TELEPHONE DIRECTORY Management System Project in PHP Mysql


  1. The admin add new subscriber details.
  2. The admin edit any of the details of the subscriber.
  3. The admin delete an entry in case the telephone connection is cancelled.
  4. The user search for the details of a subscriber using telephone number or name.
  5. The admin must maintain the system.
  6. The system provides details of all the subscribers such as their name, address and        telephone number.
  7. The admin can full access to the data in the directory.
  8. The users are not allowed to add any of the entries in the directory.
  9. The users are not allowed to delete any of the entries in the directory.
  10. The users are not allowed to edit any of the entries in the directory.
  11. The system stored the contacts in the alphabetical order of names.
  12. The system manage the city name.
  13. The system manage the address.
  14. The system manage the list of contacts.
  15. The user update the contact.

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