Car insurance system Management System Project PHP MYSQL

Car insurance system Management System Project PHP MYSQL

Functional requirements of Car Insurance system are as following:

  • User has to make account for car insurance system.
  • User has to login and make his profile.
  • User can use his/her exiting account also.
  • Admin has authority to verify the user account.
  • Only Admin can delete record.
  • Only admin can update the record.
  • User can edit his record but admin can edit all the records.
  • Alarm Alerts for the insurance if car get damaged.
  • A data entered into the system is correctly calculated and used by the system and that the output is correct.
  • Anti-theft system, or camera-based system that uses to protect the car form theft.
  • User can complain if the claim has not been dropped to them.
  • Only Administration can enter and delete data of clients or user.
  • Insurance must be given to after checking the car for which they were claiming.
  • Data must be entered before a request can be approved.
  • It generates notifications regarding the due dates of the insurance policy.
  • Store car receipts with car image.
  • The database will have a functional audit trail.
  • The system will limit access to authorized users.
  • Members of the Managers group can enter or approve a request but cannot delete requests.
  • Members of the Administrators group cannot enter or approve requests but can delete requests.
  • Descriptions of system reports or other outputs.
  • Certification Requirements: user should provide the car certificate for entering the data for insurance.
  • Reporting Requirements: reports should be provided by the user for checking the correctness of the data.
  • Historical Data: Checking the record of data that is enter is correct.

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