SRS Document of Online Automobile workshop Management system Final Year Project


This chapter provides an overview of the project. The first paragraph of every chapter should provide the chapter summary


We are developing a web application for Automobile workshop industry. In this system a user(seller) can do e-commerce by using our website instead of creating their own. This system is to benefit those businesses whose revenue are low cause of less fame and are non-brand, this system will help the local industry to create and manage their own business and to compete with others. In this web application users, sellers can gain knowledge of the leather market, their competitors, and leather industry in general. They can make use of this knowledge to better develop their products for consumer use and get an idea of quality level of other brands.

Our mission is to provide a platform form for  businesses to advertise their products and to compare themselves with other famous brands. Our application works on a platform that is globally accessible and people can start their own business from scratch. In our application clients can advertise their leather products which will negate the concept that only industries can sell their products at a global level, local industry will get have this advantage as well. We are using block chain smart contracts to secure the information that is provided by the client and contains a cryptographic hash of the blocks, timestamp and transaction data. Smart contracts are generally a secure, shared record of a transaction between two people or parties.

The existing system only allows the company that wants to sell their products by making anE-Commerce System for their company, specifically to do business online. Their policy was Business to Consumers mostly. Our system benefits every policy that can do a business, Business to Business, Business to Consumers, Consumers to Business, which will allow local business to grow exponentially.


The main purpose of the workshop is to manage the detail of stock sales, spare manage all the information about inventory. The project is built totally at administrative end and thus only administrative is granted to access .the purpose of this project is to reduce the manual work for managing the inventory, tracks all the detail about the sales etc


Format of this SRS is very simple and easy. Bold face, italic and indentation is used on some typical topics, have specific points of interest. The remainder of the document will be written using the standard font, new times Roman. Entire document should be justified Bullets are used to emphasize the major points. Main title is left align and subtitles are also left align and the body of subtitle should be justified


It may help collection perfect management in detail. In a very short the collection will be obvious, simple and sensible. It will help the person to know the management of passes year perfectly. It also help in current works relative to workshop management system. It will also reduce the cost of collection the management and collection procedure will go smoothly

  • The workshop will perform the following functions:
  • Interfaces with the mechanical system of the
  • Implements a transaction processing system
  • Provides a repository for storing the transaction data
  • Archiving transaction data to the corporate office
  • Retrieve data from the corporate office archives


  • Wikipedia
  • Google


This document describes the requirement specifications for the implementation of the workshop management system for handling the dispensing of workshop, customer payment, monitoring the cars maintains and take care of all the other mechanical process of the workshop.

  • The purposes of this document are to serve as:
  • A basic of communication between all parties
  • Input to the design team
  • Input to software testing and quality assurance
  • A development manager reference
  • A control for the evolution of the system


The software will automate the process of dispensing petrol by interfacing with the mechanical process of the workshop with a single computer. The software will also process the customer transaction and archive them. Software is supported by the real time connectivity between the workshop and the owner of workshop.


User classes define the anticipated end users of the workshop management

system the user classes are differentiated based on the frequency of use technical

expertise and security or privilege levels

The following represent the user classes

  • Vehicle users- the users require maintains for their vehicles
  • Workshop employees – these users maintain and operate the system
  • Corporate office- uses the system to archive transaction data


In future it is possible that the software design will have to incorporate changes that could take place n the mechanical domain of the system

  • New workshop being purchases
  • Incorporation of new safety standards


  • Acceptation credit cards at the workshops
  • real time verification of check payments at the workshop
  • customer account balance verification


  • installation of cameras at each workshop terminal


  • Manual of the workshop management system
  • Online help and tutorials


All the requirements that we are assuming in this project are not 100% correct. Because when product will be developed then may be this document will be affected. Because we have to take project core coding steps while developing product. it may change the whole document after testing. It is assumed that the apartment management will have enough trained staff to take care of the system.


This chapter discusses the precise problem to be solved. It should extend to include the outcome.



  • User name
  • Password

The user name and password is for admin and also for end user. The end user can use it for their car detail like when he login the whole detail about their car like when the last oil tuning has been done etc and the admin use is to manage inventory and services etc.


Laptop or computer is used in backend as a server to store the daily records .admin login through laptop to check the daily record and manage the records get the daily , monthly, weekly reports

Printer are also installed to get the billing receipt of the petrol


The workshop system needs to be able to interact with the corporate computer. the workshop system need to support transferring the transactions or the day . The workshop system should also be able to receive updates of workshop price from the corporate computer. The pump system should also be able to receive updates from the corporate computer that modifies operation of the workshop system


The product is client server application. It uses WI-Fi as a source of data carrier for dispenser to the server pc. .it is really important for the dispenser to connect with server is only possible when it will program it according to connectivity requirements. So there are certain protocols for communication and data transferring. Protocols which are involved in the data transferring and the connection between dispenser and server pc

Following communication protocols which will be involved in workshop management system




This application will be actually used to get input from user .that will be the input from the pc/tablet of the customer and will be transferred to the pc or laptop server software.


Whenever the user want any type of car part or any service. He just open our site and click on the service which he need for example if he need any part of car then hi click on our spare parts service and in search he can easily search for the parts which he need.


All the data should be stored in the data base. Administrators should have the access to that data base they will check the daily record of the visitors and generate the daily reports


  • The application will be installed on the PC
  • User give the input to store the records in the system
  • Reports are generated through the printer


The application should be available at all times meaning the user can access it using whenever he wants to. in case of a hardware failure or database corruption a replacement page will be shown. Also in case of a hardware failure or database corruption backups of the database should be retrieved which is saved by the administrator and the reliability of the overall program depends on the reliability of the spate components.

The main pillar of reliability of the application is the backup of the database which is continuously maintained and updated to reflect the most recent changes. The overall application will be user friendly and elementary. Less effort will require to learn use provide input and understand results of the application. User will have to do less work to understand the usability of the project.

The maintainability of the software system is assigned to developer team .maintainability is the power of the process to undergo modifications having a level of alleviate. The system is designed in a way that ir can be easily upgraded and can be maintained by making minor changes according to the latest recommendations.


Business rules are an expression of business policy in a form that is understandable to business users and executable by a rule engine. From a business perspective a business perspective a business rule is a precise statement that describes constraints or controls some aspect of your business from the IT perspective business rules are a package of executable business policy statements that can be invoked from an application

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