ATM management system Project in C# SHARP

ATM management system Project in C# SHARP

F.R 1:  The card entered in the ATM Machine determines the account number.

F.R 2: While there is no operation being performed, the ATM rests at the idle state.

F.R 3: After entering the ATM card, the ATM requests user to enter 4 Digit PIN.

F.R 4: The user can withdraw money.

F.R 5: The user can deposit money.

F.R 6: The user can pay the bill.

F.R 7: The user can update the account.

F.R 8: The user can exit the account.

F.R 9: Cash is dispensed through the cash dispenser.

F.R 10: A transaction record can be printed upon demand.

F.R 11: As the session ends, the ATM machine ejects the card out.

F.R 12: User must be able to make a transfer of money between any two accounts linked to

The card.

F.R 13: User make a balance inquiry of any account linked to the card.

F.R 14: The envelope feeder accepts envelopes.

F.R 15: When an envelope has been inserted, the envelop feeder is informed.

F.R 16: The cash dispenser knows the amount of cash available.

F.R 17: The user is prompted to make between one and three bill payments.

F.R 18: The keypad accepts input from the user.

F.R 19: The ATM can withhold a bank card.

F.R 20: The user shall abort a transaction with the press of a cancel key.

F.R 21: The one user at a time can process their account in the ATM.

F.R 22: The system shall check the validity of the inserted ATM card.

F.R 23: The 4-digit PIN code entered by the user is validated by the ATM Machine system.

F.R 24: The user select the account type whether the account is current or saving.

F.R 25: The system will provide the user with a printed receipt for each successful transaction

showing the date, time, machine location, type of transaction, account and available

balance of the account.

F.R 26: The ATM knows the state of the envelope drawer which can be either empty or full.

Source code, Documentation, SRS, Design document, test phase testing, project introduction, scope, abstract, test manual, use case diagrams, class diagrams, DFD, entity relationship diagram and database files are available on demand. This project is helpful for the final year project of students of computer science,  SE and IT.

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