SRS Functional Requirements for Cab management system Project (FYP)

SRS Functional Requirements for Cab management system  Project (FYP)
• Who will perform the function?
 User can Book a Cab.
 User can Cancel Booked Cab.
• Who will perform the function on what?
 User can Feed data such as Pick-up Location, Destination location, Phone
Number, Email.
• What function will perform?
 User can Search for Near-by Cabs.
 User can Book Nearby Cabs.
 User can Reserve a cab.
• What will be the input?
 User can enter his/her Email/Phone Number for registration.
 User can Enter Promo Codes and Linked-code.
• How it will process?
 If User has booked a Cab then Cab driver can Finalize the Booking and
come to the pick-up point.
 User can Cancel a booked cab.
• What will be the output?
 User can see where the driver is until he reaches the Pick-up /
destination location.
 User can see the Fare for his booking.
 User can see driver’s detail. (Driver Name, Phone Number, Profile Pic)
 User can Report about (fare, Ride, driver, cab’s condition).

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