RFID based Advanced Parking Application Android Project

RFID based Advanced Parking Application Android Project


Project Domain / Category


Mobile Application


Abstract / Introduction


RFID-AP is RFID based Advanced Parking and Ticketing application which is used for the Parking spots. This system provides RFID based tracking to tag a vehicle, identifies the user and deduct parking fee. This system makes the work easier on both the ends to keep a track as well as pay the amount in a very efficient way. RFID-AP has two sub-apps i) Parking Spot (PS) i.e app attached to RFID Scanner, ii) vehicle user. When the car enters the parking base, the user has to scan the card.



The starting time and the user details are sent to the parking app. When the user takes out the car he scans the card again and if his card has the required amount, the amount will be deducted directly or he has to pay in cash.



The RFID-AP analyzes the start time, end time and calculates the fare, Moreover, the parking app has all the details regarding each vehicle entered to parking spots.



Functional Requirements





  1. Registration and Login: RFID-PS app should provide registration and login functionality into the


  1. Add Parking Slots: Should provide functionality for admin to add paring slots.


  1. Scan: The App is mostly on this model listening to the RFID cards and on both entry and exit the data is sent to the parking app and it does it works.


  1. Transactions: The admin can view all the vehicles which were parked and the ones which are still parked.



Users’ App:


  1. Registration and Login: User’s app should provide registration and login functionality into the


  1. Add Money: The user is allowed to add money into his wallet using his Debit or Credit Card.


  1. History: The user is allowed to see his previous Parking history.


  1. Current Parking: This module shows the user if he has parked his vehicle in any parking plots and shows the time and amount that he will have to pay.


  1. Change Password: The user is allowed to change his password.




Note: There can be some other requirements that students should extract from these requirements.




  • This system can be used by parking departments or Parking Plots as it is highly profitable for the users who park their vehicles daily.


  • This System can also include Seasonal Passes.



  1. Android Studio
  2. Programming Language: Java
  3. Database: Firebase/SQL Server


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