
  41. Quantitative phase microscopy using a rotating mask
  42. Local wave propagation analysis in concrete-filled steel tubes with spectral element method using absorbing layers–Part II: Application in coupling system
  43. Sample drop detection for asynchronous devices distributed in space
  44. Damage localization of beams based on measured forced responses
  45. Optimal design of tuned mass damper inerter with a Maxwell element for mitigating the vortex-induced vibration in bridges
  46. Error-Controlling Technique in Wireless Communication
  47. Respiratory Monitoring Based on Tracheal Sounds: Continuous Time-Frequency Processing of the Phonospirogram Combined with Phonocardiogram-Derived …
  48. Nonlinear Data-Enabled Prediction and Control
  49. Back-to-Back Butterfly Network, an Adaptive Permutation Network for New Communication Standards
  50. Optical Realization of Wave-Based Analog Computing with Metamaterials
  51. Robust principal component analysis and support vector machine for detection of microcracks with distributed optical fiber sensors
  52. An efficient wavenumber algorithm towards real-time ultrasonic full-matrix imaging of multi-layered medium
  53. Graph-based Pyramid Global Context Reasoning with a Saliency-aware Projection for COVID-19 Lung Infections Segmentation
  54. Audiovisual Saliency Prediction in Uncategorized Video Sequences based on Audio-Video Correlation
  55. A covariance matrix-based spectrum sensing technology exploiting stochastic resonance and filters
  56. The 2020 Personalized Voice Trigger Challenge: Open Database, Evaluation Metrics and the Baseline Systems
  57. Hopf-Hopf interactions in a spring-supported pipe conveying fluid
  58. Hardware Module Selection for Real Time Pipeline Architectures using Probabilistic Cost Estimation
  59. Direct TDOA based positioning in satellite geolocation
  60. Improving the segmentation of magnetic resonance brain images using the LSHADE optimization algorithm
  61. An evaluation framework for research platforms to advance cochlear implant/hearing aid technology: A case study with CCi-MOBILE
  62. A Digital-Analog Hybrid System-on-Chip for Capacitive Sensor Measurement and Control
  63. Automatic detection of underwater propeller signals using cyclostationarity analysis
  64. A dual piezoelectric energy harvester with contact and non-contact driven by inertial wheel
  65. Iterative refinement algorithm for efficient velocities and accelerations solutions in closed-loop multibody dynamics
  66. The base-e representation of numbers and the power law
  67. Energy efficient ECG classification with spiking neural network
  68. An adjustable pre-stress based sensitivity enhancement scheme for cantilever-based resonant sensors
  69. Diagnostics of a Pressure Transmitter Based on Output Signal Noise Characteristics
  70. Foundations of Population-based SHM, Part II: Heterogeneous populations–Graphs, networks, and communities
  71. Identify the stochastic dynamic load on a complex uncertain structural system
  72. Low-rank enhanced convolutional sparse feature detection for accurate diagnosis of gearbox faults
  73. Vibration fatigue dynamic stress simulation under non-stationary state
  74. A Multi-level Attention Fusion Network for Weakly Supervised Audio Classification
  75. Correlation of optical signal during laser fusion welding of copper to aluminum
  76. A robust method for collecting and processing the on-road instantaneous data of fuel consumption and speed for motorcycles
  77. Deep Learning for Cover Song Apperception
  78. Sliding Mean Value Subtraction-Based DC Drift Correction of BH Curve for 3D-Printed Magnetic Materials
  79. Optimization of VMD using kernel-based mutual information for the extraction of weak features to detect bearing defects
  80. Learning region sparse constraint correlation filter for tracking
  81. Analysis of different RNN autoencoder variants for time series classification and machine prognostics
  82. Defect detection of FRP-bonded civil structures under vehicle-induced airborne noise
  83. Multi-parameters optimization for electromagnetic acoustic transducers using surrogate-assisted particle swarm optimizer
  84. Mechanical systems virtual sensing by proportional observer and multi-resolution analysis
  85. Just-in-time learning based probabilistic gradient boosting tree for valve failure prognostics
  86. Targeted nanopore sequencing by real-time mapping of raw electrical signal with UNCALLED
  87. Vehicle state estimation for INS/GPS aided by sensors fusion and SCKF-based algorithm
  88. A review on generative Boltzmann networks applied to dynamic systems
  89. Towards effective classification of brain hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke using CNN
  90. An Optimized Hybrid Clustering Method Using Salp Swarm Optimization with K-Means
  91. Effect of drive control on dynamic characteristics of spacecraft tracking-drive flexible systems
  92. Analyzing Vocal Tract Parameters of Speech
  93. Online oil debris monitoring of rotating machinery: A detailed review of more than three decades
  94. ForSyDe-Atom: Taming Complexity in Cyber Physical System Design with Layers
  95. An advanced sampling technique for possibilistic uncertainty propagation
  96. Remaining useful life prediction of planet bearings based on conditional deep recurrent generative adversarial network and action discovery
  97. Enhancing energy harvesting in low-frequency rotational motion by a quad-stable energy harvester with time-varying potential wells
  98. Playing a part: Speaker verification at the movies
  99. Fastpitch: Parallel text-to-speech with pitch prediction
  100. A theoretical-experimental framework for the analysis of the dynamic response of a QEPAS tuning fork device immersed in a fluid medium
  101. Control of an underactuated double-pendulum overhead crane using improved model reference command shaping: Design, simulation and experiment
  102. Initial operation of a real-time Thomson scattering evaluation system on the Large Helical Device
  103. Model-based real-time robust controller for a small helicopter
  105. Foundations of population-based SHM, Part I: Homogeneous populations and forms
  106. A numerical simulation of a near-infrared three-channel trace ammonia detection system using hollow core photonic crystal fiber
  107. Using a Radio Telescope for Developing Models in an Introductory Physics Course
  108. Receptance-based robust stability criteria for second-order linear systems with time-varying delay and unstructured uncertainties
  109. Separation of perfusion phases in angiographies [J]
  110. Learning to Optimize Under Constraints with Unsupervised Deep Neural Networks
  111. Uncertainty quantification in fast Bayesian modal identification using forced vibration data considering the ambient effect
  112. Deep Neural Networks to Recover Unknown Physical Parameters from Oscillating Time Series
  113. Deep learning for brake squeal: Brake noise detection, characterization and prediction
  114. Precise cutterhead torque prediction for shield tunneling machines using a novel hybrid deep neural network
  115. Moving sum data segmentation for stochastics processes based on invariance
  116. Modeling and dynamics analysis of a forced two-degree-of-freedom mechanical oscillator with magnetic springs
  117. RemNet: remnant convolutional neural network for camera model identification
  118. A lumped-parameter model for sound generation in gas metal arc welding
  119. Local damage detection based on vibration data analysis in the presence of Gaussian and heavy-tailed impulsive noise
  120. Speech recognition based on convolutional neural networks and MFCC algorithm
  121. Combining acoustic features and medical data in deep learning networks for voice pathology classification
  122. Emergency Detection with Environment Sound Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  123. Low-Voltage Squarer–Divider Circuit Using Level Shifted Flipped Voltage Follower
  124. Imprecise global sensitivity analysis using bayesian multimodel inference and importance sampling
  125. An Improved Terrain Profiling System with High-Precision Range Measurement Method for Underwater Surveyor Robot
  126. Pure electric vehicle nonstationary interior sound quality prediction based on deep CNNs with an adaptable learning rate tree
  127. Multi-band MelGAN: Faster waveform generation for high-quality text-to-speech
  128. HMM conditional-likelihood based change detection with strict delay tolerance
  129. Stability and sensitivity analysis of the bending-torsional coupled vibration with the arcuate whirl of hydro-turbine generator unit
  130. 3D Photon-to-Digital Converter for Radiation Instrumentation: Motivation and Future Works
  131. Soft Wireless Bioelectronics and Differential Electrodermal Activity for Home Sleep Monitoring
  132. Response time of magnetorheological dampers to current inputs in a semi-active suspension system: Modeling, control and sensitivity analysis
  133. Comparative Study of Prewitt and Canny Edge Detector Using Image Processing Techniques
  134. Two-step structural damage detection method for shear frame structures using FRF and Neumann series expansion
  135. A time-variant uncertainty propagation analysis method based on a new technique for simulating non-Gaussian stochastic processes
  136. A new deep auto-encoder method with fusing discriminant information for bearing fault diagnosis
  137. A novel algorithm for implementing time-frequency transform with low computation
  138. High-Level Synthesis of Custom DSP Blocks using Distributed Arithmetic
  139. Cy: Chaotic yolo for user intended image encryption and sharing in social media
  140. High-velocity ice impact damage quantification in composite laminates using a frequency domain-based correlation approach
  141. An Accurate GEO SAR Range Model for Ultralong Integration Time Based on mth-Order Taylor Expansion
  142. Dynamic modeling and abnormal contact analysis of rolling ball bearings with double half-inner rings
  143. Network Slicing for eMBB and mMTC with NOMA and Space Diversity Reception
  144. Specificities of phonation biomechanics in Down Syndrome children
  145. A global sensitivity analysis framework for hybrid simulation
  146. Deep-reinforcement-learning-based images segmentation for quantitative analysis of gold immunochromatographic strip
  147. Can the application of certain music information retrieval methods contribute to the machine learning classification of electrocardiographic signals?
  148. Fast offline Transformer-based end-to-end automatic speech recognition for real-world applications
  149. Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access and Network Slicing: Scalable Coexistence of eMBB and URLLC
  150. A multi-stage denoising framework for ambulatory ECG signal based on domain knowledge and motion artifact detection
  151. Efficient modeling and integrated control for tracking and vibration of a lightweight parallel manipulator including servo motor dynamics
  152. EKG ve SKG Sinyallerinin Temel Tanim ve Zarf Vektörleriyle Modellenmesi Modeling of ECG and SCG Signals Using Predefined Signature and Envelope Sets
  153. Neural Networks for Keyword Spotting on IoT Devices
  154. An active meta-layer for optimal flexural wave absorption and cloaking
  155. Improved NLMS-based adaptive denoising method for ECG signals
  156. A sample-based iterative scheme for simulating non-stationary non-Gaussian stochastic processes
  157. A two-stage observer for the compensation of actuator-induced disturbances in tool-force sensors
  158. Hybrid models based on genetic algorithm and deep learning algorithms for nutritional Anemia disease classification
  159. Recurrent-neural-network-based unscented Kalman filter for estimating and compensating the random drift of MEMS gyroscopes in real time
  160. Impact of covariance mismatched training samples on constant false alarm rate detectors
  161. Support vector machines for automated modelling of nonlinear structures using health monitoring results
  162. Properties of a new R-estimator of shape matrices
  163. Occlusion detection and drift-avoidance framework for 2D visual object tracking
  164. Respiratory symptoms from fragrances and the link with dermatitis
  165. An adaptive boundary determination method for empirical wavelet transform and its application in wheelset-bearing fault detection in high-speed trains
  166. Human-Machine Integration and the Evolution of Neuroprostheses
  167. Ultra-Stable Molecular Sensors by Sub-Micron Referencing and Why They Should Be Interrogated by Optical Diffraction—Part I. The Concept of a Spatial Affinity Lock …
  168. Ultrasonic data transmission across metal structures affected by environmental conditions
  169. Modelling of the circular edge-clamped interface of a hydraulic pressure energy harvester to determine power, efficiency and bandwidth
  170. An Adaptive Multi-Agent Physical Layer Security Framework for Cognitive Cyber-Physical Systems
  171. Calibrationless parallel imaging reconstruction for multislice MR data using low-rank tensor completion
  172. Language Identification—A Supportive Tool for Multilingual ASR in Indian Perspective
  173. Real-time implementation of a parameterized Model Predictive Control for Attitude Control Systems of rigid-flexible satellite
  174. MSED: a multi-modal sleep event detection model for clinical sleep analysis
  175. Residential energy consumption prediction using inter-household energy data and socioeconomic information
  176. VoxPopuli: A Large-Scale Multilingual Speech Corpus for Representation Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning and Interpretation
  177. A dynamic vehicle-bridge model based on the modal identification results of an existing EN57 train and bridge spans with non-ballasted tracks
  178. Dynamics of soft mechanical systems actuated by dielectric elastomers
  179. Frequency and Signals in Discrete Domain
  180. Self-Adaptive Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Quantum Logistic Map
  181. Configurable DSI partitioned approximate multiplier
  182. Grounded FDNR Simulation Circuit Using VDDIBAs
  183. Theoretical modeling and experimental validation of the centrifugal softening effect for high-efficiency energy harvesting in ultralow-frequency rotational motion
  184. An optimization framework for regularized linearly coupled matrix-tensor factorization
  185. Manufacturing pairs of woven frames applying duality principle on Hilbert spaces
  186. Radio frequency communication
  187. Neural circuits of interoception
  188. A novel second-order output spectrum based local tuning method for locating bolt-loosening faults
  189. Model reference strategy for mismatched disturbance attenuation in relative degree one and two DSMC
  190. Passivity and Stability Analysis of RDNNs with Dirichlet Boundary Conditions
  191. e-mail: moreau@ isitv. univ-tln. fr
  192. A novel positioning and temperature measurement method based on optical domain demodulation in the BOTDR system
  193. Symplectic geometry and connectivity of spaces of frames
  194. Numerical modelling of a segmented annular seal with enhanced lift effects
  195. Recognizing single-trial motor imagery EEG based on interpretable clustering method
  196. Broken Rotor Bar Fault Detection Using DWT and Energy Eigenvalue for DTC fed Induction Motor Drive
  197. Deep Attention-based Representation Learning for Heart Sound Classification
  198. Research on fire inspection robot based on computer vision
  199. Nonlinear damping and mass effects of electromagnetic shunt damping for enhanced nonlinear vibration isolation
  200. A comprehensive dynamic model for pneumatic artificial muscles considering different input frequencies and mechanical loads
  201. Ensemble of kernel extreme learning machine based random forest classifiers for automatic heartbeat classification
  202. A novel mechanical fault signal feature extraction method based on unsaturated piecewise tri-stable stochastic resonance
  203. Texture Analysis of Sonographic Images for Diffusion Processes Classification in Thyroid Gland Parenchyma
  204. 2µm mid-infrared silicon-rich silicon nitride/silicon hybrid nonlinear waveguides
  205. Kalman filter-based subspace identification for operational modal analysis under unmeasured periodic excitation
  206. Attention-based multi-task learning for speech-enhancement and speaker-identification in multi-speaker dialogue scenario
  207. Smart Agriculture System With E–Carbage Using Iot
  208. A semi-active suspension using a magnetorheological damper with nonlinear negative-stiffness component
  209. End-to-end sleep staging using convolutional neural network in raw single-channel EEG
  210. Automatic Cataract Detection Using Haar Cascade Classifier
  211. Robust attitude control of a 3-DOF helicopter considering actuator saturation
  212. A Novel Approach to EEG Speech Activity Detection with Visual Stimuli and Mobile BCI
  213. Velocity-free friction compensation for motion systems with actuator constraint
  214. Modeling, analysis and comparison of four charging interface circuits for piezoelectric energy harvesting
  215. Modeling and experimental study of dynamic characteristics of the moment wheel assembly based on structural coupling
  216. Robust output feedback control for input-saturated systems based on a sliding mode observer
  217. Extraction of Fluid Thermodynamic Modes from the mean flow of a supersonic jet
  218. Observability of modally reduced order models with unknown parameters
  219. Graph neural networks with convolutional arma filters
  220. Sparsity-inducing frequency-domain adaptive line enhancer for unmanned underwater vehicle sonar
  221. Surface microgeometry monitoring of large-sized aircraft elements
  222. Fault diagnosis of electric impact drills using thermal imaging
  223. Topological data analysis (TDA) enhances bispectral EEG (BSEEG) algorithm for detection of delirium
  224. Miniaturizing neural networks for charge state autotuning in quantum dots
  225. A numerical study on time fractional Fisher equation using an extended cubic B-spline approximation
  226. A non-intrusive model-order reduction of geometrically nonlinear structural dynamics using modal derivatives
  227. IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering
  228. Reconstruction of seismic signals using S-transform ridges
  229. Transmission loss of plates with multiple embedded acoustic black holes using statistical modal energy distribution analysis
  230. Fuzzy model identification based on mixture distribution analysis for bearings remaining useful life estimation using small training data set
  231. Detection of 3D Facial Expression using Recurrent Neural Network
  232. SFDR Considerations in Multi-Octave Wideband Digital Receivers
  233. DeepFilter: an ECG baseline wander removal filter using deep learning techniques
  234. Fitting synthetic to clinical kymographic images for deriving kinematic vocal fold parameters: Application to left-right vibratory phase differences
  235. Signal fluctuations and the Information Transmission Rates in binary communication channels
  236. Measuring smoothness of trigonometric interpolation through incomplete sample points
  237. Acoustic features of vocalization signal in poultry health monitoring
  238. A semi-analytical model for energy harvesting of flexural wave propagation on thin plates by piezoelectric composite beam resonators
  239. Efficient algorithm for the dynamic analysis of large civil structures with a small number of nonlinear components
  240. Efficient HDL Implementation of Turbo Coded MIMO-OFDM Physical Layer
  241. Application of a Krylov subspace method for an efficient solution of acoustic transfer functions
  242. A rain energy harvester using a self-release tank
  243. Evaluation de la complexit d’implantation en VLSI par la synth se architecturale: une exp rience en filtrage adaptatif
  244. TF-IDF, Word2vec ve Fasttext Vektör Model Yöntemleri ile Türkçe Haber Metinlerinin Siniflandirilmasi

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