Car Management System Project PHP mysql

Functional Requirement: “Car Management System Project PHP mysql”

  1. Registration for new user will be available on login page and registration for employees can be done by Admin only.
  2. In Profile module a admin can add a new users to the database . Only admin can add or drop the users.
  3. In Vehicles modules, all the vehicles are listed there. Every user has the privilege to add vehicles and all of them can view the available vehicle.
  4. They can book the available vehicles from there but only admin can delete vehicles from the list.
  5. Only staff and admin has the privilege to access it.
  6. It contains all the information related to the vehicles their distance monitoring, Fuel consumption, Present Location, Repair and Maintenance records and upcoming schedules and history of parts changed
  7. In Expenses, employees and drivers will enter expenses like petrol expenses, electricity bills, etc.
  8. Admin can view all expenses, fuel, distance and can also print & save the all. These are generated on daily basis.
  9. Admin will be able to see and check all the uploaded bills by the employees & drivers
  10. Employees & drivers have to upload bills for any reported expenses by them . And also they can see all bills submitted by themselves.
  11. Feedback module is used to get feedbacks from the users and admin is able to view the feedbacks submitted by different user.

More Helping material for project of Car Parking System

  1. Non Functional Requirements of  Vehicle  Parking System
  2. Functional Requirements of Car Parking System
  3. Non Functional Requirements of  Vehicle  Parking System
  4. Use Case Description of Car Parking System
  5. Use case diagram of Car Parking System
  6. Sequence Diagram Car Parking management System
  7. Activity Diagram of Car Parking management System
  8. Class Diagram of CAR Parking management System
  9. Component Diagram of Car Parking management System
  10. Deployment Diagram of Car Parking management System
  11. ERD of Car Parking management System [Entity relationship diagram]
  12. Software Testing of Car Parking management System
  13. PPT Presentation of Car Parking management System
  14. Source Code in PHP for Car Parking management System 

Source code, Documentation, SRS, Design document, test phase testing, project introduction, scope, abstract, test manual, use case diagrams, class diagrams, DFD, entity relationship diagra, and data base files are available on demand. This project is helpful for the final year project of students of computer science,  SE and IT.

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