Android App Code of Automobile Workshop Management System


This project entitled as “Automobile Workshop Management System” is android based application. It is an attempt to provide ease and comfort to car holders. This project allows customers to save their time. This application will help the user to make an appointment online without wasting the time in Automobile Workshops. Users can easily check when the mechanic will be free and take an appointment.

Admin can add mechanics easily and view reports about everything. The mechanic will be able to generate an invoice and handle the services selected by the customers online. Customers can easily sign up freely, add and delete cars, select appropriate services for their cars and check for the time of appointment and make appointments online by using this application.


  • The objective of this application is to provide a platform where car holders can save their time and efficiently solve their problems.
  • This application will allow the Admin to review the report and add mechanics.
  • This application will help the user to save their time by not going to Automobile Workshop and wait for their turn.
  • This application will help the user to check their invoice.
  • This application will help the customers to add cars of different models.


The central concept of the application is to allow the customer to make appointments using the Internet and allow customers to perform more actions like add cars etc.

There are three types of users in our project. Those are Admin Mechanic and Customer. While login it will check and redirect to the next activity according to the condition.

For example, if the user is a customer then it will be redirected to the dashboard where the customer can perform functions like add car, delete car, make an appointment, etc.

But if the user is a mechanic it will be redirected to the activity where it can review appointments and generate an invoice.

If the user is an admin then he/she will be able to add mechanics, review reports, and change settings.


In this project there are three types of modules first we talk about the user functionality of the user which the user can perform in this project first of all user creates an account in this application and in backend data saved to the database and the user can easily log in for next time. Users can also add vehicle delete vehicle .user can check the invoice of the bill. Users can review services which are performed by workshop mechanic.

A mechanic can handle appointments put new comings appointments in according to their time slot and generate bills at the end.

Admin can provide services. Like in Automobile Workshop they add a new facility for tyres repairing, So it is handled and updated by the admin. Admin can also add mechanics, admin can view reports and make changes to settings.


Our Android Application is based on the following tools and computer languages

Back-end Tools and Technologies

  • Android Database SQLite
  • Java

Front-End Tools and Technologies

  • Android Studio
  • XML

Other Tools and Technologies

  • Microsoft Word (for documentation)
  • io
  • com
  • Snapping Tool


  • Android Phone
  • Approximately 100MB of free hard drive space and 128MB of RAM.


  • Android SQLite Database
  • Client-side operating system Android



Download Full Source code of Automobile Workshop App in Android

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